Picture Perfect: How Salons By JC Seattle Beauty professionals photograph their work in it’s best light. - Salons by JC

Picture Perfect: How Salons By JC Seattle Beauty professionals photograph their work in it’s best light.

Salons By JC Seattle beauty professionals know marketing their work on social media is a vital way to drive their business, get referrals and encourage repeat clients. But what sets these professionals apart, is the professional photography station available to them inside Salons By JC, Seattle. The salon owners can capture professional looking photos of their work themselves, easily and right outside their suites.

Owner of Salons By JC Seattle, Kelly Miller, had noticed her tenants walking their clients outside  the Salons By JC building to photograph their clients hair and make-up in the day light against the brick wall on the side of the building. With the temperamental weather in Seattle this was not an ideal scenario. Kelly, always looking for ways to offer more to her tenants and provide the ultimate salon suite experience, reached out to digital marketing professional, Gibranna LaCava, Social Butterfly Marketing, for a solution. Gibranna proposed Kelly create a photography station set-up inside Salons By JC and educated Kelly about the “Beauty Ring Light” and how professional stars, makeup artists and celebrity stylists used it to photograph their work. Kelly quickly turned to the internet, researched and purchased the equipment to create a full fledged professional photography station inside her salon suites. The photo station is fully-equipped with a professional photography backdrop and “ Beauty Ring Light”. A ring light is a professional photography light that casts the optimal amount of light on the clients face, hair or makeup, limiting shadows under the eyes and making hair color pop and makeup and eyelashes have a natural dewy glow.

Want more information on how to market your work professionally on social media like the beauty professionals inside Salons By JC? Here’s some tips to consider:

Choose a backdrop

Start by choosing a subtle background. Position your client in front of a blank wall or Salons By JC tenants can use the Salons By JC logo/ mosaic tile wall. Salons By JC in Seattle opted to purchase a professional photography backdrop that is gray brick to reflect the eclectic style and flare Seattle is known for. The backdrop hangs on a stand so Salons By JC tenants have a place to photograph their clients ready for them at all times.

It’s all about good lighting 

Next, choose the best lighting available. If there is one thing salon owners toil over the most it’s proper overhead lighting in their salon. This is the same consideration you should make when photographing your work. Proper lighting makes a 100% difference in the quality of the photo and the look of the hair color. Your work will look amazing when photographed in it’s best light. Salons By JC Seattle chose a professional beauty “Ring Light”, because that is what is used by top stylists and professional photographers. A Ring Light can be purchased on the internet and can cost $50-$250 depending on the quality ring light you choose. A ring light provides the ideal lighting on the face and hair without the shadows that would normally be cast under the eyes. Your clients will love how beautiful they look in their photos taken with the ring light and will be more likely to share your post.

Create your signature pose

Another consideration in photographing your work is to experiment with different angles of the hair and face. Professional stylists such as Guy Tang are famous for their signature style and photography of their work. Do you position all your clients with their head down with hair draping over their faces? Or do you feature a side angle or just the back of the hair? Create your own signature technique that will set your work apart from your competition.

Watermark your photos

Finally, don’t forget to watermark your photos with your logo or just your salon name. There are many photo editing apps available in the app store that will allow you to add text or your logo to your images right from your phone or tablet. Now you’re ready to post. Remember the key to successful social media is be consistent!

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Blog written by: Gibranna LaCava
Owner / Digital Marketing Expert – Social Butterfly Marketing
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