Dorsett sets the bar high by taking social media marketing in house

Sep 22, 2017

When business owners hear the word “social media marketing”,many times they take some steps back and would rather hand that over to someone else to handle.  At times, it is even hard to convince them that they need to post regularly on their social media sites to keep their social media presence consistent.  A big factor in choosing to pass social media off to someone else is   fear of posting something you are not supposed to, posting something that is not relevant to reaching your end goal, or not having the time to post on a set schedule.  Judy Dorsett threw that right out the window and hit the social media management and marketing world running.

Taking the social media bull by the horns  

When one of Judy Dorsett’s salon suite owners received over 35,000 views on a video that she had posted on Facebook, she knew she had to take action for her two locations.   “I had to learn the most I could about how to effectively use social media to promote the salon”, stated Dorsett and that she has done in a big way.  With increased lead flow and online presence the last few months, Judy is now a jack of all social media trades.  

Welcome to Facebook 101

When Judy decided to dive into the world of social media she knew that she needed to be well versed.  “I purchased a couple of instructional packages that were extremely helpful for me”.  By doing this,  Judy was able to quickly learn and familiarize herself with social media jargon and explore this ever changing technological tool.  She chose to tackle Facebook, the largest social media network in the world .  “I spent time reading topics on Facebook’s Business Help Center to maximize our impact.  Facebook offers so much flexibility and so many people are on it, we can easily reach our target audience”.  What Judy also likes about Facebook is the ability to cross promote on Instagram, a Facebook owned social media site.  You can easily kill two birds with one stone by sharing your Instagram post on your Facebook page. It’s just that simple!  As Judy delved deeper in her knowledge of Facebook, she began to understand what she needed to be successful aside from a basic working knowledge of the site.

An example of one of Salons by JC Moore FB post. 
Pictured in photo, Moore Concierge, Donna Stamper and Franchise Owner, Judy Dorsett.

Content Curation

The thought process behind what content to post on their Facebook page was composed of Judy addressing a main point, solving a problem, answering a question, making someone laugh, or creating a post that is worth sharing.  “We try and find content that people will stop and look at and share.”  When asked what are some of her best performing posts were, she cheerfully replied, “our posts that feature our specialists are some of the best performing”.  From researching and testing out what posts work best, Judy and her team of dedicated Concierges at her two locations were able to decipher what worked best, what times worked best, and what was the best mix for them.   In the process of learning more about Facebook, Judy started using several different apps to create her images and videos. Some of Judy’s favorite apps that she uses to create her social media posts are iMovie, Canva, Ripl, and Filmora.

Keys to Success

What are the next steps for Judy?  Working alongside her two Concierge’s at her Moore, OK and Quail Springs, OK locations so that they can assist their salon suite owners with their social media.  “Social media is a continuum that encompasses all generations and demographics.  Just about everyone that you know is on some type of social media platform.  If you couple that with the ability to customize an audience for maximum impact, then you have a created a road to success for salon and your salon suite owners”.   


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