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Ignite the Passion with the first Salons by JC Salon Pro Mini Conference

Salons by JC is thrilled to host its first mini virtual conference for it’s Salon Suite Owners.  In conjunction with our partners, SalonCentric, we were able to put together a 2-day virtual conference featuring Michael Cole.  Michael is a founder, stockholder, and board member of Salon Development Corporation and Summit Salon Business Center .

Beauty Industry Phenom Michael Cole 

Michael Cole has over 30 years experience as a stylist, manager, salon chain director, and salon owner. He is the recipient of numerous awards for helping thousands of salon professionals transform their businesses.  The key to Michael’s success is his ability to observe current business trends and translate them into practices by which salons professionals achieve dramatic growth.  Since 1980, Michael has been educating salon professionals to “better their best”.  He is a global educator specializing in salon business training.

Michael Cole

Joining Michael on our conference will be Salons by JC Salon Business Coach, Mona Echard.  Mona is a 25 year industry veteran in the cosmetology industry.  Her beauty industry career is vast as she has experience as a salon owner, Salons by JC suite owner,  educator, business trainer and consultant.  She is also a certified corporate strategies trainer.  This enables her to do what she loves – provide professional and strategic training solutions.  

Mona Echard

“This conference has been something that we have been working towards making happen for quite some time.  I am excited that we have had such a great response and support from our suite owners, concierges and franchisees.  Charlesie and her team at SalonCentric, along with our Franchise Marketing Manager, Marlene, have been working hard behind the scenes to bring this to life”, stated Mona.

A “Sexy” Little Kickoff

If you aren’t able to join our mini conference live, that’s ok!  We encourage you to register so that you can receive a recording of the conference to view at your leisure.  You can register here.

On Wednesday, September 30th our partners at Sexy Hair will be kicking off our conference by taking over our Instagram Live.  Join the fun starting at 4:30pmEST as Sexy Hair team members, Paola Rascon and Stephanie Polanski, introduce you to their new line of product, Artistry Pro.  They will also give a short demonstration and discuss their salon business builder and exclusive salon loyalty program – Club Artistry.

For more information about any of our events next week, you can reach out to Mona at [email protected]

Blog written by
Marlene Romo Flores – Salons by JC Franchise Marketing Manager


Training & Education

Creating a “Why” Mindset to Grow your Business

If you are a critical thinker, you may have a habit of asking “Why?” As it pertains to your life and your salon business. You may ask yourself why every day, every hour, or every minute if you are having a rough day.

Questions like, “Why did I decide to go out on my own in the first place?”,  “Why do I accept negative business outcomes?”, “Is it my brand or Is it me?”,  “Why am I not getting ahead?”,  “It seems like I take one step forward to be pushed two steps back”.  These are all valid “why” questions.  Let’s revisit them later.  

Have you ever heard the statement that, your “Why” should make you cry?  Well maybe not literally, but it does create an image in your mind.  Your journey to whatever you want in life and in business, should have so much purpose in it, that it evokes the kind of passion, that could bring you to tears.  Like the passion you felt when you signed your lease with Salons by JC.

When your “Why” makes you cry, you will be successful in the ventures you align with, and it will influence the way you solve problems and set goals.  So, first and foremost – Establish your Why.

Your Mindset consists of the attitudes you hold. Be aware of whether yours is fixed or static, which can be a challenge, if the goal is to think critically and grow your business. A critical thinker not only has the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking, but they are able to identify, analyze and solve problems systematically rather than by intuition or instinct, (which often involves emotion), and can interfere with the systematic approach. As a salon owner, when problems arise, you may think you can work your way out of it by shear intuition because you “know what you are doing, and this too will pass”. That mindset will only keep you doing the exact same thing over and over again with you expecting new results; and of course, those results will never come.

Remember those Why questions, I said we would revisit?  Critical thinkers with a growth mindset will most likely answer those questions in a positive way.  For example: 

……. Why did I decide to go out on my own in the first place?  The answer might be- because my Why drives me to remember, not to forget, why I am striving for success in my salon business.

…….Why do I accept negative business outcomes?  Is it my brand?  Is it me?  The answer might be- it reminds me to think critically and systematically, so that I can be better today, at how I run my business, than I was yesterday.

……. Why am I not getting ahead?  The answer might be- because it has been too long since I last evaluated my progress; therefore, I am holding myself accountable and revisiting my goals with intention. 

Goal setting keeps you focused and moving forward without procrastination.  It is a surefire way to produce a path to success in business. Using this well- known, and practical model to set goals might be just what you need to refocus.

Let’s Think SMART-ER!

S – Be Specific (Start with one main goal and be super clear about what it is.)

M – Make it Measurable (Can I track progress while I work on this specific goal?)

A – Actionable (Be clear about how to achieve the goal, get guidance if needed.)

R – Be Realistic (Can you accomplish this in your current stage in life?)

T – Timely (Time frames hold you accountable to stay engaged in the journey.)

E – Evaluate (Evaluate your progress often and be intentional.)

R – Reward (Every goal milestone deserves a reward.) 

When we feel passionately about the goals we are working to achieve, it helps us push through adversity and it reminds us of our “Why”

If you want to take a deeper dive into Creating a “Why” mindset to grow your salon business, join our first webinar in the series, “5 Ways to Grow Your Business” hosted by Salons By JC Salon Business Coach, Mona Echard  on Monday June 15, 2020 @ 11am CST.  To register email [email protected].

About Salons by JC

Salons by JC opened its doors in 1998 in Dallas, Texas. The company now boasts over 100 locations nationwide and in Canada. For more information about franchising opportunities please visit

Blog Written by: Mona Echard, Salon Business Coach

Business & Marketing Training & Education

Why Now Could Be A Good Time To Own Your Own Salon Suite

Across the country and throughout the world, many people are facing difficult challenges due to the outbreak of COVID-19. While we’re all working hard to take steps to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy, now may also be the opportunity in disguise you’ve been waiting for to start your own business as an independent salon suite owner.

During a recession, many people may tell you it’s a bad time to switch careers, start a new business, or make any other work-related changes. Don’t listen to the naysayers.  Many of the most successful companies in the world were started just after, or during a recession. The list includes hugely successful companies like Uber, WhatsApp, Walt Disney, and Costco. While these are certainly different than an independent salon, it goes to show what can be accomplished, even in difficult economic times. If you have the dream to be your own salon owner, the will to create your vision for the future, and the skills and experience to put to the test, then now could be the best time to become your own boss at Salons by JC. Here are three tips that we think can help you on your way.


1. Get feedback from your professional network and community about your business plan


While family and close friends can be excellent sources of support and feedback, especially when you’re taking on the challenge of starting a successful business, oftentimes they don’t have the direct business experience or more impartial feedback that you may need. Presenting your business plans and ideas to a fellow professional, ideally, someone who has successfully made the transition from renting a salon chair to their own salon suite already can be exactly what you need. This person can point out mistakes they already made, shortening the learning curve and increasing the effectiveness of your plan. Don’t stop with just one person though! There’s always more than one way to accomplish a goal, learn from as many people who have already been down the path your starting, as possible.


2.  Be prepared to bring more than passion to the table


Passion opens the door. Passion for what you do may have been a leading factor to where you are today, but it won’t be enough to start, and more importantly, keep a successful salon business going for the long haul. You’ll need your current skills and expertise and a willingness to never stop learning, always mastering the newest and most in-demand skills too. You’ll also need determination. Determination to make it through the slow periods where you have fewer clients, determination to work extra hours, determination to identify the roadblocks in your way and persevere around or through them. The flip side of determination and resilience will also be one of your greatest assets. You may not be able to control what happens in the economy, the industry, or how major events like those currently impacting so many people affect your business, but you can control your responses. Staying positive, resilient, determined, and yes, passionate, will all aid you as you build a successful salon suite business.


3. Become comfortable with being accountable to your new boss – yourself


Self-accountability is the name of the game when starting your own business. That goes as much for a salon suite as it does for a new tech company in Silicon Valley.  While the benefits of being your own boss are great, no company politics, no worries about fighting for the next promotion or the awkward requests for a raise or more time on the clock, you also have to take on the responsibility of being fully accountable for everything about the business. Sometimes, you will have to be a boss who’s a jerk and makes you stay late or come in early, work on extra projects around your salon, or spending extra time answering emails and social media messages when all you really want to do is go home and sleep. This means you’ll have to hone your personal level of discipline. You’re ultimately successful for your own level of success.


Bonus tip: You may be on your own, but you’re never alone


One of the hardest things about starting a new business is that you’re on your own. You set the hours, the prices, the services, and so much more. But, that’s a little different at Salons by JC. One of the greatest aspects of owning your own salon suite at one of our 100+ locations is that while you’re on your own, you’re never alone. We’re incredibly proud of our passionate and dedicated community of over 3,000 professional beauty, health, and wellness professionals. Each and everyone is part of a network that you can reach out to for support, ideas, and more. In fact, many of our salon suite owners become close friends with their salon suite neighbors as well as salon suite owners throughout the salon.

Another benefit is the opportunities for continuing education Salons by JC provides through our Empowering You program. Throughout the year Salons by JC hosts events with our partner network to bring you professional speakers, educators, and other opportunities for development. Even more, we regularly share content like training videos, blogs, tips, and more to help you be as successful as possible. individual franchise owners also have the opportunity to provide even more local events for networking, community, and more.

Right now, times may be difficult, but don’t let that slow down your dreams and goals. Adversity reveals character and hard-work builds it. You can do this. We encourage you to reach out to your nearest Salons by JC and inquire about the opportunities available to own your own salon suite. Even in areas where salons may be temporarily closed, being proactive and taking the first steps will help to ensure your success in the near future when we all persevere through the current challenges facing us.

It’s time to take your future in your own hands. You may be on your own, but you’re never alone.



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Written by Nicholas D. Dunlap

Director of Marketing
Nicholas D. Dunlap
Director of Marketing

Franchise News

Steppin’ Up with the Esteps

What do you get when you combine an accountant and CEO of the house with a retired military officer and consultant for quality and service improvement for Fortune 100 Companies?

Well, a few things:

  1. A happily married couple.
  2. Successful, driven professionals in their career fields.
  3. The perfect equation for franchisees to lead the charge at the Salons by JC Towson location in Maryland.

Husband and wife Mark and Cindy Estep opened the doors of their location in the Northeast in February 2018. When they came across Salons by JC’s salon suite concept and understood the way the business model worked, they were hooked.

Founder Cecil Miller, Mark Estep, Cindy Estep, Founder Jack Griffey

“I can never sit still, and I’m retiring soon, so I wanted to find what was next to keep me energized and busy,” said Mark. “We like working with people and having the chance to pay it forward, and we were both looking for a post-career business opportunity to do just that.”

What Made Salons by JC Stand Out

Mark and Cindy evaluated different concepts before deciding upon Salons by JC. They looked at other competitors in the market, one of which they specifically liked their attention to detail with the high end fixtures and building designs, but decided to progress with Salons by JC for two major reasons:

  1. Jack & Steve as people, their vision, and the way they talked about supporting salon suite owners. For the couple, the importance of the overall mission is to provide an environment to help make others successful.
  2. The concierge model – to them, this was a key differentiator.

“Our ownership of the Salons by JC franchise is a win-win situation,” said Cindy. “It’s a win for the clients and a win for us. The business model is exactly what we were looking for.”

Along with the concept and business model, the Esteps were also drawn to the way that Salons by JC partnered with deserving community organizations. Specifically, the Hello Gorgeous partnership stood out to them, and they are excited to participate as franchise owners in this worthy and noble cause.

They are in the midst of planning for their grand opening that will be taking place this August, and are hopeful to incorporate a Hello Gorgeous event in the season, as well.

Towson Entrance

One Down, More to Go

The first franchise they opened in Towson is the first of many. The Esteps have signed up to open an additional two salons in the greater Baltimore area, and are beginning to look for the second location. Towson is an older, established city in the greater Baltimore area, and is currently going through a lot of renovation. The builder put a lot of money into the location in order to sign the Salons by JC franchise as tenants and is currently upgrading the center.

The Salons by JC Towson location is already gaining a reputation as THE luxury professional community. The luxurious atmosphere, year lease, concierge, and 24-7 electronic access are a step above what others are currently providing.

The Biggest Challenge is the Biggest Reward

In their research & development, and the first few months with doors open, the Esteps have come to find that the biggest challenge is also the biggest reward.

“Many of the business and salon suite owners who are starting up have situations that they are unaccustomed to, so it is all new to them,” said Mark. “It’s a challenge in that there is such a variance and many times, frequency, in these seemingly critical issues. Though, it is so rewarding to help them overcome, teach perspective, and grow their amazing businesses.”

“We have found that this is a breath of fresh air for the salon suite owners,” said Cindy. “We want them to succeed, and many of the owners are coming from an environment that was not so accommodating and encouraging. We love when we can help them see a vision for themselves and their companies.”

One of their biggest pieces of experiential advice for aspiring franchisees is to hire the right concierge. They both proclaimed the importance of the role and making sure that it reflects the image that each franchisee desires within their location. Attitude and perspective were also attributes that they pointed to in creating and achieving success.

“Our concierge knows the industry. She used to be a barber, and has managed a small luxury retail store,” said Mark. “We are just getting started, but she handles the standard items – birthday gifts, sends out for lunch when the stylists are busy, receives packages, greets their customers, helps them set up their business Facebook pages, and much more.  The bonus value has been her experience in the industry, which we do not have, and navigating some of the laws, coordination with local schools, and industry reps.”

The husband and wife team said that they definitely learn every day in their ability to work together as business partners.

“As a couple, we’re learning every day,” said Cindy. “We both like to be in charge, so that’s where the love really helps.”

Congratulations to the Esteps! Keep on driving those visions forward, keep on learning, and keep on loving.

About Salons by JC: In 1997, Jack Griffey and Cecil Miller began their journey to transform the beauty industry one salon suite at a time. Like most young entrepreneurs, they started out with a big idea but had to learn how to start and run a business from scratch. After much perseverance and hard work, one year later, they opened Salons by JC in Dallas, TX in 1998, welcoming beauty and wellness specialists who were ready to break free from the traditional salon model. The company has since moved its headquarters from Dallas to San Antonio, where it continues to grow through franchising. Today, Salons by JC has over 87 locations in 24 states and Canada.  For more information, visit or

Blog written by:
Tanya Sammis 
Founder & Owner 
Sammis & Ochoa 
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