The Unsung Heroes of COVID-19

Aug 13, 2020

If we had to use one word to describe the past few months that would be “adaptation”. As salons closed down across the nation in the early part of the year, our Concierges went into overdrive to keep lines of communication open and assist their suite owners with any vital information they needed during this time. As the corporate marketing team cranked out information regarding COVID-19, new procedures, and financial assistance, our Concierges took the lead to help in disseminating the information to their suite owners. As our locations slowly started to reopen our Concierges played a big role in making sure everything was in place to operate under the new ordinances.

Peace of Mind During Reopening

Megan Mondragon, Senior Concierge for 6 Salons by JC locations in Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama expressed how being available is essential in more ways than one.  “Availability is key, our business owners across 6 locations know at any given time that I am here for whatever they need, if it’s to listen, talk, vent, or even help deep clean in between clients. Putting in the extra effort is worth knowing their business is in the hands of a company who cares.”   2019 Concierge of the Year, Miriah Clasen and Concierge at the Salons by JC Uptown location in Minneapolis added, “the presence alone of the concierge itself really helps ease the mind of our professionals during this time. During the duration that we were closed, we utilized our private FB group with all of our professionals daily. Informing them of updates, virtual education classes, etc. Now that we are open, I think just knowing that someone is there to disinfect the salon common areas, bathrooms, door handles and washers and dryers is a huge asset in easing the minds of our professionals. When rules are made, there will always be some push back. Some people just do not embrace change well. Having someone in the front entrance of the salon to make sure everyone is following the new protocols put into place is also helpful and I’m sure lessens the tension and keep everyone safe.”

Megan Mondragon


Leasing Suites During the Pandemic

One thing that didn’t change for salons was the fact that suites were available and there were now beauty professionals who were looking for better opportunities for their business.  That is where Salons by JC comes in.  One of our newest locations, Salons by JC Roswell opened a few days before having to shut down due to COVID-19.  Roswell Concierge,
Patrice Hale explained how she made accommodations to get suites leased, “as a fairly new concierge, more than 80% of my time with Salons by JC has been during the Pandemic. I learned one way of doing things, then had to sharply pivot to accommodate the many emotions and uncertainties associated with COVID-19. Much of the advice I offer my suite owners and leads, is the same advice I’m giving myself as a salon owner as well. The beauty industry is one I believe remains sturdy because it’s ever evolving. I encourage my suite owners to do the same. It’s time more than ever to innovate, innovate, and innovate again.”

Patrice Hale

A constant during this time and leasing is hesitation on the part of the potential suite owner.  Patrice Hale from Roswell interprets hesitation differently now, “hesitation from a potential suite owner prior to the pandemic could have been translated as a shaky, flaky, and indecisive tenant. However, now I consider it the very opposite. Leads that show hesitation during this pandemic are doing so because they are smart business people taking all the possibilities into consideration. I simply give them the pros of transitioning into a suite where they can control the environment and ensure not only their clients safety but their own”.  Miriah Clasen adds, “ we have seen an increase in leads and have signed quite a few leases during this pandemic. However, we also have had some professionals who are hesitant about converting their business over. Some professionals are booked out for months while other professionals are struggling because their clients are not ready to leave their house. Whether a professional was transitioning to a suite before the pandemic or now, making that move is scary in general. When professionals seem hesitant, I do my best to reassure them that a lot of their fear is of the unknown. Times are tough so be easy on yourself and gain as much knowledge as you can surrounding COVID, this way you have the ability to answer questions in tours confidently and accurately so they feel less tense and more at ease”.   Being as supportive as possible is key when potential suite owners are considering all opportunities available to them at Salons by JC.  “Ensuring an easy and supportive transition has always been our number one goal no matter the circumstance. Given the unprecedented times we’re currently facing, an easy, safe, and supportive transition is what new leads are seeking out the most. Knowing that they’re not alone in navigating through all of the various phases of opening a new business during a pandemic”, adds Megan Mondragon.

What Makes Salons by JC the Only Choice

To stand out from the competition, Salons by JC has always led the pack by having a full time Concierge at the helm of the location to help with daily operations, business building, and marketing assistance for each of the suite owners.  This role has become one of greater value during this time.  The dedication and passion each Concierge has for their location and suite owners is unmatched in this industry.  As Megan puts it, “It’s simple, a salon suite provides the ability for all beauty professionals to express themselves in their own way at their own pace. Salons by JC provides a controlled environment where the beauty professionals are able to monitor their schedules and clients closely so that everyone can enjoy the services and be in the moment!”.  Patrice adds, “Nothing is more viable for the beauty professional right now than the salon suite. Of course there is the benefit and freedom of owning your esthetic, brand, and business, and you having control over sanitation and overall client experience is bar none”.

Miriah Clasen

A salon suite is most definitely the best choice when you take safety into consideration during this pandemic. Take it from Miriah, “even before COVID-19 a salon suite has always been the best decision for a beauty professional. During this time and being in such close proximity with clients can be a scary thought. In a conventional based salon, sharing salon space and equipment with multiple professionals may not be ideal. A salon suite allows professionals to control not only who enters their workspace but it also gives them total control of sanitation. With salon suites you still have the ability to give your clients that one on one luxury care without the extra worry or exposure that comes with an open salon concept. If a professional is ready to become their personal best, be part of something bigger, and begin their journey towards professional independence, we want to hear from them”.

Kudos to all of our all-star Salon Concierges who go that extra mile to make sure their suite owners and their guests are well taken care of all the time.  If you are interested in learning more about Salons by JC and get information about salon suites, visit our site and find the location nearest you.  With over 100 locations nationwide and in Canada you are sure to find the perfect fit for you and your clientele.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Blog written by Marlene Romo Flores, Franchise Marketing Manager, Salons by JC

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