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Salons by JC hosts First Salon Professional Virtual Mini Conference

On October 1st and 2nd, Salons by JC hosted its first virtual conference especially crafted for our salon professionals. Through our partnership with SalonCentric, we were able to secure our host for the event, Michael Cole.  Michael has over 30 years in the beauty industry as a stylist, manager, multiple salon owner, and executive chain director.  Michael wrote a book entitled, “A Little Off the Top” which has helped over a million salon professionals breakthrough to a more prosperous and purposeful career.

Michael Cole

Tap Into Your Potential

The conference spanned over 2 days and roughly 6 hours in total and had over 280 franchise owners, concierges, and salon professionals register for this free event.  It also featured Salons by JC Salon Business Coach Mona Echard as a guest host.  The conference also had special guests, Christina Payton, owner of The House of Blondes located inside of Salons by JC Naples.  Christina is also our 2019 Suite Owner of the Year.  Salons by JC Baybrook Mall Concierge, Brenda Olivarez, who worked with Michael at one point in her career.  

Christina Payton – Owner The House of Blondes

Bettering Your Best

During the conference the main topic centered around igniting the passion of each person who participated.  Topics of discussion ranged from knowing your place in the industry, the importance of a mentor, the six dimensions of wellness, and exploding your pay to name a few.  As each topic was discussed, we saw the engagement and energy rise within the participants.  “It was great to see so much interest from our Salons by JC community and also having those people stay with us from start to finish for both days”, stated Mona Echard, Salons by JC Salon Business Coach.

Brenda Olivarez

Ignite the Passion

As Salons by JC enters its 22nd year of operations, we look forward to bringing our Salons by JC salon suite community the workshops, events, and conferences needed to ensure the enhancement of their business and growth of the brand.  We received rave reviews from our conference and are preparing to bring you much more in 2021.    

Blog written by:

Marlene Romo Flores – Salons by JC Franchise Marketing Manager


Beauty & Wellness Franchise News

Ignite the Passion with the first Salons by JC Salon Pro Mini Conference

Salons by JC is thrilled to host its first mini virtual conference for it’s Salon Suite Owners.  In conjunction with our partners, SalonCentric, we were able to put together a 2-day virtual conference featuring Michael Cole.  Michael is a founder, stockholder, and board member of Salon Development Corporation and Summit Salon Business Center .

Beauty Industry Phenom Michael Cole 

Michael Cole has over 30 years experience as a stylist, manager, salon chain director, and salon owner. He is the recipient of numerous awards for helping thousands of salon professionals transform their businesses.  The key to Michael’s success is his ability to observe current business trends and translate them into practices by which salons professionals achieve dramatic growth.  Since 1980, Michael has been educating salon professionals to “better their best”.  He is a global educator specializing in salon business training.

Michael Cole

Joining Michael on our conference will be Salons by JC Salon Business Coach, Mona Echard.  Mona is a 25 year industry veteran in the cosmetology industry.  Her beauty industry career is vast as she has experience as a salon owner, Salons by JC suite owner,  educator, business trainer and consultant.  She is also a certified corporate strategies trainer.  This enables her to do what she loves – provide professional and strategic training solutions.  

Mona Echard

“This conference has been something that we have been working towards making happen for quite some time.  I am excited that we have had such a great response and support from our suite owners, concierges and franchisees.  Charlesie and her team at SalonCentric, along with our Franchise Marketing Manager, Marlene, have been working hard behind the scenes to bring this to life”, stated Mona.

A “Sexy” Little Kickoff

If you aren’t able to join our mini conference live, that’s ok!  We encourage you to register so that you can receive a recording of the conference to view at your leisure.  You can register here.

On Wednesday, September 30th our partners at Sexy Hair will be kicking off our conference by taking over our Instagram Live.  Join the fun starting at 4:30pmEST as Sexy Hair team members, Paola Rascon and Stephanie Polanski, introduce you to their new line of product, Artistry Pro.  They will also give a short demonstration and discuss their salon business builder and exclusive salon loyalty program – Club Artistry.

For more information about any of our events next week, you can reach out to Mona at [email protected]

Blog written by
Marlene Romo Flores – Salons by JC Franchise Marketing Manager


Beauty & Wellness Business & Marketing

Becoming a Salon Suite Owner at Salons by JC

The salon industry is a booming industry for the beauty professional.  What most beauty professionals may not be aware of is the options they have when looking for the best business opportunity for themselves.

When doing your research, you will discover that you can have more customization options and keep more profits in a salon suite.  The beauty industry has their traditional commissioned salon concept and the booth/chair rental model, but the stand-out in the group is the Salon Suite.

Our salon suites are “mini salons”, housed within our beautiful Salons by JC locations.  What makes them unique is YOU!  You have total control over your suite – colors, decor, and service pricing – you create the space of your dreams catered to your business and your clientele.

The Current Salon Trend

The trend for beauty professionals is steering away from the traditional open salon concept.  Beauty professionals are realizing they can have more freedom and make more money running their own business instead of working for someone else.  During this time of COVID-19, Salons by JC is ensuring that suite owners and their clients are in a safe and sanitized environment.  Limiting exposure to others and giving clients the private one on one service they are looking for is what we will continue to do.

The Salons by JC Concierge

At Salons by JC you are on your own, but never alone.  Our Concierge is there every step of the way to help you transition smoothly from your previous salon location.  The concierge can assist you in many ways, from helping you increase your client list by acquiring walk-ins, to assisting you with marketing strategies, social media presence, and business operations questions, you will always have someone by your side.

What Will This Cost Me?

Starting your own business is a big deal.  Preparation is the key to your salon suite success. Here are what your startup and weekly/monthly costs will entail.

Start-Up Costs:

  • Security Deposit
  • State board and business licensing
  • Extra furniture and personal decor items
  • Design and/or printing for business cards, menus and websites (include hosting)
  • Back bar and retail
  • Tools of the trade
  • Renters/ liability insurance
  • Rent
  • Phone
  • Bookkeeping system FREE with SBJC app
  • Appointment/schedule system FREE with SBJC app
  • Internet service FREE WiFi
  • Credit card set-up and fees FREE with SBJC app

 Weekly/Monthly Expenses:

  • Rent
  • Laundry
  • Supplies
  • Credit card fees
  • Accountant fees
  • Phone bill
  • Money set aside for taxes

Check out our Profit Calculator – adjust your earning information and see the difference for yourself.  Our profit calculator was created to help you to see how much more you can earn as an independent salon suite owner.  Salons by JC was designed to for beauty professionals to reach their dream of salon ownership without the overhead cost.  One weekly price for rent gives you all the freedom, flexibility, and convenience you need  to not only start and grow your business, but set your own schedule and have the time you need to spend  time with family and friends.  Not to mention earn more money and feel a sense of accomplishment.  Controlling your work volume and schedule gives you peace of mind.

For more information about Salons by JC and to acquire more information, please visit our website here and connect with the location nearest you.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

Blog Written By

Marlene Romo Flores, Salons by JC Franchise Marketing Manager






Beauty & Wellness Concierge Superstars

The Unsung Heroes of COVID-19

If we had to use one word to describe the past few months that would be “adaptation”. As salons closed down across the nation in the early part of the year, our Concierges went into overdrive to keep lines of communication open and assist their suite owners with any vital information they needed during this time. As the corporate marketing team cranked out information regarding COVID-19, new procedures, and financial assistance, our Concierges took the lead to help in disseminating the information to their suite owners. As our locations slowly started to reopen our Concierges played a big role in making sure everything was in place to operate under the new ordinances.

Peace of Mind During Reopening

Megan Mondragon, Senior Concierge for 6 Salons by JC locations in Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama expressed how being available is essential in more ways than one.  “Availability is key, our business owners across 6 locations know at any given time that I am here for whatever they need, if it’s to listen, talk, vent, or even help deep clean in between clients. Putting in the extra effort is worth knowing their business is in the hands of a company who cares.”   2019 Concierge of the Year, Miriah Clasen and Concierge at the Salons by JC Uptown location in Minneapolis added, “the presence alone of the concierge itself really helps ease the mind of our professionals during this time. During the duration that we were closed, we utilized our private FB group with all of our professionals daily. Informing them of updates, virtual education classes, etc. Now that we are open, I think just knowing that someone is there to disinfect the salon common areas, bathrooms, door handles and washers and dryers is a huge asset in easing the minds of our professionals. When rules are made, there will always be some push back. Some people just do not embrace change well. Having someone in the front entrance of the salon to make sure everyone is following the new protocols put into place is also helpful and I’m sure lessens the tension and keep everyone safe.”

Megan Mondragon


Leasing Suites During the Pandemic

One thing that didn’t change for salons was the fact that suites were available and there were now beauty professionals who were looking for better opportunities for their business.  That is where Salons by JC comes in.  One of our newest locations, Salons by JC Roswell opened a few days before having to shut down due to COVID-19.  Roswell Concierge,
Patrice Hale explained how she made accommodations to get suites leased, “as a fairly new concierge, more than 80% of my time with Salons by JC has been during the Pandemic. I learned one way of doing things, then had to sharply pivot to accommodate the many emotions and uncertainties associated with COVID-19. Much of the advice I offer my suite owners and leads, is the same advice I’m giving myself as a salon owner as well. The beauty industry is one I believe remains sturdy because it’s ever evolving. I encourage my suite owners to do the same. It’s time more than ever to innovate, innovate, and innovate again.”

Patrice Hale

A constant during this time and leasing is hesitation on the part of the potential suite owner.  Patrice Hale from Roswell interprets hesitation differently now, “hesitation from a potential suite owner prior to the pandemic could have been translated as a shaky, flaky, and indecisive tenant. However, now I consider it the very opposite. Leads that show hesitation during this pandemic are doing so because they are smart business people taking all the possibilities into consideration. I simply give them the pros of transitioning into a suite where they can control the environment and ensure not only their clients safety but their own”.  Miriah Clasen adds, “ we have seen an increase in leads and have signed quite a few leases during this pandemic. However, we also have had some professionals who are hesitant about converting their business over. Some professionals are booked out for months while other professionals are struggling because their clients are not ready to leave their house. Whether a professional was transitioning to a suite before the pandemic or now, making that move is scary in general. When professionals seem hesitant, I do my best to reassure them that a lot of their fear is of the unknown. Times are tough so be easy on yourself and gain as much knowledge as you can surrounding COVID, this way you have the ability to answer questions in tours confidently and accurately so they feel less tense and more at ease”.   Being as supportive as possible is key when potential suite owners are considering all opportunities available to them at Salons by JC.  “Ensuring an easy and supportive transition has always been our number one goal no matter the circumstance. Given the unprecedented times we’re currently facing, an easy, safe, and supportive transition is what new leads are seeking out the most. Knowing that they’re not alone in navigating through all of the various phases of opening a new business during a pandemic”, adds Megan Mondragon.

What Makes Salons by JC the Only Choice

To stand out from the competition, Salons by JC has always led the pack by having a full time Concierge at the helm of the location to help with daily operations, business building, and marketing assistance for each of the suite owners.  This role has become one of greater value during this time.  The dedication and passion each Concierge has for their location and suite owners is unmatched in this industry.  As Megan puts it, “It’s simple, a salon suite provides the ability for all beauty professionals to express themselves in their own way at their own pace. Salons by JC provides a controlled environment where the beauty professionals are able to monitor their schedules and clients closely so that everyone can enjoy the services and be in the moment!”.  Patrice adds, “Nothing is more viable for the beauty professional right now than the salon suite. Of course there is the benefit and freedom of owning your esthetic, brand, and business, and you having control over sanitation and overall client experience is bar none”.

Miriah Clasen

A salon suite is most definitely the best choice when you take safety into consideration during this pandemic. Take it from Miriah, “even before COVID-19 a salon suite has always been the best decision for a beauty professional. During this time and being in such close proximity with clients can be a scary thought. In a conventional based salon, sharing salon space and equipment with multiple professionals may not be ideal. A salon suite allows professionals to control not only who enters their workspace but it also gives them total control of sanitation. With salon suites you still have the ability to give your clients that one on one luxury care without the extra worry or exposure that comes with an open salon concept. If a professional is ready to become their personal best, be part of something bigger, and begin their journey towards professional independence, we want to hear from them”.

Kudos to all of our all-star Salon Concierges who go that extra mile to make sure their suite owners and their guests are well taken care of all the time.  If you are interested in learning more about Salons by JC and get information about salon suites, visit our site and find the location nearest you.  With over 100 locations nationwide and in Canada you are sure to find the perfect fit for you and your clientele.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Blog written by Marlene Romo Flores, Franchise Marketing Manager, Salons by JC

Beauty & Wellness Business & Marketing Community Involvement

Self-Care during COVID-19


Being the beauty professional, our business has always been the main provider of “self-care” rituals for our clientele.  From spa days, massages, hair, nails, the list goes on and on. Beauty professionals provide an escape for many when it comes to rest and relaxation.

But what happens when those clients are no longer able to de-stress with us?  Each of our salon suite owners took great pride in creating the ultimate salon, providing each client with a way to lose themselves for a few hours as a beauty professional took care of their needs.

How can we still provide “self care” away from our salon suite?

As social distancing and self-isolation is being practiced across the country, the social interaction that made the trips to visit your beauty professional have temporarily ceased.  Here are some ways you can still provide that escape during social distancing.

Show me your roots!

Ask your clientele to show you their roots.  From either a text with a photo, or a FaceTime call, you will be able to see your favorite clients and also check on their hair growth.  For many, including myself, I am not ready to release my inner grey.  Giving practical tips on how to hide the greys by choosing different hair styles and also making sure they avoid box color are key to them returning to your chair with healthy hair.

Nail care and polishing tips

While some of us are longing to get back in front of our nail techs as our talons grow to new lengths, our nail techs want to make sure that we don’t ruin our nail beds.  Reach out to your nail clients and have them show you their nail growth.  Give them tips on filing them down instead of cutting them.  Also, give them the best tips to remove their shellac or dip polish by using the proper methods to avoid nail damage.  Tips on how to do an at home mini manicure are a fun way to connect, you can also use this time to show off cool new Spring colors.

At home massage

While stress seems to be an underlying theme in our present lives, there are many ways that we can relieve some stress at home before getting back in contact with our clients.  Connect with your massage clients and share weekly tips from basic breathing techniques to short pulse point massages they can give themselves to relax.  Sharing some basic insight with them will encourage calmness and also create the synergy and focus they are seeking from you while away from your suite.

One brow or two?

Being away from our brow tech can be something to cause panic in some.  At home tweezing may lead to more work on your part once we are able to visit the salon.  You may want to encourage proper upkeep that can be done simplistically and with ease.  We all know friends that have gone tweeze crazy and ended up with microscopic brow, we don’t want that.  Taking the time to show videos of basic brow clean up can help your clients stay away from mishaps.

15-minute facials

A good facial always makes your face feel great and also perks up your spirits.  Sharing tips on moisturization, proper water intake, and face washing will help your clientele keep their glowing complexion.  With added stress, our skin will react.  Rejuvenate your skin with what you have at home.  Connecting with your clientele will put their mind at ease and also keep their skin clear until their next appointment with you.

At Salons by JC we are here to support our salon suite owners and their clientele.  Remaining positive and ready to tackle the future is what we are focusing on as we get ready for our grand comeback, maintaining a constant presence in each of the lives of those we have connected with through our talents.


Blog written by

Marlene Romo Flores

Marketing Manager

Salons by JC

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