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7 Social Media Tips for Salon Professionals

a.k.a. What Every Salon Professional Should Know to Keep Social Media from Becoming a Second Fulltime Job

It’s humbling that, as someone with almost fifteen years’ experience in the branding, marketing, and advertising industry, I sometimes find myself saying, “The more I learn about SEO (search engine optimization), the less I know.” And even when I say that to SEO experts, they usually laugh and nod their heads in agreement. You might feel that way about social media—at least when it comes to using it for your business. If that’s the case, you’re not alone! There are many business owners just like you: an expert in your craft, yet struggling to successfully use social media as a marketing tool for your business.

Part of the problem is because technology keeps getting better and better all the time. Our world is constantly changing—especially for people in my industry, where more and more of what we do relies upon the technology that people love to use. As soon as we all learn how to successfully use Google or Facebook ads, for example, they change something (generally for the better), and leave us scrambling to catch up.

That leads me to Tip #1: An excellent way to learn about/keep up with social media is to do just what you are doing now: read blog articles! There are so many credible pros who sympathize with how you feel, and provide great information in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

Tip #2: Don’t get in over your head. Social media can be a bit like falling down the rabbit hole. Unless you want it to be your fulltime job (and you’ve already got one of those), keep it simple. Choose one or two platforms that make sense for your business (Instagram is great for hair stylists, for example, because you can show off your work!). It’s much more effective to update one or two platforms regularly than to be sporadically active on three or four. Respond quickly to people and try to engage followers in short conversations. Doing this will help them get to know you and/or your business better—which helps them remember you and feel connected to you. Those connections lead to more business.

Tip #3: Get professional help to carry out more complex goals. If you want to run a special offer or campaign that spans across multiple social channels, you might want to hire some help. Help doesn’t have to be super expensive, either; in fact, there are many resources out there that can help you organize a campaign very easily and inexpensively. Be very clear with your goals (I want to gain 10 leads; I want to sell 20 packages) and be very clear on how much your budget is. Make sure that you’re not spending more on the campaign than what you can potentially earn. A professional resource can help you get a higher return on your investment and let you continue to focus on your clients.

Tip #4: Focus on your craft. Social media is what I call ‘disposable content.’ You post something one day, and by the next day it’s old news. If you’re spending ridiculous amounts of time trying to find the right kind of content to post, you’re doing it wrong. Social is supposed to help your business, not take over your business! Post client before/after pics (with their permission, of course), post helpful tips and advice, post answers to your clients’ commonly asked questions, share industry-related content, etc. Your business pages are the perfect place for you to *tastefully* show off what you can do.

Tip #5: Use your personality to your advantage. If you’re a sole proprietor, your business pages should reflect who you are. If you’re in a partnership or have employees, your business pages should reflect the culture of your business. For example, if you’re happy and upbeat, your business pages shouldn’t be overly serious. Let your pages give potential clients an idea of what your business is like. The last thing a classical-music loving customer wants is to walk into a salon that is blaring rock music! Your pages will help the right kinds of customers find you, and help weed out the ones that aren’t a good fit.

Tip #6: This has nothing to do with social media, but everything to do with running a successful business. My husband and I are also business partners. A life-changing time for our business and us was when we read a book called The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. If you’re like me and don’t like to read business books, listen to it as an audio book instead. It is an easy, enjoyable read, told like a story. I can’t tell you the impact this book has made on the success of our business. We call it our business bible. If you are a business owner, it is a must read! I highly, highly recommend it.

Tip #7: Being social is no longer an option. You really must be social in today’s world. People expect to be able to find you online. You can’t always control whether or not a customer is satisfied, and you can’t always control what their reviews say about you. But you can control what’s on your social pages. You dictate the conversation there and allow people to see the real you (or your real business). The more you give people to discover online about you, the less of an impression a negative review or two will have on potential clients.

Blog written by: Ruth J. Netanel
Principal – IDealogic® Brand Lab
Ruth Netanel, Principal at the award-winning creative agency IDealogic® Brand Lab, has an innate passion for helping people. She is a master copywriter, brand strategist, researcher, speaker, and brand catalyst. Ruth works with leaders in effectively conveying their company’s vision to team members, in writing and developing the brand’s unique story, and in implementing strategies designed to strengthen the bonds between the brand and its customers. In this way, Ruth is a catalyst for creating profoundly positive changes within each client’s organization. 
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4 Easy Tips To Get Started With Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not rocket science, but that doesn’t mean you can become a social media guru overnight. The road to success is known for its obstacles and hardships along the way, so it comes in handy to be prepared from the get-go. Being proactive is within our company culture, and we strive on helping our clients come up with engaging, positive, and organized content for their social media campaigns.

If you suffer from SMMA (Social Media Marketing Anxiety), find solace in the fact that you’re not alone – many of our clients feel the same way. Most of the time it feels overwhelming at first, and a common dread is knowing that you can’t stop your social media management or you’ll be left behind… But that’s where we come in! We make sure our clients stay on track and keep their content up to date, all the while tracking your results and improving them by paying attention to the details.

As far as social media marketing goes, here are a few basic Splash tips to pave the way for your company’s online success!

Plan Ahead

Scrambling at the last minute to come up with content can prove to be rather difficult and leads to an unprofessional presence online. It just doesn’t end up reflecting the right image or making sense for what you do. Preferably, we like to work on a social media calendar 60 days ahead of schedule. By doing so, you allow yourself ample time to consider upcoming company events, holidays, and to perfect the right image and content for your business. You still want to be spontaneous so leave room in the calendar for those last-minute posts (i.e. your company received recognition or a local award and you want that story to gain attention while it’s current), but most of your postings can be done ahead of time.

Be Authentic

People crave authentic content. To break it down logically, people follow your business on social media because they like who you are and what you do, so why not give the people what they want? Authentic social media posts bring personality into your business that attracts new followers and retains current ones. They want to see the “behind the scenes” images of your business or work. Employee spotlights can be a great way to counteract any stereotype of being a “faceless corporation.” These posts let your employees know you recognize and appreciate their hard work, as well as give your company a lot of heart in the eyes of the public. Overall, social media gives people a window into your business, what you stand for, and what makes you tick. Show them a “sneak peak” into your business, and you won’t regret it.


Social media is also a place where you can display your expertise. Show your audience what you know and educate them on your business and what you do. Feel free to give them tips & tricks to prove you know your company is the expert in your field. Sharing your knowledge also improves your company’s reliability and trustworthiness, two major factors potential customers consider when choosing a business to work with. After all, would you rather work with a confident company that understands the ins and outs of their field, or a business that feels like they’re guessing a lot of their facts? Let the public see that you are the expert and why they need to seek you out for help, rather than your competitors.

Have Fun

Just because it’s not rocket science doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast! Social media can be quirky and people expect you to go “off topic” from time to time. So live a little, and have fun with your postings! Jokes or questions are great examples of how to engage with your audience. Create a meme that speaks to people and makes them laugh, relate, or gets them thinking. Personally, we enjoy finding the worst marketing puns on the planet and sharing them on our page. They’re (usually) clever, funny, and not so far off topic that they don’t belong on our page. So, when considering amusing content for your social media marketing, make sure it’s relatable to your business and stay within professional reason. Other than that, well… have fun!

We love to work with clients from all types of businesses. No matter the service or product you offer, we do the research to gain a deeper understanding of your company and provide engaging social media marketing strategies to help your business grow.

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Salons by JC Social Media Blog Series

Blog written by: Elysa Leonard
CEO & Founder – Splash Communications, LLC
Elysa Leonard has more than 20 years of experience in the field of marketing communications. She has designed and implemented successful branding, marketing, and advertising campaigns in a variety of business fields, for companies large and small.
Elysa founded Splash Communications in May 2005 and the company has grown and thrived over the past 12 years. Prior to Splash Communications, Elysa worked in shopping center marketing for 10 years as a Marketing Director for both The Rouse Company and Simon Property Group. There she developed and implemented shopping center advertising as well as advised and created advertising for retail stores and businesses. She became well versed in all forms of marketing and advertising strategies. She learned how to develop a strategy that would bring results regardless of the business model.
Without her two-year move to Bermuda in 1999, there probably wouldn’t be a Splash Communications today. This life-changing decision involved quitting her intense but rewarding career in shopping center marketing and escaping to the pristine and beautiful island of Bermuda. Despite loving island life and learning to scuba dive, it was difficult for Elysa to “take off her marketing hat.” She saw so many things that she thought could use improvement or needed the marketing expertise that she had to offer. Diving was very expensive, so she bartered marketing services for dive time with local island dive shops. Using her shopping center marketing experience, Elysa also created an island-wide shopper loyalty program to help local merchants increase sales. After doing this work on the island, Elysa had the experience and confidence to start her own marketing company when she moved back to the United States.
Once back in the States, Elysa moved to Northern Virginia with her family, where she has lived for the past 13 years. But Elysa didn’t give up her love for diving after leaving Bermuda; she currently volunteers as a diver for the National Aquarium in Baltimore. She takes an active interest in the world of fish and marine life and whenever she can, she does survey dives for the REEF Project. For Elysa, splashing is truly a way of life. Elysa lives in Ashburn, VA, with her husband Robert and four children, Samantha, 19, Erin, 17, Meghan, 14 and Robert, Jr., 10.
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Picture Perfect: How Salons By JC Seattle Beauty professionals photograph their work in it’s best light.

Salons By JC Seattle beauty professionals know marketing their work on social media is a vital way to drive their business, get referrals and encourage repeat clients. But what sets these professionals apart, is the professional photography station available to them inside Salons By JC, Seattle. The salon owners can capture professional looking photos of their work themselves, easily and right outside their suites.

Owner of Salons By JC Seattle, Kelly Miller, had noticed her tenants walking their clients outside  the Salons By JC building to photograph their clients hair and make-up in the day light against the brick wall on the side of the building. With the temperamental weather in Seattle this was not an ideal scenario. Kelly, always looking for ways to offer more to her tenants and provide the ultimate salon suite experience, reached out to digital marketing professional, Gibranna LaCava, Social Butterfly Marketing, for a solution. Gibranna proposed Kelly create a photography station set-up inside Salons By JC and educated Kelly about the “Beauty Ring Light” and how professional stars, makeup artists and celebrity stylists used it to photograph their work. Kelly quickly turned to the internet, researched and purchased the equipment to create a full fledged professional photography station inside her salon suites. The photo station is fully-equipped with a professional photography backdrop and “ Beauty Ring Light”. A ring light is a professional photography light that casts the optimal amount of light on the clients face, hair or makeup, limiting shadows under the eyes and making hair color pop and makeup and eyelashes have a natural dewy glow.

Want more information on how to market your work professionally on social media like the beauty professionals inside Salons By JC? Here’s some tips to consider:

Choose a backdrop

Start by choosing a subtle background. Position your client in front of a blank wall or Salons By JC tenants can use the Salons By JC logo/ mosaic tile wall. Salons By JC in Seattle opted to purchase a professional photography backdrop that is gray brick to reflect the eclectic style and flare Seattle is known for. The backdrop hangs on a stand so Salons By JC tenants have a place to photograph their clients ready for them at all times.

It’s all about good lighting 

Next, choose the best lighting available. If there is one thing salon owners toil over the most it’s proper overhead lighting in their salon. This is the same consideration you should make when photographing your work. Proper lighting makes a 100% difference in the quality of the photo and the look of the hair color. Your work will look amazing when photographed in it’s best light. Salons By JC Seattle chose a professional beauty “Ring Light”, because that is what is used by top stylists and professional photographers. A Ring Light can be purchased on the internet and can cost $50-$250 depending on the quality ring light you choose. A ring light provides the ideal lighting on the face and hair without the shadows that would normally be cast under the eyes. Your clients will love how beautiful they look in their photos taken with the ring light and will be more likely to share your post.

Create your signature pose

Another consideration in photographing your work is to experiment with different angles of the hair and face. Professional stylists such as Guy Tang are famous for their signature style and photography of their work. Do you position all your clients with their head down with hair draping over their faces? Or do you feature a side angle or just the back of the hair? Create your own signature technique that will set your work apart from your competition.

Watermark your photos

Finally, don’t forget to watermark your photos with your logo or just your salon name. There are many photo editing apps available in the app store that will allow you to add text or your logo to your images right from your phone or tablet. Now you’re ready to post. Remember the key to successful social media is be consistent!

Salons by JC Social Media Blog Series

Blog written by: Gibranna LaCava
Owner / Digital Marketing Expert – Social Butterfly Marketing
Social Butterfly Marketing is owned and operated by Gibranna LaCava. Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Gibranna has resided in SWFL since 2000. After obtaining a bachelors degree in Executive Business Management and Marketing from Hodges University, Gibranna established Social Butterfly Marketing in 2010,  headquartered in Naples, FL. Gibranna is the principle business owner, project manager and digital marketing expert. Gibranna’s specialty is social media advertising, graphic design, video ad creation, Google internet advertising, WordPress web design, and event planning.  Social Butterfly Marketing also specializes in social media and digital advertising for beauty industry businesses and salon suites. To view a full scope of their work and get more information visit: 
Follow Social Butterfly Marketing social media:
Facebook: @socialbutterflynaples
Instagram: @social_butterfly_marketing


Specialist Spotlight

Lake Minnetonka Magazine – Best of 2017, Boasts Minnetonka Top Stylist Heather Mackenzie of Petit Atelier Salon

Minnesota native Heather Mackenzie, finds creative momentum between salon ownership, mothering and collaboration with fashions most innovative designers. On Lake Minnetonka, Heather is renowned for the second year running as Lake Minnetonka’s Best Hairstylist 2016 – 2017. With a career launch under New York based salon owners Cutler and Arrojo, Heather is the go to hairstylist in Minnetonka. Heather’s styling rapport has since taken her two seasons a year to New York Fashion Week to work with top designers and their models. With her professional career reaching new heights, Heather and colleague Tonya Cherba recently stepped out of the commission environment to open Petit Atelier in Salons by JC Minnetonka.

With New York Fashion Week quickly approaching in September, Heather muses over technique and approach as a stylist in the designer world. “Lead stylist work with individual designers and makeup artists. The vision board is presented to individual stylists and models alike. The lead stylist will then demonstrate how to create each individual look.” The key to success within the fashion industry is found in precisely detailed technique. “Part the hair here, Lift and spray there. Technique is everything, “ says Heather. Lead stylists are “The Picassos’ of the style Industry,” dedicated to their art, and the style objective. Upon returning from New York Fashion Week, Mackenzie transitions to her private business, adjusting her focus to her clientele, who have all learned how to recognize a high-end style from a mediocre style.

Heather happily disproves the claim that styling success is “80% personality and 20% talent” as her approach demands strong skills and consistency. “Friendliness, relatability and a sense of service count as much as talent and creativity,” she says, “My professional approach as stylist is to focus on what the client asks for, I add some geometric structure to my cuts, while focusing on softness, so that each style is manageable and maintenance free.” Heather’s clients rely on her consistency and have learned the importance of a high-end salon experience from start to finish, Mackenzie says that her clients “now expect a great cut and perfected hair color.”

The Suite Life

As Heather reached her career plateau as a Salon Creative Director, fellow Stylist Tonya Cherba was the perfect match. “When I was in New York, Tonya provided a walk-in cut and color to one of my regular clients, who was thrilled with the outcome. It became apparent then, that our business integrity and skills matched” – collaboration was instantaneous. The potential of sharing suite space, would allow both stylists to retain a larger clientele base, and the freedom to create their ultimate salon experience. “We wanted a salon where we could share space, maintain one another’s creative motivation, all while fueling artistic energy by working in tandem to meet our clients’ needs!”

Heather and Tonya set out to find the right location to start their new career endeavor. “As soon as we saw Salons by JC Minnetonka, we knew we had found the contemporary salon environment that we were seeking.” Soon, the transition was underway; with two highly talented salon professionals to create the ultimate salon experience.

The luxury of salon ownership made balancing business and family more manageable. With business partnership, Heather and Tanya work together to meet the needs of their clients. The benefit of teamwork is a smaller and more intimate client list. There has been complete freedom of their own salon hours allows both business owners to enjoy personal time with family, added specialist education and freelance bridal hairstyling. Outside of business hours, family time is priceless…Heather’s two sons proudly call their mom a “blackbelt hairstylist.” The ultimate salon life has been found with forming positive business relationships while intricately balancing creativity, reliability and value within a fast-paced industry.

Petit Atelier boasts sleek modern design aesthetic, with Gold embellishments, plush black seating, side by side style chairs, and floor to ceiling window front with natural lighting. Heather and Tonya combine their artistic talent, creativity and full spectrum services to provide an upbeat atmosphere. Petit Atelier is dedicated to servicing long term clientele, capturing vibrant looks, all while delivering exceptional service, leaving clients smiling every time.

To find out more information on Petit Atelier, click on these links:

Website: Petit Atelier

Facebook: @petitatelierhair

Instagram: @petitatelierhair



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Social Media Engagement – More Than Just A “like”

“I get lots of likes and comments on my photos and posts!”  How many times have you heard this before or maybe you have even said it yourself?  Kudos to you for taking a great photo or creating a stellar post that created engagement.  Is that really what social media engagement is all about…likes, comments, and shares? These are all forms of engagement, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Now that you have the attention of the audience you can connect with them. Social Media Marketing gives you the ability to speak directly to your audience.  It’s a more direct and personal type of marketing and if done correctly, will enable you to turn that “like” into a client or customer.

Creating that attention grabbing post by knowing your audience

When we log on our social media sites, we encounter our newsfeed.  At times, it can be overwhelming. Think about what makes you stop your thumb from scrolling.  What grabbed your attention?  Was it the vibrant photo? The crafty wording?  Something that you have been searching for?  One of the main things to remember when creating a post is to make your audience stop and look.  Post something they want to see, something that sparks interest.  A good question to ask yourself is, would I stop and look at this post?  

Knowing your audience is key.  What does your audience like?  Who else is your audience following?  Understanding your audience and what they do also makes a huge difference.  If you know your target is a hairstylist, chances are they will also be following Armstrong McCall, Modern Salon, and other beauty industry related social media sites.  From this you also know that they will follow certain hair products, celebrity stylists, and beauty blogs or vlogs. Spending some time researching will give you a better understanding of your audience.  Reviewing social media sites that they follow will give you ideas on how to create captivating posts.

They “like” me, they really “like” me

Now that we created the post that demands a “like” or even a heart emoji, what happens next?  They just paid you a compliment by liking your post, take the time to reply and say “thank you”. This small gesture will gain a positive reaction. You have made it personal by acknowledging them for taking the time to look at your post. Engage with your audience that is interested in what you posted.  You especially want to engage with your audience if you post about an opportunity, ie. salon suite ownership, house for sale, etc.  Something in that post made them stop and take the time to read it.  They are showing interest, now it’s your turn to start a conversation and find out why they reacted the way they did.  This information is great when researching your audience.  As a marketer, we are always discussing the target audience – who are they, what are their demographics, etc.  So many statistics and analytics come into play to find our perfect target audience when we are creating a marketing strategy.  What you just did was find your target audience and they are responding to you, talk to them.

Making it sizzle

When I first started my career in media close to 20 years ago, I had to learn to sell “the sizzle”, not the steak to our advertising clients.  In social media, you always sell that sizzle.  You make your posts and your photos sizzle in a way that stops traffic; news feed traffic.  When people buy or invest in something it’s based on emotion.  When your audience engages with you on social media it’s because you triggered an emotion in them that made them stop and read.  They connected with you on your post.  Make that connection with them and engage away!

Salons by JC Social Media Blog Series 

Blog written by: Marlene Romo Flores – Salons by JC Marketing
Marlene Romo Flores is part of the Salons by JC corporate team. Marlene has close to 20 years of media, marketing, advertising, PR, digital & social media experience.  She is a proud member of the Facebook Small-to-Medium Business Council, class of 2016.  Marlene is a native of San Antonio, Texas and is currently working on her side project, blogger/vlogger. She also enjoys sharing her knowledge with others in the social media community.
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Living La Pura Vida in Naples

Eric and Jill Salata are the husband and wife team behind Pura Vida Medical Spa located in Naples, Florida. With more than 30 years of combined professional healthcare experience, their concept of creating a medical spa to serve the Naples community in 2015 has grown to be in the top 1.8% of the entire US for Coolsculpting providers.

Pictured L-R: Eric Salata, Jill Salata & Iliadys Rodriguez

Making the big decision 

With more than 15 years experience as a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner, Jill and her husband Eric, a board certified physician in internal and aesthetic medicine, saw the need for a change from their stressful careers. When thinking of the next big career move, they both agreed that they wanted to run their own business, make more money, and have fun.  Yet they still had to contemplate how they were going to make it work.  “It wasn’t an easy decision. We had to open a business and run it full time and still work elsewhere to make ends meet”, stated Jill Salata.  “Our particular business had a large upstart cost so we have taken a very big financial leap to try and make our dream happen.”

Marketing their way to success

The goal of the business was simple; make people feel as young and beautiful as possible through a combination of non-surgical or minimally invasive treatments.  With that being noted, the concept of the med spa came into action.  Jill and Eric were not an overnight success when they first opened their doors in December of 2015.  “Over the last two years we have tried to diversify our marketing.  We use the local newspaper, social media, TV, radio, eBlasts, internet search engines and retargeting, direct mailers, event marketing (ie: bridal shows, beauty events, etc) and more!”, stated Jill Salata. They worked very hard on not only their business plan ,but also on their marketing plan.  At the very conception of Pura Vida Med Spa, Jill approached The Social Butterfly with a vision and a tight deadline to have her med spa properly represented in the high end med spa industry.  Jill and Eric’s brand was inspired by a recent trip she had taken to Costa Rica.  “Jill and Eric wanted their business to reflect the simple beauty she fell in love with in Costa Rica”, stated Gibrana LaCava, owner of The Social Butterfly.  “In less than a month, the Pura Vida brand was born- new logo, website, google listing, social media sites, business cards, and more.  They were ready to open and on their way to success”, stated LaCava.

Pictured L-R: Erica Current & Iliadys Rodriguez

How has this paid off for them? One and half years later, Jill and Eric agree that starting their own business what the best thing that they could have done for themselves and Salons by JC Naples was the perfect location for them.  “We liked the flexibility to start with one room and add additional rooms as needed as we grew and expanded”, states Salata.  The luxurious common areas, upscale setting of 5th Avenue South, and the ability to have multiple suites made the location ideal for a high end medical practice.   “We like the location of 5th Avenue in Naples very much and the support from other professions at Salons by JC Naples has been great”.

Cool sculpting their way to the “pura vida”

A key point of advice Pura Vida Medical Spa and Jill and Eric Salata want to share with other small business owners is, “ It is a lot of work and you have to dedicate yourself to making it a success. It is also very rewarding to see how all of the hard work pays off”.  That hard work and dedication makes Pura Vida, the number one certified CoolSculpting provider in all of SWFL, and the First practice in SWFL to offer CoolSculpting® CoolAdvantage™ Petite Applicator — the only FDA-Cleared Non-Invasive Treatment for Upper Arm Fat.  The Cool Advantage Petite treatment comes with two interchangeable contours designed to uniquely treat the upper arm area in just 35 minutes.   Over the past one and a half years, they have been awarded 9 honors including, Best Weight Loss Center, Best Med Spa, and Best Physician.  To learn more about Pura Vida Medial Spa visit