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As Salons by JC opens more of its highly successful salons suites, franchisees are experiencing a record number of lease closings well before their doors are even open. For Jim McGuiness, who opened his Columbia, MD, suite with a whopping 34 of 38 suites spoken for, it all came down to a great location, an accelerated sales cycle and strategic help from the Salons by JC network.

Success starts with a great location, and McGuiness says a pre-market analysis, supplied by Salons by JC, was invaluable. Since he and his brothers already owned a Salons by JC franchise in Connecticut, they knew what to do next.

“I developed lists of cosmetologists within a one, three and five mile radius, using the Maryland Board of Cosmetologists and the Board of Barbers,” says McGuiness. “Because pricing is crucial, I also called over 90 chair rental salons to get a feel for pricing in the market. Even though a Salons by JC suite offers so much more, you have to realize that you are competing against chair rental.”

With a full understanding of the local demographics and salon market, McGuiness applied lessons he had learned during his first franchise opening. Critical, he says, are developing marketing and social media strategies four to five months before opening and starting your sales cycle three months out. How can you get renters to see the possibilities when you barely have a wall up? Turn to technology!

Seeing is Believing

“When I opened my Connecticut location, I’d learned about 3-D virtual tours from another franchisee at the Salons by JC franchisees’ portal on Facebook,” explains McGuiness.
“A virtual 3-D tour allows potential renters to look at a computer screen and see exactly how the suites will look when completed. They can view the entire operation in 360-degrees and walk through the suites just by moving the cursor. It’s extremely effective and can cost as little as $300, depending on the vendor you use.”

Armed with something to show, McGuiness then worked with a marketing group to get his social media strategy underway. In addition to Facebook and Instagram ads and posts, he created a Facebook event for private tours. He also used one of Salons by JC’s vendor partners to send out high-quality, larger-sized postcards that detailed all the unique benefits of a Salons by JC suite, as well as the promotional offer for eight weeks of free rent. Potential tenants started rolling in.
“The private-tour tactic was a huge success because unlike an open house, a private tour protects professionals’ privacy, says McGuiness. “That’s a must because they don’t want anyone to know they may be leaving a salon. Also, I allowed an hour for every tour, so that I could answer all questions and leave time to draw up a lease.”

Early Opportunities

With the build-out barely underway, McGuiness began all tours with a viewing of the 3-D video. The early show-and-tell had a secondary advantage: It allowed him to meet tenant’s needs with extreme customization. For instance, accomplished pro Lindsay Bodner and American Board Certified Haircolorist Lauren Logan came in knowing that they wanted to work together.

“We came in so early that they were able to put two singles together to give us a double suite right where we wanted it,” says Bodner. “We even knew where we wanted a door to connect the two rooms and how we wanted the space to flow. Jim worked with us to get us what we wanted.”

“There weren’t even any walls up but when we saw the video, we knew it was exactly what we wanted,” added Logan. “What sealed the deal was the location, how clean and modern it looked, and the easy parking.”

McGuiness gave his first tour on November 4th, 2016, and by mid-December, he had signed leases for 50% of his suites. When he officially opened on February 9th, 2017, tenants were at various stages of moving in to 90% of his suites.

Other Useful Pointers:

In the beginning, be present to meet potential tenants. “You have to own it,” says McGuiness. “You’re the owner. Give them your card and reply to any follow-up questions within 10 minutes. Later on, the Salons by JC concierge will become a critical sales component.”

Give each person a packet of information on Salons by JC. McGuiness also created a Q and A checklist that covered all the things he discussed during the tour. Include everything potential tenants need to know, such as what licenses are required.

Mention the Salons by JC tenants’ app. “Many tenants don’t know how to market themselves,” says McGuiness. “The app is free to them and it includes everything other stylist’s apps do, including credit card processing at a very fair rate. It adds value to Salons by JC suites and helps manage their anxiety.” (The app also allows tenants to pay rent electronically.)

Be flexible to tenants’ needs. Not only did McGuiness adjust suites based on requests, he made his deposit 100% refundable—pre-opening. “A few will change their minds but they will still tell others,” he says. “Offer confirmed tenants a reward for referrals.”

Now that McGuiness’ second location is nearly full, he’s planning for the future by building a waiting list. Salons by JC gave him everything he needed from construction guidance to marketing ideas, he says. “Much of what I added was common business sense.”


Salons by JC Superstar – Kaetlyn Gonzalez

It might surprise some to know that barbers can cut, color and even perm hair, but unlike those with a cosmetology license, they can also use a disposable straight razor for shaving services. This may be the reason there are a number of “stealth” female barbers, who put in as many hours learning as most cosmetologists (or more), but saved a little money on their education.

Just one of those lady barbers, Kaetlyn Gonzalez, says she not only went to barber school for 1,500 hours, but that she took dozens of cutting and hair coloring classes after graduation. That means that Kaetlyn not only knows how to work with head shapes and remove weight to create direction the way barbers do, she’s adapted and added to what she learned by mastering softer women’s cuts and applying the barber-inspired zone-cutting approach of cutting to her own natural-looking zonal coloring.

Says Kaetlyn, whose Salons by JC suite in Corpus Christi, TX, is named Crown of Beauty, “I wanted to learn men’s cuts because I really enjoy creating looks like the pompadour and the hard part, but I took a lot of other classes to be able to make women look beautiful, as well. When I went to barber school 17 years ago, half of the class was female.”

About 70-percent of her clients are female, too, which explains why her suite’s name, which is based on a scripture, works for her. As for guys who go to “Crown of Beauty,” Kaetlyn says the name doesn’t bother them a bit, and maybe, they just feel like kings in her ‘50s retro designed shop where they get the cut they want, along with a relaxing shoulder massage.

Like many barbers, Kaetlyn says it was simply time to leave a commission salon after working in one for over 16 years. She wanted flexible part-time hours so she could “be a mom first,” and when she saw that Salons by JC was opening in her area, she ran the numbers and “took a leap of faith.”  It’s her belief, she says, that no one wants to spend an entire career as a commissioned employee.

“When I toured Salons by JC, I knew it was time to move,” says Kaetlyn. “It was beautiful, up-to-date and clean, and with a private suite, I knew wouldn’t have to deal with the hearing the business of the person in a chair next to me, but that I could still enjoy a salon atmosphere.”

In addition to offering cuts and natural-looking (not fantasy!) color for men and women, Kaetlyn specializes in Brazilian Blowouts, which help control frizz while adding manageability and shine.

“For the holidays, I’ll be offering a free cut with a Brazilian Blowout or a chemical service,” she says. “I know that Salons by JC will also be having a great holiday event for clients.”

In addition to special holiday offers, anyone who experiences holiday stress will find a peaceful oasis at Crown of Beauty. “I always enjoy spending time with my clients and love making them feel special,” says Kaetlyn. “That’s why I made my suite a welcoming, peaceful place where clients can relax and get a great new look.”



Salons by JC Superstar – Tim “Bo” Mack

For salon pros who also teach or travel, a Salons by JC Suite is the best-of-all-word’s home base. Tim “Bo” Mack discovered this when he proudly won a place on the Pravana education team and was promptly handed a non-compete (with a 150-mile radius!) by his employer. Tim, who loved his job but knew what was best for him refused to sign and looked elsewhere. On his way to an interview, he saw a sign for Salons by JC in Corpus Christi, TX, and the rest is happy history.

“Salons by JC lets me set myself apart with a great space, a concierge service and a place clients love that isn’t just a chair in a corner of another salon,” says Tim. “It allows me to give my clients 100% of my attention, and I have the freedom over my schedule to travel and educate for Pravana.”

A positive-minded team player, Tim did not have a client list, which most salons frown on, but he did have a Facebook page. When his sister put a copy of his business card for his new So Addictive Hair Studio on it, within an hour, he had 176 interactions asking where he’d gone. By the third day of settling into his new suite, he had his first 10 a.m. appointment. His always-upbeat and professional attitude (it’s his suite that stylists-taking-tours stop in to ask no-holds barred questions) and high level of skills (gained over 17 years) had cinched total client loyalty.

Defining his style as “tailored to the individual,” Tim sees clients who range from teens to seniors. On days he books out, he travels mostly thorough Texas, helping other colorists with their most pressing questions, which are currently how to cover gray and how to keep reds from fading. When the Salons by JC concierge stops in with stylists taking a tour—and then steps away to encourage honesty and transparency—Tim says they immediately ask “the real deal” and he’s happy to share.

“I tell them I have 100% control over everything and that everyone here respects one another; there’s no client stealing,” says Tim. “In fact, we even refer one another and have Pot Luck dinners and outside mixers, which makes it as social as a regular salon without the drama.”

With an incredibly wide range of clients, it’s difficult for Tim to pinpoint what any one group wants most now, but some of his most in-demand services include color melts and balayage, rooted looks that let clients extend visits and tape-in hair extensions that add length and volume. His many referrals more than make up for extended visits; he says he learned long ago that giving clients what they want builds business most.

“I had one client in her ‘70s who was preparing for cancer treatment and decided that before she lost her hair, she wanted to try out a shaved side with details and a cool color,” he says. “She’d never gotten to do it before.”

While a private suite may have played a part in making “Miss Juanita” at ease enough to give a wild style a spin at 70, Tim says it’s definitely the best place for energy, creativity and truly meeting client’s individual needs. “If you get up every day and are not happy going to work, you’re in the wrong place,” he says. “My suite is my happy place, and I love going to work every day.” For his latest looks and upbeat ideas, follow Tim “Bo” on Instagram @timboplease

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Salons by JC Superstar – Christina Totten

Christina Payton Hair Design has experienced unprecedented success since starting her salon suite at  Salons by JC Naples, FL in July, 2015.
Christina Totten (Payton), originally from Chicago, moved to Naples in early 2015 and relocated her entire career. She opened her salon suite business with just 25 clients. Within just 7 months, Christina has grown her business to well over 350 clients and has serviced over 1200 appointments since opening her suite in July.
What makes Christina’s hair design so special that people are switching stylists and flocking to Christina? Thorough consultations, unique and creative hair design and her secret weapon. Before ever scheduling the hair appointment new clients must go to her website and review her prices and suggested services. Once they are clear on Christina’s process, she schedules a 30 min consultation where she thoroughly reviews the clients needs and expectations. Regardless of her packed schedule Christina takes this crucial extra step to ensure she can provide top notch service to her clients. For Christina, hair color is truly an art and a passion. She does a lot of custom hand painted color and Balayage. She also swears by Olaplex and includes it in every color process. Olaplex is a bonding agent that significantly improves the hair strand by filling in the gaps to give a smooth, healthier texture.
Christina’s most recent achievement is becoming Southwest Florida’s only Certified Redken Artist. In addition to running her salon suite business, she will begin teaching Redken color classes in her new role. Becoming a Certified Redken Artist was always a dream for Christina, which she turned into a goal through tenacity and perseverance.
For more information about Christina please visit Christina Payton Hair Design and like her Facebook Page.

Is Renting a Salon Suite Right for You?

If you’re considering renting a salon suite, there are several questions you should answer to figure out whether this is the option for you.

  1. Is your creativity restricted by your current work environment?
  2. Are your hours unreasonable or inconvenient?
  3. Do you wish you had more control over how you work?
  4. Do you think you should be taking home more income than your employer is currently paying you?
  5. Do you want greater control on the type of clients you work with?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it may be time to move on and transform your career by renting a salon suite.

Wait, What About Buying Your Own Salon?

That’s a great question and one we were hoping you’d bring up. While buying/leasing your own salon may seem like a dream come true, there are some serious drawbacks that you should consider.

  1. Buying a salon is pricey. Not only will you need to buy/lease the space that you’ll be operating out of, but you’ll also need to buy all of the equipment, products, and furnishings, not to mention hiring employees to staff your salon business. Once you buy/lease the space and hire the staff, you still have to pay for things like the salon sign, business cards, marketing collateral, and utilities. All of it adds up quickly.
  2. You have to worry about maintenance. As a salon business owner, you’d need to make sure the building is being maintained properly. If something happens to the plumbing, you would be in charge of contacting the appropriate contractors to fix the issue.
  3. It takes a lot of time. Running your own salon is very time-consuming. You’d need to spend time training and managing your staff, coordinating with contractors, marketing and advertising your business, among other things. At the end of the day, you’d be running the business more than practicing as a stylist.

The Benefits of Renting a Salon Suite

As noted above, there are several disadvantages to owning a salon business. Of course, full disclaimer, we are a bit partial to the salon suite model, but this is for good reason!

When you lease a salon suite, you become your own boss without all the hassles that come with owning a salon location. You no longer have an employer looking over your shoulder and stifling your creativity. With salon suite leasing, you can run the salon your way. As our current salon tenants will tell you, you’ll gain “a lot more freedom and flexibility” as a tenant at Salons by JC.

There are many benefits to leasing a suite, some of which include:

  • More freedom.
  • Setting your own schedule.
  • Managing your own business, your way.
  • Keeping all of your earnings.
  • Choosing your own product line.
  • Making more money.
  • Setting your own rules.
  • Customizing and personalize your salon.

Salons by JC Suite Amenities

In addition to the general benefits that come with leasing a salon suite, Salons by JC also offers suite amenities, including:

  • Fully customizable suites for rent
  • Complimentary concierge service
  • Secure 24/7 access
  • No schedule restrictions
  • Free WiFi
  • Free online booking
  • Free credit card processing setup
  • Marketing assistance
  • Washer and dryer onsite
  • Business service center
  • Shampoo sink/cabinet
  • Styling chair
  • Shampoo chair
  • Mirror
  • Styling station

We also provide a concierge team that takes care of all salon logistics, including:

  • Ensuring the Salons by JC experience for you and your clients
  • Managing all aspects of front-desk guest assistance
  • Keeping the lobby and common areas clean and beautiful
  • Escorting guests and walk-ins throughout the building
  • Updating tenants with pertinent news from Salons by JC
  • Conducting facility maintenance checks
  • Anticipating and addressing tenant needs and salon disruptions
  • Coordinating work orders with the maintenance and IT departments
  • Planning salon mixers and networking events

If you’re still unconvinced, check out our Profit Calculator to see whether or not leasing a salon suite is a good option for you.

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Salons by JC Superstar – Coleen Evans – Teacher & Philanthropist

Artistic director, master stylist, and colorist, Coleen Evans, has spent many years mastering her craft and changing lives. Some of her specialties include color cutting and mirror placement of the color with the haircut.

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years,” Coleen said. “What I love behind this profession is the passion behind what I do. I love to make changes in people and see what it brings out in them. We touch their hair and they open up to us. We’re like their therapist. If you don’t have the passion, you won’t be very successful. I feel very blessed every day. ”

Her favorite part of her job is interacting with people daily. “You never know what you’re going to get,” she said. “I like to see the smiles on their faces. Life is a day maker.”

For 10 years, Coleen was an owner of a salon with six chairs. It was during this time that she learned the valuable skills she needed to successfully operate her own salon, which proved helpful for when she eventually joined Salons by JC. Coleen spent the last 15 years with Salon Enchanted, a Paul Mitchell-focused salon, before deciding to join Salons by JC.

“I was closing my business and was looking to do something more for me, instead of a team,” she said. “After doing this for so long, I decided it was time for me to do it on my own. I was very impressed with what [Salons by JC] was offering.”

In August of 2015 she rented a room with Salons by JC at the Oakwood Plaza location in Hollywood, FL. “It’s been very good,” Coleen said. “I’m enjoying the freedom and the attention I’m able to give my clients. It’s allowed me a lot more freedom and flexibility. I have 3 kids and so am very busy.”

She loves her new salon space and wants other stylists/colorists to have the same experience she did when they decide to rent a room at Salons by JC.

“Make sure you have some following to back you up before coming,” she advised. “You need to have a solid ground before you come in. I already had my established base. You need to know your licensing, your books, etc. You need to set yourself up for success.” Coleen has been more than successful since joining Salons by JC. Within a few months she needed to expand and now rents two rooms: one for coloring and one for cutting.

While Coleen jokes that she often feels like a therapist, it turns out that she is also a teacher of sorts. She is a strong advocate for constantly educating not only her staff but her clients as well.

“We share our knowledge,” she said. “We’re very much engaged and still go to continuing educatioArtistic director, master stylist, and colorist, Coleen Evansn. I organize free classes for demos, and require my staff to go to 3-4 a year. It’s all about keeping current. We educate our guests as well.” She offers a “Style with Knowledge” mini-course that is a 15-minute slot that reviews practical beauty tips and tricks.

In addition to running her salon, Coleen is also a proud contributor to the Susan G. Komen foundation. “A few years back I raised $10,000 doing a cut-a-thon, “ she said. Coleen’s philanthropic nature and pedagogic environment make her a valuable member of the Salons by JC community.


Modern Salon Solo Artist – Karina Pozo

Read the full article here. 

To make the most of her connections with clients, make-up artist Karina Pozo brings suite partners, local charities, estheticians and client’s friends into the mix.

Building a business doing make-up demands ingenuity, flexibility, a broad repertoire of skills and most of all, the ability to instantly connect with a wide variety of clients. None are a problem for make-up artist and skin care pro Karina Pozo, whose natural warmth and intuitive sense of what women want keep her busy at Studio K18, her suite within Salons by JC in Charlotte, North Carolina.

An Ecuadorian native, Pozo says she learned early on that doing hair was not for her: “I always loved makeup the most and began by doing it at home,” she says. “After I got my cosmetology license, I discovered that for great make-up you need great skin, so I continued to take classes in skin care.”

For 10 years, Pozo worked in her native country as a freelance make-up artist. When she moved to the U.S. 13 years ago, she continued to take advanced classes and learned how to build personal relationships at Merle Norman Cosmetics (she still works there 2 days a week). A year ago, she decided she needed a private space to work with her many bridal and special-event clients, and chose Salons by JC, in part because as soon as she walked in the location, she felt at home.

“I was acknowledged immediately, so I knew that my clients would be, too,” she says of the suite’s front desk set-up. “They offered immediate support with my business, such as joint advertising and a web presence.”

Pozo began building her own brand with a variety of networking tactics, but also threw in a little luck. “I got the name K18 from my name and the fact that all good things happen to me on the 18th of the month,” she says. “I met my husband on the 18th, got married on the 18th and won a cruise for two on the 18th.”

Winning Ways

Because Pozo wanted to focus on make-up alone, one of the first connections she made was with other suite renters who were hairstylists. She thoroughly familiarized herself with their work, so now she can cross-refer her bridal and prom clients to those who do classic or edgy work, depending on her client’s personal style. Naturally, the stylists refer her in return. She also created monthly special events in conjunction with an esthetician.

Explains Pozo, “To offer my clients something special and build my relationship with them, I explore what they want most and create a day for express facials, anti-aging facials, waxing or a seasonal event, such as prepping the skin for fall with exfoliation. I invite and book those I know will be interested, and after their skin care treatment, I do a makeover, changing their foundation by season or introducing new color trends. When you run a small business, you have to take advantage of every cross-referral and partnership opportunity.”

Other ways she works her connections:

  1. Pozo treats clients who want makeovers or makeup lessons the same way she treats friends who visit her home. They are offered refreshments and engaged in a personalized consultation that determines all their needs. She doesn’t “sell,” she says, “I share my beauty secrets with clients, and products that I believe in. I let them know how great they look and how happy I am that a particular product works for them. It’s all about telling the truth.”
  2. Those who mention having daughters, friends with birthdays or bachelorette events are told they can gift someone with a makeover party for four at the studio. The cost is $55 per person, and Pozo says nearly all eventually book a party.
  3. For a highly personalized referral program, Pozo spends downtime contacting clients with special reminders or offers. If a client makes a referral or responds to a text message to pre-book her autumn makeover, she is rewarded with what Pozo knows she wants most, like free RevitaLash primer that she can pick up at her next appointment. (Pozo also runs refer-a-friend specials on her Facebook page.)
  4. To boost business and local community connections, at least once a month, Pozo sponsors charity fundraisers with a donation of products and services. This has brought her many new clients, she says.

Pozo now sees four to five studio clients a day, Wednesday through Friday, and for efficiency, clusters bookings during either mornings or afternoons. She saves Saturdays for special events like weddings. While her clients range in age from teens to women in their sixties, she finds working with women who have just turned 40 is most rewarding.

“I just love when I can help a woman who is concerned with aging re-discover her own beauty and feel good about herself.”



Must Attend: Bridal Expos! I recently went to one in Latin America—women love when I come back and share what’s new.

Extra online education: Scott Barnes’ website. He does makeup for J. Lo, Christina Aguilera and other celebrities. I pay monthly to take his online tutorials.

Other Advanced Education:  I took a week-long class at Award Studio in California in media makeup. Both seasonal colors and technology continually change.

Weekly Rent: $288

Best-Money Saver: I use high-quality products and shop CosmoProf stores for all my supplies like waxes, towels and dispensary products.

Favorite Tool: Temptu airbrush system and Japonesque cosmetic brushes

Most Common Client Question: How can I get a natural look? Everyone wants to know what foundation will cover flaws but won’t be noticeable.


Salons by JC Sees Tremendous Growth in 2015 with New Store Openings

Read the full story here. 

Salons by JC has several new store openings this month to better serve the needs of its clients–while giving stylists the freedom to start their own business. Salons by JC was founded in 1999 and leases salon suites to health and beauty professionals. The company is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and operates dozens of locations across North America.

New locations of the salon suite franchise will be opening in the following areas across the United States in October:

• Pearland, TX
• Raleigh, NC
• Tulsa, OK
• Sparks, NV
• Sterling, VA
• Stoneham, MA

The new store openings are part of Salons by JC’s 2015 initiative to add more than 30 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada by the end of the year. The franchise’s ultimate goal is to have over 200 stores throughout North America to promote its non-traditional salon suite concept.

Visit to learn more about Salons by JC and its current and future locations.

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Briyaunna Crawley – Salons by JC Superstar

There was a time when Briyaunna wasn’t sure she wanted to become a nurse or a hairstylist. Her clients today must be real happy she decided to bring her talents to world of cosmetology! Briyaunna Crawley began her career over seven years ago after making the decision to move from her home in Michigan to Greensboro NC. After landing in Greensboro she attended cosmetology school and after graduation began a successful stint at Jade salon where she learned her craft and developed what has become a very loyal following. This past spring she made the leap into self-employment opening Studio B at Salons by JC. Briyaunna was nervous about the move but as she tells it “my clients really love where I am at now and they have come to enjoy the privacy of having my business inside of a Salons by JC.” Briyaunna adds that “My clients have really come through for me. My business has actually grown because of the referrals they are giving me.” Another aspect of the business is that Briyaunna can sell whatever products her clients need. Currently, I offer Design Essentials and use Matrix as my color line. “I am really into healthy hair. Its important to be fit physically and important that your hair has integrity. The right products translate into real healthy hair!”

Briyaunna Crawley Greensboro

A second and perhaps more important aspect has been the freedom to schedule her clients around the needs of her of the clients and her family. As a new mom of a sixteen month old baby that is even more important now than it ever has been. Briyaunna adds that “the flexibility to control my schedule has been a great part of my business.”

Briyaunna runs a full-service salon specializing in blow-outs, color, and more. You can easily connect with her on Facebook and Instagram. Or connect with her by email at [email protected]


Christina Martinez – Salons by JC Concierge Superstar

Since February, Christina Martinez has acted as Site Concierge for Salons by JC at the Flamingo Pines Shopping Center in Pembroke Pines, FL.
Christina graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, and is a licensed esthetician. She has an extensive background in Social Services, as well as Retail and Customer Service. For the three years before coming to Salons by JC, she was the Store Manager of Sally Beauty Supply in Pembroke Pines. While there, she excelled in customer service and administration, making her an ideal candidate for her current position.
Christina was born in New York, and grew up in Hollywood, FL. She is fluent in English and Spanish. Her hobbies are baking, and spending time with her 5 year old daughter Cadence. She is an active member of her church, King Jesus Ministries in Kendall.
Christina considers herself to be outgoing, and free-spirited, with a passion for making people feel great about themselves. Her favorite thing about working at Salons by JC are the people, and seeing the beautiful smiles of clients after receiving services. She’s also been known to occasionally patronize the businesses she supports.
Salons by JC is grateful to have Christina’s positive attitude and enthusiasm. We consider her an integral part of our success, and appreciate all she does for the tenants and clients at Salons by JC.