Creating a “Why” Mindset to Grow your Business

Jun 11, 2020

If you are a critical thinker, you may have a habit of asking “Why?” As it pertains to your life and your salon business. You may ask yourself why every day, every hour, or every minute if you are having a rough day.

Questions like, “Why did I decide to go out on my own in the first place?”,  “Why do I accept negative business outcomes?”, “Is it my brand or Is it me?”,  “Why am I not getting ahead?”,  “It seems like I take one step forward to be pushed two steps back”.  These are all valid “why” questions.  Let’s revisit them later.  

Have you ever heard the statement that, your “Why” should make you cry?  Well maybe not literally, but it does create an image in your mind.  Your journey to whatever you want in life and in business, should have so much purpose in it, that it evokes the kind of passion, that could bring you to tears.  Like the passion you felt when you signed your lease with Salons by JC.

When your “Why” makes you cry, you will be successful in the ventures you align with, and it will influence the way you solve problems and set goals.  So, first and foremost – Establish your Why.

Your Mindset consists of the attitudes you hold. Be aware of whether yours is fixed or static, which can be a challenge, if the goal is to think critically and grow your business. A critical thinker not only has the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking, but they are able to identify, analyze and solve problems systematically rather than by intuition or instinct, (which often involves emotion), and can interfere with the systematic approach. As a salon owner, when problems arise, you may think you can work your way out of it by shear intuition because you “know what you are doing, and this too will pass”. That mindset will only keep you doing the exact same thing over and over again with you expecting new results; and of course, those results will never come.

Remember those Why questions, I said we would revisit?  Critical thinkers with a growth mindset will most likely answer those questions in a positive way.  For example: 

……. Why did I decide to go out on my own in the first place?  The answer might be- because my Why drives me to remember, not to forget, why I am striving for success in my salon business.

…….Why do I accept negative business outcomes?  Is it my brand?  Is it me?  The answer might be- it reminds me to think critically and systematically, so that I can be better today, at how I run my business, than I was yesterday.

……. Why am I not getting ahead?  The answer might be- because it has been too long since I last evaluated my progress; therefore, I am holding myself accountable and revisiting my goals with intention. 

Goal setting keeps you focused and moving forward without procrastination.  It is a surefire way to produce a path to success in business. Using this well- known, and practical model to set goals might be just what you need to refocus.

Let’s Think SMART-ER!

S – Be Specific (Start with one main goal and be super clear about what it is.)

M – Make it Measurable (Can I track progress while I work on this specific goal?)

A – Actionable (Be clear about how to achieve the goal, get guidance if needed.)

R – Be Realistic (Can you accomplish this in your current stage in life?)

T – Timely (Time frames hold you accountable to stay engaged in the journey.)

E – Evaluate (Evaluate your progress often and be intentional.)

R – Reward (Every goal milestone deserves a reward.) 

When we feel passionately about the goals we are working to achieve, it helps us push through adversity and it reminds us of our “Why”

If you want to take a deeper dive into Creating a “Why” mindset to grow your salon business, join our first webinar in the series, “5 Ways to Grow Your Business” hosted by Salons By JC Salon Business Coach, Mona Echard  on Monday June 15, 2020 @ 11am CST.  To register email [email protected].

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Blog Written by: Mona Echard, Salon Business Coach

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