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Salons by JC Ballston participates in 30th Annual Taste of Arlington

On Sunday, May 21st, Salons by JC Ballston joined other Ballston businesses at the 30th Annual Taste of Arlington.  The event showcased the best of Arlington’s restaurants, food trucks and musical talent.  “This was an awesome experience, with 50,000 people walking the streets of Ballston and mingling with many of the local businesses.  It demonstrated the diversity, vibrancy and strength of the Ballston community and business environment”, said Salons by JC Ballston owner, Dean Coulopoulos.

“Where are you located at?”

One of the main questions that was asked at the event was “Where are you located?”, to which Coulopoulos proudly replied, “right behind you”.  It was very convenient that the event was located across the street from front door of the salon.  Coulopoulos said,  “Ballston is a very large and diverse community. We need to continually improve our marketing so that we become the ‘go to’ place for salon services.”   This experience gave the Salons by JC Ballston team an opportunity to interact with their community.  Presence at the event helped increase awareness that Salons by JC truly is the  “one-stop shop” for beauty services that include hair, skin, nails, massage, waxing, eyelashes, hair removal, and permanent makeup.

Community involvement pays off 

Participation at the event was a no brainer for Coulopoulos and his team.  “This event was an incredible opportunity to introduce our salon to the Ballston community and businesses.” said an ecstatic Coulopoulos.  The best part of the event?   “Spending time with my Salon Concierge and our tenants. They are really great people.”  Salons by JC is all about a family atmosphere and the empowering of one another on a professional level.  Many of the tenants were on hand to mingle with the crowd and answer any questions that they had. This lead to many of the tenants acquiring new clients and also peaked interest about salon suite ownership from several in the beauty profession industry.  Several of the tenants participated in promotional giveaways which resulted in driving traffic to the salon.  “We have already seen a good response from those who spoke to us at the event”, stated Salon Concierge, Jasmine Ingram.

Ready for future collaborations 

Salons by JC Ballston and Coulopoulos are already planning their next community event.  Aside from the interaction with future clients and tenants, they built new relationships with community services and businesses in the Ballston area. “We have already agreed to partner with another local business that participated in the Taste of Arlington and we plan to continue to attend local events and meetings to increase our profile in the local community”, stated Coulopoulos.  This is a very exciting time for the Ballston franchise as they ramp up their marketing, promotion, and community involvement to raise awareness of their salon and the salon suite concept.  

It’s all about giving back

At the end of the day, Salons by JC Ballston was very happy that they were able to help out a great cause like the The Taste of Arlington.  “It felt great to give back and we will continue to do so as much as we can”, stated Coulopoulos.  The Taste of Arlington is a signature event of BallstonGives.  Charity recipients directly impact and improve the Ballston neighborhood and the lives of the people who live and work in the Ballston community.   A portion of the proceeds of The Taste of Arlington will be donated to the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC), a community-based non-profit organization that provides supplemental groceries to families in need in the Arlington area.

Salons by JC has over 80 franchise locations nationwide and in Canada and is committed to developing over 200 stores in all major markets over the next several years.  Salons by JC empowers beauty and wellness specialists with salon suite rental opportunities.  We provide you with all the tools you need to operate a business tailored to your strengths and areas of interest.  




Article by: Ivanna Martinez published in the Wake Forest University, WFU Style Blog May 3, 2017

Shannon Hodges – Owner, Shannon Hodges Skincare

I never had issues with my skin growing up. Being more on the oily-prone side, I was constantly complimented on my dewy, healthy looking “glow”. I put “glow” under quotation marks because there’s a fine line between what is glowing skin, and what is oily skin. Come first year of college, I was clearly crossing it. With hormone levels out of whack, poor diet and an inconsistent sleeping schedule, the all nighters were slowly but surely taking a toll on my face. I knew getting extractions every month was my way of combating this, so every time I’d go back home, I’d immediately set up an appointment with my facialist. But it wasn’t giving me the consistent results I wanted. I needed someone in Winston who could help. That’s when I met Shannon.

It’s been two months since a friend recommended Shannon (@hodgesskincare) to me and I could not be happier with the results. I’ve been going to Shannon every two weeks, getting microdermabrasion (tiny crystal exfoliation) facial and the necessary extractions. At first, my skin was pretty beat up, so  I was going on a weekly basis. But after tackling the first few layers of dead skin, it was operation “get high school skin back,” and Shannon and I were front and center, dedicated to do this before graduation.

Ivanna Martinez-Gonzalez in Kiehls Tumeric and Cranberry Seed Mask and Rodarte Sweater

This is what I love about Shannon. She’s not only a great facialist, but works with you on the best plan to healthier, more perfect skin. She tells you what she can do, but like any kind of regimen a lot of it is on you. During one of our express facials (45$ for an entire facial, can’t beat that!) we chatted on her path to perfect skin, and learned more on the best ways to keep your skin youthful and healthy on the reg.


photo credit @skincare Instagram

IM: So Shannon, where are you from? Tell me a bit about yourself.

SH: I was raised by my amazing grandparents in a little town called Rock Hill, SC. Yes, Rock Hill… my grandfather taught math at Winthrop University and my grandmother worked at an engineering firm in Charlotte after being in the Navy and working at the pentagon! In my twenties I moved 20 minutes North to Charlotte, NC where I managed Aveda Salons and bartended to make ends meet before going to the Aveda Institute to get certified in my field.

IM: Why did you get into skincare?

SH: I had terrible skin in high school… I remember staying home instead of going to parties because it not only looked terrible but was painful! I was so lucky to have a grandmother that worshipped Estée Lauder and all things Skincare and girly. She spent a small fortune trying to find the right Skincare for me…

IM: What’s your biggest no- no in skincare?

SH: Sleeping in your makeup! Ew! You don’t need a 50 step nightly routine BUT nighttime is when your body heals and your skin works on fixing itself… It needs to be clean! Also picking… between these two I can’t decide which is more important.

IM: What is the one thing you think girls in college have an issue with in terms of skin? How can they improve/ make it better?  

SH: Breakouts for sure! This can come from diet, hormones, lack of sleep and water. My biggest recommendation for anyone trying to improve their skin is: Drinking a ton of water, trying to get a good night of rest a few nights a week, and coming back to this, washing your face every single night! For severe cases you may require a Medicare wash or antibiotic from your dermatologist.. but I always recommend a good facial once a month! Those dead skin cells aren’t going to leave on their own. What’s the point of doing all this if your skin isn’t getting any of the product?

photo credit @skincare Instagram

Quick Q’s!

IM: Coffee or Tea? (also which one is better for your skin!?)

Honey I can’t do the things or fix the skins without my coffee… but I do try to get at least one cup of green tea or golden tea in my system once a day. The anti inflammatory properties are amazing and help your body do it’s job properly.

IM: Favorite restaurant in Winston?

SH: It’s a toss up, I love food! Mary’s Cafe, Slappy’s Chicken, and Roosters are my go-to depending on what I’m in the mood for. Do yourself a favor.. biscuits and gravy at Mary’s, and shrimp and grits and roosters… game changer… also a pants size changer but totally worth it!

Favorite place to lounge in Winston?

SH: My backyard! I have huge, old oak trees and full size day beds with pillows for napping and an actual hammock room with 4 hammocks, it’s amazing! But, if I want to be out and about, Single Brothers or Tate’s.

Favorite place to lounge in Winston?

SH: My backyard! I have huge, old oak trees and full size day beds with pillows for napping and an actual hammock room with 4 hammocks, it’s amazing! But, if I want to be out and about, Single Brothers or Tate’s.

IM: Favorite Skincare products?

SH: I literally have different products depending on my skin that day but my hands down all time favorite is “It cosmetics” CC cream. It’s sunscreen, pigment correction, and skincare all in one. So if you happen to fall asleep in it, it’s not the end of the world.

IM: Current song you’re listening to?

SH: It’s actually Coldplay, “Alive Again” I think is the name. I listen to it every single morning because it makes me dance and that makes me smile.

IM: Favorite activity to do in the summer?

SH: Tubing! I love a good river tube! Golf, traveling anywhere with blue water but mostly spending time with my handsome dreamboat of a boyfriend and my pups!

IM: One last question, what’s your one piece of advice to girls in college on their skin?

SH: You don’t have to spend a ton on skincare or especially a cleanser. I have access to all kinds of things in my field and I actually use Oil of Olay cleansing towels. They are dry towels that foam up with a little water in the shower and make my skin glow! I would advise a good serum, the molecules in serum are smaller and penetrate to deeper levels of your skin so worth the money. Lastly, find a moisturizer for your skin type. It doesn’t have to be expensive, like I said, spend your money on a serum made for you, then go middle of the road with moisturizer.

photo credit @skincare Instagram

I could not have more love for this miracle worker!  Make sure you check out her Instagram as well as her website for pricing and promotions. A mini express facial will give you microderm, extractions and a super soothing hydrating mask all for just $45, a steal of a deal. Support local female entrepreneurs in Winston-Salem and schedule an appointment with Shannon today!


Shannon Hodges – Hodges Skincare Location

615 St. George Square Ct. #250, Suite 15

Winston-Salem NC 27103

Tel: 336-671-1884

[email protected]

Instagram: @hodgesskincare

Facebook: Shannon Hodges Skincare


Salons by JC would like to thank Ivanna Martinez and the staff at WFU Style from Wake Forest University for taking the time to interview one of our superstar specialists at Salons by JC Winston Salem.  Follow them on their blog and on social media for the latest in fashion, art, entertainment, travel and more direct from Wake Forest University.

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Franchise News

Garret and Mike Bedrin from Salons by JC Greensboro named 2017 Small Business Persons of the Year by The Greensboro Chamber of Commerce

Salons by JC is very proud to announce the recent award bestowed upon Salons by JC Franchise owners Garret and Mike Bedrin by the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, for 2017 Small Business Persons of the Year.  The awards luncheon was held at the Van Dyke Performance Space.  The Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, along with their partners Arts Greensboro, Guilford Merchants Association, The Mayor’s Committee for Persons with Disabilities, and the Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship, announced the winners of the 2017 Small Business Awards.  Keynote address was delivered by Lynn Douthett, the District Director of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s North Carolina District Office.  Emcee for the event was Brian Vannoy, Chief Credit Risk Officer with Allegacy Federal Credit Union.

The Bedrin Legacy

Garret and Mike Bedrin are 3rd generation retail and real estate investors and hands on managers.  They own the exclusive rights to Salons by JC in the Triad market with franchises in Greensboro, Winston-Salem and announced plans to open a location in High Point.  

The first salon, with 19 suites, opened in Greensboro on Jan 6, 2015 .  The second salon, located in Winston-Salem, opened in February 2016 and features 46 suites.  The most recent salon to be added to the Bedrin Organization mix is the High Point location that is slated to open Fall 2017 with 26 suites.  The Salons by JC salon suite concept,  has helped nearly 100 beauty professionals in the Triad area transition from a traditional employee to small business owners.

The Bedrin Organization currently own and manage over 1.2 million square feet of retail; with over 300,000 square feet of retail in the Triad market.  The centers in the Triad are traditionally 95% leased and feature such tenants as: TJ Maxx, Ross, Dollar Tree, Krispy Kreme, Maxie B’s, Jos. A. Bank, Chico’s and Honey Baked Ham.  

About the Greensboro Chamber

The Greensboro Chamber of Commerce is the largest business organization in the community serving more than 1,000 member businesses through programming designed to help them succeed and grow. The Chamber was established in 1877 as one of the first groups of its kind in the state.  A partner in the Guilford County Economic Development Alliance, the Chamber also serves as Greensboro’s primary economic development organization, with special emphasis placed on community and entrepreneurial advancement through Action Greensboro and Launch Greensboro.

Salons by JC corporate headquarters salute Garret and Mike Bedrin and the Greensboro franchise for their award and wish them continued success in the salon suite business.    

Business & Marketing

IDealogic® Brand Lab Hosts Brand Development Workshop for Salons by JC

Salon Suites Franchise to Participate in Innovative Strategic Brand Lab

Houston, TX—We are pleased to announce an upcoming brand development event scheduled for Salons by JC on Tuesday, June 7th. In continuation of the brand strategy and development efforts that the company is currently undergoing, this meeting of the minds, hosted by IDealogic® Brand Lab, gives participants the opportunity to take part in a collaborative Brand Lab, discuss marketing strategies, and help create the brand’s strategic value proposition.  

According to IDealogic® Principle Ruth Netanel, “This is a dynamic time for Salons by JC! Not only do Brand Labs have an amazing effect on Brand to Human® relationships (in this case, between the Franchisor and Franchisees), they are invaluable for our clients’ growth and development. These sessions are incredibly inspirational and empowering for all participants. Salons by JC is a wonderful company that offers business owners the opportunity to live their dreams; and there are even more great things in store for its Franchisees and their tenants. We are so pleased to be part of this exciting journey!”

About Salons by JC

In 1988, founders Jack Griffey and Cecil Miller opened the doors of the first Salons by JC in Dallas, Texas. Their big idea was to help beauty and wellness professionals break free from the traditional salon model. The company began franchising in 2011, and has since grown to over 80 locations in 24 states as well as Canada. The company’s innovative business model now gives over 2,400 salon and spa professionals the ability to be their own boss. In 2016, the company made #497 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Fortune 500” list and then leaped to #54 in 2017. For more information, visit

About IDealogic® Brand Lab

IDealogic® Brand Lab has developed a proprietary branding method known as Brand to Human®, which focuses on creating strong bonds between a company, its personnel, and its customer audience. These strategies were developed through an approach based on human behavior, culture, lifestyle, and aesthetic appeal. This process revolves around in-depth strategies that facilitate the customer experience and foster brand loyalty. Defining and creating the brand’s architecture, strategy, concept, and visual appeal are only some of the points in the Brand to Human® process that guarantee a company’s significant growth. The agency has proven that building brands is more sophisticated than just focusing on the aesthetics and visual communications alone. These same philosophies have been adopted by the most influential brands of the Fortune 500.

As a full-service visual communications company, the agency’s core focus is in complete brand creation and market implementation, including Brand Analysis, Brand Strategy, Company and Brand Culture, Brand Experience, Brand and Marketing Communications, and more. For additional information, visit

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Ruth Netanel
IDealogic Brand Lab, Inc.
[email protected]