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How this Triad shopping center owner is making sure his properties don’t become obsolete

Article by: John Brasier, published in the Triad Business Journal, November 2, 2017

Garret Bedrin believes reports on the demise of brick-and-mortar retail have been greatly exaggerated.

OK, so Bedrin didn’t steal that famous quip from Mark Twain.  But that’s the gist of his reply to nay-sayers who believe most shopping centers soon will be vacant or torn down and replaced with coffee shops and brewpubs catering to Amazon drone managers.

Bedrin, who oversees acquisitions and leasing for the New Jersey-based Bedrin Organization, is taking steps to prevent his family’s 14 shopping centers — seven of them are in the Triad —- from becoming obsolete.

Salons by JC franchises are at the forefront. The Bedrin Organization owns JC’s Triad territory.

Later this month, the company’s third franchise will open at Oak Hollow Village in High Point off Eastchester Drive. There are 53 Salons by JC locations in 20 states and Canada.

Bedrin already has JC locations open at Caldwell Court on Battleground Avenue in Greensboro and at St. George Square off Hanes Mall Boulevard in Winston-Salem.

Bedrin owns all three shopping centers.

“Who is getting their hair done online?” Bedrin posed. “This is the next phase of retail. I think beauty, boutique fitness and food will be the future concentration of retail centers.”

Garret Bedrin stands next to the floor plan near the entrance of the soon-to-open Salons by JC location at Oak Hollow Village.

The JC concept is a shared model. Bedrin will lease 26 suites averaging 112 square feet in its 4,756 square foot High Point location. Each stylist —some suites can accommodate two stylists — will be an independent
contractor. Bedrin will provide furnishings and equipment.

Bedrin said about half of the suites have been leased.

Amenities include a centralized vacuum system, temperature settings in each room and a concierge to greet and advise customers.

“They cost a lot,” Bedrin said. “But little things count.”

The approximate $600,000 upfit by New World Construction included an 800-square-foot, back addition that leads to a small outdoor break area.

Bedrin said the Triad territory was projected to be able to support a fourth franchise. But he has no firm plans for another site.

Though finding dozens of tenants — JC in Winston-Salem has 46 suites — can be tough, Bedrin pointed out that multiple tenants pay more in rent.

Bedrin said the concept fits in with his family’s history.

His grandfather, Murray, founded an office supply company. Murray’s two sons grew the company to include five stores before selling in 1998 to focus on real estate acquisitions.

Bedrin and cousin, Michael, who manages construction and development, now run the family business.

The Bedrins’ biggest Triad investment came in 2008 when they bought three Greensboro shopping centers —Battleground Plaza, Caldwell Court and Garden Square — for nearly $20 million from CBL & Associates Properties.

“This is a business we knew — we’re entrepreneurs,” Bedrin said. “We like working with entrepreneurs.”

He said the Triad’s lower property costs make it more attractive than Charlotte or the Triangle for his company’s business purposes.

The Bedrins also own Golden Gate Shopping Center, which it purchased over the summer, and Northwest Centre in Greensboro. They also own retail properties in Colorado, Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey and Virginia.


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Salons by JC’s GoFundMe Campaign Helps 23 Salon Suite Owners Affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

The Salons by JC Hurricane Relief Fund has raised $14,000 to help salon suite owners get back on their feet after hurricanes landed in both Texas and Florida just 15 days apart.

What began as a GoFundMe campaign to assist Texas salon suite owners whose homes were in the path of Hurricane Harvey was quickly extended to include members of the Salons by JC Florida family, who were affected by Hurricane Irma. By adding corporate matching funds, Salons by JC was able to distribute all the proceeds quickly, so that the suite owners could get back on their feet as soon as possible.

“This was truly an unprecedented disaster”, stated Steve Griffey, Salons by JC President. “We bounced several ides around and came up with a concrete strategy to assist everyone that was affected by both storms”.

Now, twenty-three Salons by JC suite owners, who lost everything from the cars they needed to get to work to use of their homes, have each received a check for $600.

In photo: Ramzan Panjwani, Salons by JC Houston Champions Willowbrook owner and recipients

Jeff Ruszkowski, who owns the Houston-West University Salons by JC franchise says that five of his tenants were directly affected and that when they received their checks, their reactions included surprise, thankfulness and more than a few tears.

In photo: Jeff Ruszkowski, Salons by JC Houston West University owner and recipients

“They were overwhelmed and grateful that Salons by JC would reach out to help them like that,” said Ruszkowski, who distributed the corporate checks to his affected tenants. “Salon suite owners are incredibly hard-working people who sometimes work pay check to pay check, and for many, their businesses were also disrupted because their clients’ lives were in turmoil.”

In photo: Lisa Bayard, Salons by JC Naples owner and recipient

Now, all of the affected Salons by JC suite renters are getting back to work, putting their lives together and making up for lost revenue.

In photo: Quinton McLeod, Salons by JC Pearland Town Center owner and recipients

“Salons by JC would like to thank all the franchisees, salon suite owners, their clients and our vendors for contributing to the campaign,” said Drew Johnston, VP of Operations for Salons by JC. “Without the support of our entire community, we would have never been able to directly help our salon suite owners.”


Dorsett sets the bar high by taking social media marketing in house

When business owners hear the word “social media marketing”,many times they take some steps back and would rather hand that over to someone else to handle.  At times, it is even hard to convince them that they need to post regularly on their social media sites to keep their social media presence consistent.  A big factor in choosing to pass social media off to someone else is   fear of posting something you are not supposed to, posting something that is not relevant to reaching your end goal, or not having the time to post on a set schedule.  Judy Dorsett threw that right out the window and hit the social media management and marketing world running.

Taking the social media bull by the horns  

When one of Judy Dorsett’s salon suite owners received over 35,000 views on a video that she had posted on Facebook, she knew she had to take action for her two locations.   “I had to learn the most I could about how to effectively use social media to promote the salon”, stated Dorsett and that she has done in a big way.  With increased lead flow and online presence the last few months, Judy is now a jack of all social media trades.  

Welcome to Facebook 101

When Judy decided to dive into the world of social media she knew that she needed to be well versed.  “I purchased a couple of instructional packages that were extremely helpful for me”.  By doing this,  Judy was able to quickly learn and familiarize herself with social media jargon and explore this ever changing technological tool.  She chose to tackle Facebook, the largest social media network in the world .  “I spent time reading topics on Facebook’s Business Help Center to maximize our impact.  Facebook offers so much flexibility and so many people are on it, we can easily reach our target audience”.  What Judy also likes about Facebook is the ability to cross promote on Instagram, a Facebook owned social media site.  You can easily kill two birds with one stone by sharing your Instagram post on your Facebook page. It’s just that simple!  As Judy delved deeper in her knowledge of Facebook, she began to understand what she needed to be successful aside from a basic working knowledge of the site.

An example of one of Salons by JC Moore FB post. 
Pictured in photo, Moore Concierge, Donna Stamper and Franchise Owner, Judy Dorsett.

Content Curation

The thought process behind what content to post on their Facebook page was composed of Judy addressing a main point, solving a problem, answering a question, making someone laugh, or creating a post that is worth sharing.  “We try and find content that people will stop and look at and share.”  When asked what are some of her best performing posts were, she cheerfully replied, “our posts that feature our specialists are some of the best performing”.  From researching and testing out what posts work best, Judy and her team of dedicated Concierges at her two locations were able to decipher what worked best, what times worked best, and what was the best mix for them.   In the process of learning more about Facebook, Judy started using several different apps to create her images and videos. Some of Judy’s favorite apps that she uses to create her social media posts are iMovie, Canva, Ripl, and Filmora.

Keys to Success

What are the next steps for Judy?  Working alongside her two Concierge’s at her Moore, OK and Quail Springs, OK locations so that they can assist their salon suite owners with their social media.  “Social media is a continuum that encompasses all generations and demographics.  Just about everyone that you know is on some type of social media platform.  If you couple that with the ability to customize an audience for maximum impact, then you have a created a road to success for salon and your salon suite owners”.   



Facebook’s Justin Johnson Shares 6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Facebook Presence

Tips from a Facebook Pro

Article written by Jon Zmikly, Author at coiski 


With over 1.79 billion monthly active users, Facebook has led the charge in defining social media for our time. As the most popular social media site in America, the site has become our go-to news source for your co-worker’s new Pug, or catching up on your aunt’s latest vacation photos. But as more and more businesses and organizations flock to the platform to engage with their communities on a personal level, it’s becoming clear that Facebook isn’t just a forum for friends. The growing social media titan has solidified itself as our go-to source for the latest news, store business hours or our favorite band’s upcoming shows. In many ways, Facebook has become the primary way we interact with brands. With that in mind, it’s increasingly important for companies, no matter how big or small, to leverage social media to connect with their fans and followers more effectively.

Justin Johnson works in the SMB department as an Account Manager at Facebook in Austin, TX, and he helps businesses do just this. Day-to-day, Johnson works with over 40 clients throughout North America to coach them on their Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies. He sees what works and what doesn’t when it comes to social media posts. He sees common pitfalls and problems with everything from profile updates to cover photos. Johnson understands that many businesses rely on Facebook for revenue and vitality, and he helps them meet their goals and streamline their message. We asked Johnson if he could provide us some solid advice on how businesses might use Facebook, and here are a few tips from the pro himself:

1. Update Your Page

Don’t roll your eyes at this one. You’d be surprised how many businesses and companies leave their profiles and pages incomplete. According to Johnson, “Your Facebook page is the online ‘face’ of your business. I highly encourage every business to include accurate and up-to-date information on their page (i.e., profile picture, cover photo, website link, store hours, address, events, description, etc…). This is beneficial to ensure that when users visit your Facebook page they have access to important information about your business.”

2. Catchy Cover Photo

Did you know we process images over 60,000 times faster than text? While many businesses may consider a wide shot of their building or simple pattern as a banner, Johnson encourages people to “choose a colorful, action-packed cover photo that attracts viewers.”

3. Call-To-Action Button

This one is simple but often overlooked. Call-to-action buttons can help you make a sale, send people to your website or complete another quick task that leads to a conversion. According to Johnson, “A call-to-action button on your business page helps users engage with your business. Some call-to-action buttons include: call now, shop now, book now and donate now.” If you’d like to learn more about call-to-action buttons click here.

4. Engage Your Audience

Coming up with a status update might not seem difficult, but it takes great skill to truly engage your fans and followers. Johnson advises, “Your posts need to be high-quality, concise and engaging. There is a lot of content out there, so you need to find ways to stand out. Most importantly – your customers (and potential customers) need to know what you and your business are all about. Therefore, authenticity and consistent brand messaging is key. One effective practice for posting is to ask customers for photos they’ve taken with your product and reward them for their submissions with discounts. In other words, use customers as your creative department.”

“authenticity and consistent brand messaging is key”

5. Video, Video, Video

High quality video evokes emotion and offers insight into your brand more than words can often do. According to Johnson, “Video also continues to gain momentum on Facebook. Our Head of Small Business Dan Levy put it this way: ‘If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.’ Just remember to adhere to the ‘three second audition rule’: your video must be compelling enough in three seconds or the audience will move on. It is also important to note that your video should be able to convey your message with the sound off as many viewers will have videos muted on their phone.”

6. Monitor Metrics

This sounds simple, but watching your numbers can be a science. According to Johnson, “Consistency is key; however, sharing relevant content that resonates with your audience is equally (if not more) important. I encourage businesses to utilize Page Insights which provides a deeper understanding of their fan base including age, gender, location, when people are looking at your Page, how specific posts are performing, etc…”

Johnson states that one common mistake he sees companies make is failing to tailor content to each audience. In the end, he says, “Views, clicks and likes aren’t the metric that matter most – sales are.” That’s why insights and metrics that are so important. Depending on what’s most important depends on a business’s objective and the goals they are measuring on Facebook. He says, “For example, if you are an eCommerce business that sells men’s backpacks you want to track how many users are completing checkout on your website and can accomplish this by installing the Facebook pixel. Or, say you are a new tech startup based in Austin, Texas that wants to let locals in the area know that your business exists then you will want to track reach and attention performance from ads that have been activated.

“There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to key insights or go-to numbers, my recommendation is to have a deep understanding of what matters most to you as a business – and most likely that is sales,” says Johnson.

Salons by JC Social Media Blog Series

About Justin:
Justin Johnson is on the Small-to-Medium Business Team at Facebook.  Justin has rich experience in helping brands develop and execute their paid digital strategies by taking a full funnel approach on both Facebook and Instagram.  Today, Justin lives in Austin, Texas where you can find him actively involved in the tech community, providing mentorship to undergraduate students and aspiring entrepreneurs, or working on his next writing publication.
Follow Justin Johnson on social media:
Facebook: @jakeandjustin



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Salons by JC – Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Last week, the cities on the Texas Gulf Coast border were affected by Hurricane Harvey.  This storm of colossal proportion left many in Texas without power, water or the ability to leave their homes due to the immense amount of rainfall.   Salons by JC has several locations in cities that were in the line of Hurricane Harvey’s destructive path.  

As the state of Texas comes together to assist those in need, Salons by JC would like to offer help to our very own salon suite owners whose families homes were impacted by this storm. We have set up a Go Fund Me account with all proceeds going to those whose lives were forever changed due to Hurricane Harvey.  

“This is truly an unprecedented disaster”, stated Salons by JC President, Steve Griffey.  “We needed to come up with a plan to help out and communicate the need to the Salons by JC family across the country”.  The corporate team felt that a Go Fund Me account would be the best way to help those in need.  “Our goal is to directly assist our salon suite owners to help them get back on their feet as quickly as possible”, stated Drew Johnston, VP of Operations for Salons by JC.  “The concern for the well being of those affected has been felt throughout the entire Salons by JC family and they are anxious to extend a helping hand”.

If you would like to donate, please click here and you will be directed to our Go Fund Me account.


Thank you for your support!

The Salons by JC Corporate Team



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Living La Pura Vida in Naples

Eric and Jill Salata are the husband and wife team behind Pura Vida Medical Spa located in Naples, Florida. With more than 30 years of combined professional healthcare experience, their concept of creating a medical spa to serve the Naples community in 2015 has grown to be in the top 1.8% of the entire US for Coolsculpting providers.

Pictured L-R: Eric Salata, Jill Salata & Iliadys Rodriguez

Making the big decision 

With more than 15 years experience as a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner, Jill and her husband Eric, a board certified physician in internal and aesthetic medicine, saw the need for a change from their stressful careers. When thinking of the next big career move, they both agreed that they wanted to run their own business, make more money, and have fun.  Yet they still had to contemplate how they were going to make it work.  “It wasn’t an easy decision. We had to open a business and run it full time and still work elsewhere to make ends meet”, stated Jill Salata.  “Our particular business had a large upstart cost so we have taken a very big financial leap to try and make our dream happen.”

Marketing their way to success

The goal of the business was simple; make people feel as young and beautiful as possible through a combination of non-surgical or minimally invasive treatments.  With that being noted, the concept of the med spa came into action.  Jill and Eric were not an overnight success when they first opened their doors in December of 2015.  “Over the last two years we have tried to diversify our marketing.  We use the local newspaper, social media, TV, radio, eBlasts, internet search engines and retargeting, direct mailers, event marketing (ie: bridal shows, beauty events, etc) and more!”, stated Jill Salata. They worked very hard on not only their business plan ,but also on their marketing plan.  At the very conception of Pura Vida Med Spa, Jill approached The Social Butterfly with a vision and a tight deadline to have her med spa properly represented in the high end med spa industry.  Jill and Eric’s brand was inspired by a recent trip she had taken to Costa Rica.  “Jill and Eric wanted their business to reflect the simple beauty she fell in love with in Costa Rica”, stated Gibrana LaCava, owner of The Social Butterfly.  “In less than a month, the Pura Vida brand was born- new logo, website, google listing, social media sites, business cards, and more.  They were ready to open and on their way to success”, stated LaCava.

Pictured L-R: Erica Current & Iliadys Rodriguez

How has this paid off for them? One and half years later, Jill and Eric agree that starting their own business what the best thing that they could have done for themselves and Salons by JC Naples was the perfect location for them.  “We liked the flexibility to start with one room and add additional rooms as needed as we grew and expanded”, states Salata.  The luxurious common areas, upscale setting of 5th Avenue South, and the ability to have multiple suites made the location ideal for a high end medical practice.   “We like the location of 5th Avenue in Naples very much and the support from other professions at Salons by JC Naples has been great”.

Cool sculpting their way to the “pura vida”

A key point of advice Pura Vida Medical Spa and Jill and Eric Salata want to share with other small business owners is, “ It is a lot of work and you have to dedicate yourself to making it a success. It is also very rewarding to see how all of the hard work pays off”.  That hard work and dedication makes Pura Vida, the number one certified CoolSculpting provider in all of SWFL, and the First practice in SWFL to offer CoolSculpting® CoolAdvantage™ Petite Applicator — the only FDA-Cleared Non-Invasive Treatment for Upper Arm Fat.  The Cool Advantage Petite treatment comes with two interchangeable contours designed to uniquely treat the upper arm area in just 35 minutes.   Over the past one and a half years, they have been awarded 9 honors including, Best Weight Loss Center, Best Med Spa, and Best Physician.  To learn more about Pura Vida Medial Spa visit https://puravidanaples.com/



Salon products distributor to open in Triad

Article from the Triad Business Journal 

SalonCentric, a national distributor of salon professional products and educational support for beauty operators, will open a new location next door to Salons By JC in Caldwell Court Shopping Center at 2717 Battleground Ave., in Greensboro.The 2,670-square-foot location is scheduled to open this fall, according to Garret Bedrin, who oversees acquisitions and leasing for The Bedrin Organization, which owns the shopping center. The location will be built to SalonCentric’s newest specifications and will include a classroom to host workshops and events.

Salons by JC soon will have two locations next to SalonCentric spots in the Triad.

Bedrin is also area developer of Salons by JC, with locations in Winston-Salem and Greensboro, and a location that will open later this year next to SalonCentricat 1225 Eastchester Drive in High Point.

SalonCentric is a division of L’Oreal. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL and operating in 48 states, SalonCentric has more than 565 stores and specializes in in-store demonstrations, in-salon trainings, regional classes and large-scale stage presentations at industry shows.



How Silvia Zuniga Took Her Recruiting to the Next Level

Sometimes, salon-suite franchisees simply reach a recruitment plateau. At first, prospects come rushing in, then things slow down. If they slow way down, it could be a sign that it’s time to try a new marketing approach. Case-in-point is Sylvia Zuniga’s situation.

In November of 2015, she opened her Salons by JC franchise in Sterling, VA, with 31 suites. A delayed opening from the intended September date caused her to lose a few prospects because no one in the beauty industry wants to move during the busy holiday season. By December, two suites were taken, and tactics like postcard mailings just weren’t working anymore.

With a Masters degree in education, training in IT and experience in franchises for other small businesses, Zuniga (who also owns an Intelligent Office franchise), knew just what she needed to do. First, she hired her step-son Zachary as a trusted, on-site manager who could free her to get more involved in marketing. Then, she reached out to local marketing pros Splash Communications, who would have time to work with her closely to test, measure and modify advertising and marketing initiatives based on results.

Top 5 Winning Tactics

Going seriously hands-on, Zuniga now approves every marketing outreach in advance and can tweak it based on her salon-suite insights. Applying her best advice, try, test and track, here are the top tactics she found to be most successful in boosting her leads, tours and potential lease signings:

Vary Regular Social Posts and Keep Them Positive

Before shifting gears, the suite’s social posts were inconsistent, three days in a row, then five days with no posts.  The posts tended to promote the suite business model in general or show beauty-related stories from other sources. More than one post referenced “fear” of going rental and often, articles from other sources weren’t shared in the usual way. For instance, a celebrity photo from a magazine article was reused as a meme with a Salons by JC logo and a new title.

The new posts, which she approves in advance, are on a regular weekly posting schedule. Topics currently fall into the following main areas: trends of interest to beauty pros, recruitment messages, and client testimonials.

“The content is better and now, and we can test reactions to various offers,” says Zuniga.

Connect All Your Social Pages, Then Tweak the Posts

In addition to being able to send the same message on all her social pages simultaneously, Zuniga can now slightly tweak pages when needed. This is because she sees all her potential postings in a monthly editorial calendar and can change the Twitter lead in advance, all in one file.

“Before, I was just given a list of what had been posed after the fact,” says Zuniga.

Pay for Great Photography

From the get-go, instead of taking photos with her cell phone, Zuniga hired a professional photographer to take photos of her building, suites and tenants interacting within them. Naturally, this gave tenants time to perfect their hair, makeup and smiles, and gave her ample photos for future use.

Develop, Test and Modify Offers

“We tried many things, such as multiple weeks free rent,” notes Zuniga. “We tested everywhere from two to eight weeks. We even tried $99 a week for anywhere from six to eight weeks. Then, we discovered the offer that generated the most interest was 50-percent off a certain number of weeks. And that’s 50-percent off the full rental rate.”

To sweeten the offer, Zuniga was highly flexible on how tenants used their dollar savings. If the offer was 50% off for six weeks, tenants could do it that way, take three weeks totally rent free or even take $100 off a month until the dollar amount of the discount was exhausted.

Continually Update Your Website

Zuniga regularly updates her corporate-hosted website and its views are “way up,” since she added a “Dollhouse” video that allows a 360-degree tour of the suites. In fact, her site is ranked 10 out of 85 Salons by JC websites, and has the highest click-through rate.

“It’s much cheaper than a video, and is created with a special camera,” she says. You just can’t have people in the space when it’s shot. Also, I change and test promotions often.”

As a result of all her efforts, says Zuniga, leads are picking up fast, going from two or three in March to seven in the first week of April alone. Of those, about half took a tour.

Next, she’s joining networking events, planning to try out list brokers instead of State Boards for postcard mailing lists and exploring Patch, a network of hyper-local websites that lets the local community contribute content and businesses post announcements, events and job listings.

“Either you have to keep seeing traction or your have to try something new,” she says.


Salon Social Media Strategy Marketing Tips

One of the many questions that I get asked on a weekly basis is, what recommendations do you have for our social media presence?  As easy as it may be to update our own personal social media profiles, when we are dealing with our own business profile this may become a difficult task.  It is vital that businesses know how to connect with their clientele and use the different social platforms for their benefit.   Here is a list of items that can get your business on the right track when it comes to social media.

Create a social media plan of attack

Some of you may say, “Now how do I do that?”.  It’s really very simple.  Write down your goals.  What do you want to get out of your social media? More page followers, drive more walk-in traffic to your salon location, salon suite concept awareness, or expressing the benefits of salon suite life.  Once you have done this step you can determine your top 3 goals.  

Define your target audience

Who is going to see this?  Who do you want to see this?  Know your target audience and keep them in mind throughout this process.  Always ask yourself, will my target audience respond to this post?  How will they react?  Is this something that they are interested in?  Always appeal to your target audience.

Determine your competition

Who is your competition?  Play investigative reporter and look at what your competition is doing. Follow their social media and write down some of the things that you feel are huge key point for them.  From this research you will be able to start visualizing how you want your social media platform to look.  

Social media content curation and research

This is the fun part!  Once you have figured out how you want your social media to look and what vibe you want to give, then you can start curating content.  Content should always be enticing so that your audience is craving more.  If your salon location is eclectic and whimsical, your content should express that in all aspects of your social media.   Keep your target audience in mind.  Will my audience engage with this post?

Create a posting schedule

A good posting schedule should have a good mix of what your salon is all about keeping in mind your goals.  A good mix of salon information, fun and humor, shared content – salon related content, and salon life.  Give the audience information about your salon location and what services you provide, post funny images, share content from salon focused blogs or other images, and don’t forget to show how much fun you all have at Salons by JC.  Show the audience the professional atmosphere of the salon.  These factors are key points.

You can determine how many times a week you want to post and at what times.  You can begin your posting schedule starting at two times to three times a week.  Test out different times of the day to post and see what works best for you.  Early morning posts 8am-9am, afternoon posts 2pm-4pm, and evening  posts 5pm-7pm, tend to work best.  If you think about it, we check our phones in the morning, mid afternoon and after work.  

Many social media platforms  have built in schedulers for business pages.  Facebook provides each business page with a calendar to schedule your post at a later time and date. This is great to make sure you never miss a posting and helps with time management.  Twitter provides Tweetdeck, which also allows you to schedule out posts in advance.  Instagram does not have this feature since,  Instagram is geared for “in the moment” posting.  

Now you are ready for your first post!  

Blog by Marlene Romo Flores 
Salons by JC Marketing Coordinator 


Article by: Ivanna Martinez published in the Wake Forest University, WFU Style Blog May 3, 2017

Shannon Hodges – Owner, Shannon Hodges Skincare

I never had issues with my skin growing up. Being more on the oily-prone side, I was constantly complimented on my dewy, healthy looking “glow”. I put “glow” under quotation marks because there’s a fine line between what is glowing skin, and what is oily skin. Come first year of college, I was clearly crossing it. With hormone levels out of whack, poor diet and an inconsistent sleeping schedule, the all nighters were slowly but surely taking a toll on my face. I knew getting extractions every month was my way of combating this, so every time I’d go back home, I’d immediately set up an appointment with my facialist. But it wasn’t giving me the consistent results I wanted. I needed someone in Winston who could help. That’s when I met Shannon.

It’s been two months since a friend recommended Shannon (@hodgesskincare) to me and I could not be happier with the results. I’ve been going to Shannon every two weeks, getting microdermabrasion (tiny crystal exfoliation) facial and the necessary extractions. At first, my skin was pretty beat up, so  I was going on a weekly basis. But after tackling the first few layers of dead skin, it was operation “get high school skin back,” and Shannon and I were front and center, dedicated to do this before graduation.

Ivanna Martinez-Gonzalez in Kiehls Tumeric and Cranberry Seed Mask and Rodarte Sweater

This is what I love about Shannon. She’s not only a great facialist, but works with you on the best plan to healthier, more perfect skin. She tells you what she can do, but like any kind of regimen a lot of it is on you. During one of our express facials (45$ for an entire facial, can’t beat that!) we chatted on her path to perfect skin, and learned more on the best ways to keep your skin youthful and healthy on the reg.


photo credit @skincare Instagram

IM: So Shannon, where are you from? Tell me a bit about yourself.

SH: I was raised by my amazing grandparents in a little town called Rock Hill, SC. Yes, Rock Hill… my grandfather taught math at Winthrop University and my grandmother worked at an engineering firm in Charlotte after being in the Navy and working at the pentagon! In my twenties I moved 20 minutes North to Charlotte, NC where I managed Aveda Salons and bartended to make ends meet before going to the Aveda Institute to get certified in my field.

IM: Why did you get into skincare?

SH: I had terrible skin in high school… I remember staying home instead of going to parties because it not only looked terrible but was painful! I was so lucky to have a grandmother that worshipped Estée Lauder and all things Skincare and girly. She spent a small fortune trying to find the right Skincare for me…

IM: What’s your biggest no- no in skincare?

SH: Sleeping in your makeup! Ew! You don’t need a 50 step nightly routine BUT nighttime is when your body heals and your skin works on fixing itself… It needs to be clean! Also picking… between these two I can’t decide which is more important.

IM: What is the one thing you think girls in college have an issue with in terms of skin? How can they improve/ make it better?  

SH: Breakouts for sure! This can come from diet, hormones, lack of sleep and water. My biggest recommendation for anyone trying to improve their skin is: Drinking a ton of water, trying to get a good night of rest a few nights a week, and coming back to this, washing your face every single night! For severe cases you may require a Medicare wash or antibiotic from your dermatologist.. but I always recommend a good facial once a month! Those dead skin cells aren’t going to leave on their own. What’s the point of doing all this if your skin isn’t getting any of the product?

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Quick Q’s!

IM: Coffee or Tea? (also which one is better for your skin!?)

Honey I can’t do the things or fix the skins without my coffee… but I do try to get at least one cup of green tea or golden tea in my system once a day. The anti inflammatory properties are amazing and help your body do it’s job properly.

IM: Favorite restaurant in Winston?

SH: It’s a toss up, I love food! Mary’s Cafe, Slappy’s Chicken, and Roosters are my go-to depending on what I’m in the mood for. Do yourself a favor.. biscuits and gravy at Mary’s, and shrimp and grits and roosters… game changer… also a pants size changer but totally worth it!

Favorite place to lounge in Winston?

SH: My backyard! I have huge, old oak trees and full size day beds with pillows for napping and an actual hammock room with 4 hammocks, it’s amazing! But, if I want to be out and about, Single Brothers or Tate’s.

Favorite place to lounge in Winston?

SH: My backyard! I have huge, old oak trees and full size day beds with pillows for napping and an actual hammock room with 4 hammocks, it’s amazing! But, if I want to be out and about, Single Brothers or Tate’s.

IM: Favorite Skincare products?

SH: I literally have different products depending on my skin that day but my hands down all time favorite is “It cosmetics” CC cream. It’s sunscreen, pigment correction, and skincare all in one. So if you happen to fall asleep in it, it’s not the end of the world.

IM: Current song you’re listening to?

SH: It’s actually Coldplay, “Alive Again” I think is the name. I listen to it every single morning because it makes me dance and that makes me smile.

IM: Favorite activity to do in the summer?

SH: Tubing! I love a good river tube! Golf, traveling anywhere with blue water but mostly spending time with my handsome dreamboat of a boyfriend and my pups!

IM: One last question, what’s your one piece of advice to girls in college on their skin?

SH: You don’t have to spend a ton on skincare or especially a cleanser. I have access to all kinds of things in my field and I actually use Oil of Olay cleansing towels. They are dry towels that foam up with a little water in the shower and make my skin glow! I would advise a good serum, the molecules in serum are smaller and penetrate to deeper levels of your skin so worth the money. Lastly, find a moisturizer for your skin type. It doesn’t have to be expensive, like I said, spend your money on a serum made for you, then go middle of the road with moisturizer.

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I could not have more love for this miracle worker!  Make sure you check out her Instagram as well as her website for pricing and promotions. A mini express facial will give you microderm, extractions and a super soothing hydrating mask all for just $45, a steal of a deal. Support local female entrepreneurs in Winston-Salem and schedule an appointment with Shannon today!


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