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Virtual Discovery Day: Salon Suite Franchise Opportunity

Traditionally Discovery Days are held at our corporate headquarters where you meet the corporate staff, sit and talk to our President and Vice President, and tour one or more of our facilities.  You really get the feel of what Salons by JC salon suites is about and find out if this franchise is the right investment for you.  Things are different now.  We have had to make proper accommodations to our Discovery Day and keep our interested leads safe due to COVID-19.  One thing that hasn’t changed is how Discovery Days are the key to our franchise investment process. 

The Virtual Discovery Day

We introduce to you the Salons by JC virtual Discovery Day.  We have adapted to the new normal to continue running this business in an efficient manner.  Within the last few months, our process of Discovery Day has moved entirely on screen.  Drew Johnston,  VP of Operations gives us some specifics, “The Salons by JC Discovery Day is the capstone event in a franchise candidate’s journey.  Prior to COVID-19, Discovery Days were held at the Salons by JC headquarters in San Antonio Texas. The event allowed the franchise candidate to meet the franchise corporate staff and tour salon suites in the market. Travel restrictions and safety standards stopped that but technology has allowed us to continue the events. Since March of 2020, numerous franchise candidates have discovered Salons by JC and some have gone on to become salon suite franchisees.”


 A More Relaxed Conversation

Moving our Discovery Days to a virtual setting has created ease and convenience for our potential franchisors.  It has allowed us to connect with anyone anywhere since all our prospects do is log on to their computer.  Saving them time on travel, accommodations, and taking time off of their present work schedule.  We have embraced our new norm in order to give you the best virtual version of our salon suite concept at Salons by JC. 

Tradition and Technology

We look forward to the day we can welcome prospects back in for Discovery Day to visit the house the Jack and Cecil built in 1998.  There is no replacing face to face meetings and that connection you get when you walk into one of our locations and meet our staff.  “Do we prefer face to face? Of course we do! It’s very important that our prospects are able to hear and connect with the brands founders and executive team prior to signing franchise agreements”, stated President Steve Griffey.   With virtual technology we are able to provide each prospect with the same courtesy, education, and information they need to know in order for them to make their decision on joining our salon suite franchise. 

Salons by JC looks forward to incorporating both our traditional and new virtual Discovery Days in order to expand our ever evolving salon suite franchise.  Making it easier for those interested in the beauty and wellness industry to explore our world and increase our franchise.  

Blog written by:

Marlene Romo Flores, Franchise Marketing Manager

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