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New-to-market salon concept coming to Rookwood Exchange


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A new-to-market concept that allows beauty workers to rent individual salon spaces will begin construction at the Rookwood Exchange this year and is expected to open next spring.

Greg and Sharon Myers are opening a Salons by JC in 7,000 square feet at the Rookwood Exchange in Norwood. Construction is set to begin Dec. 1.

Salons by JC provides individual suites that hairstylists, nail technicians, aestheticians and massage therapists can rent out to run their own businesses rather than working for commission at a large salon. Other local businesses, like Salon Lofts, provide a similar concept, but Salons by JC has a twist.

“What’s differentiated for Salons by JC is the concierge we provide . If you look at our competitors in Cincinnati, there’s no employee on site, so when an issue comes up, there’s no one for them to talk to,” Greg Myers told me. “Our employee allows contractors to handle walk-ins. If someone was to walk in to a competitor, there’s no one to receive them or guide them to one of the 20 independent contractors.”
Commission rates at salons can range from 35 percent to 60 percent, according to Forbes. At Salons by JC, contractors pay rent and keep all of the fees they charge. Myers provides the hair washing sinks, power, water, concierge, storage area and cleaning services to the salon. Anymore, people care more about the person cutting their hair than the name on the salon, so it provides an opportunity for stylists to strike out on their own, he said.

“When they find someone they’re happy with, they’re loyal to that person, not the salon,” Myers said. “My wife, she’ll follow her hair stylist from salon to salon.”
Myers was previously general manager at an aerospace and defense business, but that got tough during the Great Recession, so he was looking for something that was more uplifting, he said, and didn’t want to be in charge of many employees. That’s when he came across the Salons by JC concept.
Myers hopes to be open for business by April 1, 2016. Construction will begin Dec. 1.
Salons by JC is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. The Cincinnati location will be the first in Ohio.

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Salons by JC Gives Beauty Professionals the Freedom to Create their Vision with Salon Suites


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Salons by JC Located in The Promenade Bolingbrook lifestyle mall offers private luxury salon suites for beauty and wellness professionals that want to own and operate their own business. Suites are immediately available.

These Salon Suites offer Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Nail Technicians and other beauty and wellness professionals the opportunity focus on operating their independent business inside Salons by JC beautiful new salon suites. Qualified candidates hold an Illinois license, have at least three (3) years experience and have built a loyal client base. They migrate from salons in their basement, traditional open salons and salon booth or chair rentals.

Suite amenities include: Secure 24/7 access, a private experience for clients, free WiFi, all utilities, free parking and a full time concierge service to manage salon logistics. Beauty professionals are able to set their own schedule, use and sell the brands of their choice, increase income and take control of their professional future. In addition to the pride of owning a business, Salons by JC helps remove some of the obstacles and high cost of starting a business by managing many of the headaches of traditional salon ownership.

Private suites start $225 per week and are also available to share with a colleague if desired. Owner, Kim Salaba said ” we focus on the business end of owning a salon while Stylists focus on their creativity and clients. We make it easy to get started or move your business to Salons by JC.”

The Promenade Bolingbrook location is the first of many locations opening in Chicagoland. Chicago/Lakewood, Highland Park and Arlington Heights locations will open in the first part of 2016.

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Make More Money Working for Yourself

It’s hard enough working as a health and beauty professional. Why bother handing a commission over to an employer when you’re the one doing the work? Becoming your own boss sounds challenging, but it’s much easier than you think. With a salon suite rental from Salons by JC, you can set up your own business quickly and painlessly—without having to fork over all of your hard-earned cash. Here are the ways you can make more money working for yourself with a salon suite rental.

Ready to go
Our salon suites are ready for you to move in right now. You don’t have to worry about building a salon from the ground up or financing costly repairs. Salon suites come fully equipped for you to start business immediately. Our salon suites come with these amenities already included:

• Styling station
• Comfortable and adjustable chair
• Tilting shampoo bowl, sink and chair
• Full-length mirror
• Portable dryer
• Towel cabinet and storage

Save yourself the headache of saving and financing expensive additions to your salon by renting a salon suite. Our suites are fully customizable for you to best express your artistic talent. You have the power to decorate as you see fit to promote your own business.

Concierge Assistance
We’ve got you covered with our Salons by JC concierge service. Our
Concierge is here to help you succeed, whether you need help dealing with clients or have issues accessing Wi-Fi. Save time and money with an on-site team that’s ready to help you immediately.

You don’t have to pay more to be free. Salons by JC gives our stylists the tools to manage their own business.

All of our stylists have access to complimentary online booking and credit card processing setup, saving you time and money to get your business set up. Our salon suites have full utilities and laundry, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with setting up power, water, or buying washing machines.

Aside from gaining more freedom with our in-house stylist services, our salon suite setup gives you 24/7 access to your business. Work the hours that you want to work with unlimited access to your salon suite. Work as much or as little as you want when you have your own business located in our salon suites.

In addition to having unlimited access to your salon suite, you can set your own prices and carry the products lines that you want to carry. Salons by JC doesn’t tell you what to sell or how much to sell it for. You can set your own prices for your products and services and rake in the profits without us breathing down your back.

Instant Branding
Having your business at Salons by JC makes it easy to be found. We help our stylists set up their own business and brand.

Being located in a central area with other stylists has its perks, too. If you’re a nail salon located next to a hair salon, you have a huge advantage to cross-promote to each other’s clients to rake in the profits.

Starting your own business doesn’t have to be scary. Let Salons by JC help you save money and time by setting up your business with our salon suite rentals. With the right tools and team on your side, setting up your own business has never been easier.

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Location. Freedom. Money. Salons by JC

Location. Freedom. Money. There are countless things that hundreds of our salon suite owners say are important to them! Watch the video and see for yourself.

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Salons by JC Grand Opening Strategy

Salons by JC Franchisee Brent Koughan opened his new location in 2015 and discusses how Bluewater played a strategic role in developing his grand-opening strategy. Watch this video to learn more about the strategies he used when launching his Salons by JC Grand-Opening.

Advice from a Salons by JC Franchisee

  • Have a strong grand opening. You want to generate as much hype as possible early on so that you can fill your suites quickly.
  • Define your goals. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what results you want to achieve from your marketing campaign. Brent’s goal was to get as many people in the door as possible.
  • Figure out your marketing demographics. Who are you trying to target? What sort of salon rental tenants do you want to have? These are important questions you’ll need to answer before you start advertising or promoting yourself online.
  • Figure out your tenant’s clientele. Again, this is important for understanding what sort of tenants you’re targeting.
  • Create a marketing plan that starts 90 days before the grand-opening to two weeks after opening.
  • Consider creating a marketing campaign that includes print collateral, broadcasting on social media, online advertising, and blogging on your website.

Salons by JC Franchisee

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Salons by JC Opens in Caldwell Court

Read the full story at the Triad Business Journal. 

Salons by JC, a multitenant beauty salon concept, is holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony today to celebrate its opening in the Caldwell Court shopping center in Greensboro.
The 4,200-square-foot Salons by JC property, located at 2729 Battleground Ave., is configured into 19 mini-suites leased to independent beauty operators. The average size is 10 feet by 10 feet and leases for about $235 a week, according to Garret Bedrin, head of acquisitions and leasing for Glen Rock, N.J.-based The Bedrin Org., which owns Caldwell Court.
Salons by JC will feature 19 individual health and wellness areas, such as a nail or hair salon, under one roof. Here, a model at the Caldwell Court shopping center shows how a small-scale individual operation could be arranged.

Garret and Mike Bedrin, the franchisees, have plans of opening four salons in the Triad. Those plans call for the Bedrins to secure about 24,000 square feet of additional retail space.

Garret Bedrin told the Triad Business Journal last year The Bedrin Org. planned to invest between $550,000 and $750,000 to open Salons by JC, which included a $250,000 exterior renovation by Greensboro-based D.H. Griffin Cos. and an interior upfit ranging in cost from $300,000 to $500,000.
Bedrin said today about $750,000 was invested. Salons by JC opened in January and is celebrating that opening today with a ribbon cutting. The Greensboro Chamber of Commerce will be there at 4 p.m. to kick off the festivities, which include music, giveaways and drinks and food.
Upon opening, Salons at JC had 12 of its 19 suites leased. It now remains about 90 percent leased with two or three opportunities for new tenants, Bedrin said.

“We have experienced a huge amount of interest and support and are thrilled to welcome the community into our gorgeous salon to see how creative and innovative some of our professionals are,” Bedrin said.
The concept, which was first pioneered in Texas, brings several individual health and wellness businesses under one roof, with tenants including hairstylists, aestheticists, nail and massage studios. Salons by JC was founded in 1998 by retail executives Jack Griffey and Cecil Miller. There are now 50 locations under lease or construction across the country.

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Salon Suite Owner Success: Marketing through Social Media

 Long-term success as a salon suite owner takes a combination of skills and abilities. Undoubtedly, the most important traits are your technical and customer service skills. Your ability to understand what your client wants and translate that into reality is what drives your overall sales. Nearly as important is how you market to your existing and potential new clients. Fortunately that has been made easier and cheaper through sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. At Salons by JC recommend focusing one social media site however if you have the time adding a second social media site may prove to be beneficial.

Facebook still dominates in mainstream social media and has really made great strides on their business pages. Unlike Pinterest and Instagram…..with Facebook you can advertise for new clients and place ads.

Its that simple….go to and create the type of page you need to get off and running with your business


Creating an Event on Facebook

To create your own event, first you need to add the Events App to your Facebook Page. Here’s a cheat sheet:

  1. Click the Edit Page button at the top of your Facebook page.
    2. Choose Update Info in the drop down menu.
    3. Click the Apps link on the left sidebar to see all the apps you have available on 
your Facebook page.
    4. Find the Events App and click the Edit Settings link. A pop-up box appears.
    5. Click the (Add) link next to the (Tab: Available) text and then click the Okay 
    6. The pop-up box disappears and you now have the Event app showing where all of your apps appear on your Timeline.
    7. Now you can click on the app and create your event.

How to promote your event: These strategies can help maximize lead generation and sales.

  • Share the event on your Timeline with a call to action and a compelling image.
    • Create a registration page (or sales page if it’s a paid event) outside of Facebook. Then you can direct your Facebook fans who are interested in your event to a site where you can talk more about it, add more photos and branding elements, and most important, capture leads from your registrations and RSVPs.
    • Involve your other presenters by tagging them — and asking them to talk about it. Try giving them some posts with images, information and links.
    • Promote until the very end. Keep your fans updated on new speakers, registration information, discounts and maybe teasers of what’s to come through frequent Facebook updates right up until the event itself or the last call for registrations.
    • Turn some updates into Promoted Posts to snag more views. You can create a short promotional video or some fun images, teasing fans about the event. Videos and images always get more clicks than text posts.
    • Advertise the event. Turn your event into a Page Post Ad by clicking “export event” and creating an ad for your target audience.
    • Get attendees talking. Respond to RSVPs, “likes” and questions by welcoming guests, answering questions, and asking what they are looking forward to or want to hear more about. Create some word-of-mouth excitement. (Everyone who joins an event can “suggest” the event to others, admin or not.)
    • Leverage your Timeline cover photo. You can’t include a call to action on a company page image, but you can create an eye-catching, branded Timeline photo.

One of the best ways to stay in touch with your clients is on Pinterest……but how do you do that and what works best…..

STEP 1: Find out what people are pinning from your site. 

The quickest (and easiest) way to figure out which pins from your site are being repinned is to go to Pinterest and type in the following URL: Here you’ll be able to see…

-the types of posts and/or pictures that are being pinned from your site.
-the number of repins, likes, and comments by people.
-how people ‘name’ your pins (which can give you an idea of how to categorize your images).

STEP 2: Understand some Pinterest key fundamentals

-Categorize your boards appropriately – call a spade a spade!  It’s hard for people to find you if you use ‘creative spelling’ or ‘confusing categories’. -Pin your own stuff.  You won’t be punished for pinning your own posts and pictures, so have at it. (Note: Pinterest started growing quickly mid-2011, so a good idea is to go through some of your past posts and pin content and/or pictures that might be pin worthy prior to this time!)

-Pin others stuff too.  Pinterest is a community and it’s important to support (comment + pin) others images if you want the favor to be returned.

-Make the descriptions on your pins short and catchy.

-Pin from a blog post.

The most popular categories are home, arts and crafts, style/fashion, and food.  -Sunday’s are when people are blowing up Pinterest! (Note: the activity peaks at 9pm)

STEP 3: Take ACTION…by making the necessary changes noted above that will drive traffic to your site

If your focus hasn’t been on producing great looking graphics or images with your posts, then start NOW! And if you haven’t been including images with your posts, this is a MUST!!!

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking service that allows you to take and share pictures and videos through a smartphone app. It supplies and allows you to share your content to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and Flickr.

Using Instagram

Instagram is available for the iPhone, Android and Windows phones (not all features are available for Windows). There are 5 menu items at the bottom of the Instagram screen:

  1. Home– Scroll down and you will see all the activity of the people you follow.
  2. Explore(the star) – Search all of Instagram for users or hashtags. (except for users with private profiles or photos sent through Instagram Direct)
  3. Blue box– Use this camera to take a picture to share in Instagram.
  4. Heart– Lets you know when someone follows you, likes or comments on one of your photos, or when a FB friend joins Instagram.
  5. White camera on right– Your profile page. The round circle in the upper right corner brings you to a page of not only settings, but to Instagram help, the Instagram blog and more.

Taking and sharing photos is easy. You have two choices for photos to use. Use the Instagram camera to take a photo. Or, if you would rather use a picture already in your phone, touch the square to the left of the big blue camera shutter and it will pull up your photo stream. Make a selection and the photo will appear in Instagram and you can treat it just as you would one that you just took.

On the next page you can apply one of many filters to your photo or leave it as is. Then add a caption (I’ll discuss using hashtags and tagging people below), decide if you want to also share to other social networks and click share. Your photo will be added to the stream of all your Instagram followers.

Sharing Videos on Instagram is very similar to sharing pictures. If you don’t see a picture of a video camera to the right of the big blue circle in the camera page, then you have to update your app. Once you have it, touch the video icon, and a big red circle will appear. Press and your video will begin taking. Stop pressing when your are finished. Your maximum video length is 15 seconds. If you like what you have, press next and continue as you did with a photo. If not, press the X and put it in the trash. You can upload videos from your camera by pressing the square to the right of the big red button.

For more on how to use Instagram go to:


 Social Media Cover 2


Social media when used to connect or market to your clients is like all other types of marketing. It’s about staying connected, its about the timing and the message

When it comes to messaging there are some simple rules…

  • Keep the message short and simple
  • Make sure you let them know what it in it for them…
  • Its better to show value than to discount and look cheap
  • Use expiration dates if possible

How do you stay connected….remember these simple steps!

  • Entertain once a month and keep it off topic from your business
  • Inspire every few weeks with something inspirational for your followers
  • Start a conversation about asking a question to help engage your followers
  • Post photos and information about your services and do it at least a couple of times a month




At Salons by JC we can help you create your social media account and give you ideas on how to manage your postings and special events!

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Creating a Personal Brand for my Salon Suite business!

One of the great benefits of owning your own business within the Salon Suite Concept is the ability to set your own hours, prices and services. This freedom gives you the ability to create a higher income level than working in a traditional salon. Salon suite leasing concepts such as Salons by JC offers you the opportunity to create an atmosphere that is unique to you and your clients. As an independent operator it is your responsibility to market and promote your business. To help promote your business for the long run you need to understand the 3 key elements of success:

  • How to define your personal brand
  • How to understand and use all the marketing tools available
  • How to create advertising options to find new guests

So how do you create a personal brand and market your services? Let’s see…..

Creating your personal brand

Branding will totally take your beauty career to the next level. A brand is your distinct graphic image, business name, logo and or image that helps define and differentiate you from the other businesses in your market. How do you create those images and logos? Well first let’s start by defining your brand….

  • Understand your strengths and specialty

Discover and capture what you love doing best… and focus on your strengths. Operating from what you love doing best will bring you more joy, increase your income and develop your brand

  • Understand your market

Who is your core customer? You have the ability to work with kids and older people but if your bread and butter is women from 20-50 then keep your brand focus there

  • Know your values

Making decisions in business is easier and potentially safer if you have an understanding of your values and mission. Keep those values front and center in all you do

  • Understand your product

Are you a colorist or do you focus on bridal parties and updos. Regardless of your product make sure and focus your brand in that direction for consistency and messaging in your marketing materials

  • Create your image

Finally…begin to craft your message and your professional image by focusing on personal attributes and characteristics that stand out from the crowd. Eventually you will need to create a photo and color palette that  represents you and can be translated into your room, business cards, website, print materials and most importantly your social media accounts.

An excellent place to start the learning process is by meeting with the owner or manger of your business location. Salon suite concepts such as Salons by JC offer advice and to tools through their signature concierge services. Lets looks at several ways to give your business a lift….

  • Business name and logo creation

The best place to start is to consider your business name and logo. As you know now….your personal brand needs a visual identity and you can achieve that with a business name that fits that. A great place to learn about logo creation is on Pinterest. You will get great ideas and tips to build from scratch an cheap. A resource we recommend as well is

  • Business Cards

Once you have a business name, logo, and contact information you can easily create business cards to promote your brand. One of your best resources here for inexpensive business cards is

  • Social Media

You will have several options to consider when using social media to promote your business. I recommend that you consider at least one of the following:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

               Make sure that your accounts are linked to the salon suite website and                     

               your directory.

Promote your salon suite business on social meida

  • Online booking systems

This is a great tool and often free!  Systems such as StyleSeat can promote and manage your business. Even if you elect to not use the custom features the free site can act as a website on your directory and ensure that everyone can find you.

  • Room Customization

Another overlooked area can be your actual place of business. Make sure and take time to plan your room look in a way that makes sense with your business name, logo, and social media pages. Your colors and style should be consistent.

Customize your salon suite room
Custom Room At Salons by JC

Marketing to keep and get new business

There are a lot of great ways to retain your current clients and if needed acquire new clients for your business. They range from the inexpensive (text messages) to the very expensive (postcards).

Text messaging and email messaging are great ways to stay in contact with your current guests. You can also purchase phone numbers and emails to attract new guests but remember that those response rates can be very low. Certainly the statistics show that this method can be productive and there are several companies that can help. One you may consider is or  They have predesigned templates where you can add your own images and logos.

Did you know that…..


A more expensive and complicated way to reach out to new guests is through direct mail. Direct mail can come in several forms:

  • Post cards where you provide the addresses
  • Coupon mailers such as Valpak and Moneymailer where they mail to areas you designate

Both methods take time to plan and generally give response rates that are less than 3%. The best way to boost the response is with aggressive offers and too purchase lists of consumers who are in your target demographic. One great place to start is the US Post Office at

Using Photo-shoots to your advantage

Another significant way to market your business is through photo-shoots and placement of your work in magazines, blogs, and newspapers. Here is how you start:

  • Find a professional photographer who works with models/people
  • Find models or use your clients and obtain model releases
  • Build your portfolio
  • Connect with beauty magazines and style books and submit your work
  • Research your market for local style bloggers and beauty editors to highlight your work and business

Plan and Track

Finally…we strongly encourage you set a budget and plan your advertising for at least 6 months out. During an advertising event it’s a good idea to track the response rate and how much income was produced. Your concierge has forms you can use to track the results.

Drew Johnston, MA

Drew is the VP of Operations at Salons by JC an international salon suite concept that provides life-changing self-employment opportunities to beauty and wellness professionals. Drew can be reached at [email protected]

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Mona Echard of MoEc Concepts



Socrates Quote


Listen up Beauty professionals!  Do you find yourself a little burned out from doing what you do, behind the chair?  Maybe the thrill is gone, you don’t get excited about getting up in the morning and going to work the way you used to.  It’s a chore!  It’s agonizing!  You could find 100 better things to do, and to top it all off, at the end of the week it seems you have little to show for your efforts and you feel like you’ve been running a long marathon, physically and mentally!

Ok, when this happens to you, it’s time to take a close look to what’s really going on.


  1. In the last quarter how many new guests have you acquired

– As a general rule, if you are not acquiring at least 1 new guest a month, maybe you aren’t “Wowing” your current ones enough for them to even tell anyone how wonderful you are.

– Also remember to acknowledge your current guests with a “Guest Appreciation day/week/month”. Create a small banner or a flyer to post so that your new guest will see how much you appreciate them.

2.  Did you run a special last quarter?

– Try something like, 7-10 foils for an accent or pop of color. Perhaps 50% off, for new guests that book a hair cut & Style.

– Another idea could be a conditioning treatment special, especially during the changes of seasons when the hair may need some TLC.

3. Lastly entrepreneurs, keep track of what you do each quarter.  How many new guests?  Who took advantage of what specials?  This will help you gauge how your business grows through your efforts.  It will

also indicate what changes you may need to make to increase revenue and gain a more solid guest base.  Tracking, is a reminder that if you don’t know where you are, you won’t know where you are going.

Traditional Salon Employees: 

  1. Ask your manager how many new guests you serviced last quarter.  Utilize the tools available to you to reach out to these guests and ensure they return to you.  Remember this will only happen if you gave them impeccable customer service in their initial visit.  Be sure your customer service skills are always on point.
  2. Take advantage of the current specials that are running in your salon, if you skills are lacking to perform the services offered. Take a class or get help!  Your technical skills should always be improving.
  3. Track your business and the money you make from it. “Growing your business means, knowing your business”.  Even when you are working for a company, you are still a “business, inside of a business”.  Do everything with this mindset.

Keep it moving where your business is concerned!  Your work is more than your technical abilities, it’s also your ability to grow and keep your business fresh and progressing.  You are Creative, Smart and Talented….but never Stale and Stagnate.  Move into your destiny creative souls!


Mona Echard is a 19 year veteran of the cosmetology industry, with a wealth of experience. As a technical and operational salon trainer she has a passion for developing salon professionals to reach above and beyond their own, sometimes, self-imposed limitations. As a salon owner and founder of a non­profit salon organization which helped build the self-esteem of women in homeless and transitional facilities, she does not hesitate to share real and honest experiences that will facilitate effective professional and personal growth. Now as CEO and President of MoEc Concepts’ her mission is to provide consulting and training to the salon professional, with an emphasis on developing good habits and practical balance in their lives, so that success is imminent! Mona can be reached directly at  [email protected]

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Mona Echard of MoEc Concepts

For Salon Entrepreneurs and Wannabes: Plan, Hold on & Move into your Destiny! There has probably been a time or two that you thought to yourself….”I could run my own business and be my own boss. All I need to do is just find a place to do business, buy some products tell my guests and get busy running my own show!” Well if it were that easy….EVERYONE would be have their own business. The fact is, anyone can start a business it just takes a plan, some discipline and FAITH! Faith that everything you planned will not always work out perfectly but it CAN and WILL work out.

Let’s talk about the plan: Write it down and make it plain. Always write out your plan. Don’t know where to start? No worries…. start with what you know and you will no doubt learn more and grow from there. The idea is to put your dreams of entrepreneurship down on paper. Let your imagination run wild! Why? Doing so will motivate and inspire you to follow your dreams!

1. After writing down your dreams and aspirations of owning and running your own business. Put things in order and in perspective. a. Why do I want to do this? (Your why will make you try HARD!) b. Where will I do business? c. What do I need to do business? d. How will I do business?

2. The “How” might be your most important question because you will need equipment, product and tools of the trade to conduct your business. List these items and research the cost of each. This step might surprise you and really put things into perspective with regards to how soon you can set out on this venture.

3. If you want to open a salon or barbershop, consider setting up shop at a place like Salons by JC. Places like Salons by JC will eliminate overhead expenses and the upscale suites are ready for you to customize match your personality!

4. Consider a Partner. If not a partner in business, perhaps a mentor, a supporter, someone you trust and will listen to the advice of. Perhaps this could be someone who currently owns or has owned a business.

5. After thoroughly researching your Where, What and How, you will have a pretty good idea of how soon you will be able to open your business. Don’t quit your day job just yet! Give yourself a reasonable time line… will know when it’s time. Just keep moving forward so that you will stay inspired and focused.

6. Join a business group in your area, the exposure to like minded people and perspectives will keep you energized and ready.

7. One last tidbit. Before you start planning, talk to your significant other and relevant family members. This is a big and exciting step and you will need all the support you can get. The ones closest to you will be your biggest cheerleaders and will keep you grounded. The Best to You!

Mona Echard is a 19 year veteran of the cosmetology industry, with a wealth of experience. As a technical and operational salon trainer she has a passion for developing salon professionals to reach above and beyond their own, sometimes, self-imposed limitations. As a salon owner and founder of a non­profit salon organization which helped build the self-esteem of women in homeless and transitional facilities, she does not hesitate to share real and honest experiences that will facilitate effective professional and personal growth. Now as CEO and President of MoEc Concepts’ her mission is to provide consulting and training to the salon professional, with an emphasis on developing good habits and practical balance in their lives, so that success is imminent! You can email Mona directly here.

Mona echard of mona concepts