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Becoming a Salon Suite Owner at Salons by JC

The salon industry is a booming industry for the beauty professional.  What most beauty professionals may not be aware of is the options they have when looking for the best business opportunity for themselves.

When doing your research, you will discover that you can have more customization options and keep more profits in a salon suite.  The beauty industry has their traditional commissioned salon concept and the booth/chair rental model, but the stand-out in the group is the Salon Suite.

Our salon suites are “mini salons”, housed within our beautiful Salons by JC locations.  What makes them unique is YOU!  You have total control over your suite – colors, decor, and service pricing – you create the space of your dreams catered to your business and your clientele.

The Current Salon Trend

The trend for beauty professionals is steering away from the traditional open salon concept.  Beauty professionals are realizing they can have more freedom and make more money running their own business instead of working for someone else.  During this time of COVID-19, Salons by JC is ensuring that suite owners and their clients are in a safe and sanitized environment.  Limiting exposure to others and giving clients the private one on one service they are looking for is what we will continue to do.

The Salons by JC Concierge

At Salons by JC you are on your own, but never alone.  Our Concierge is there every step of the way to help you transition smoothly from your previous salon location.  The concierge can assist you in many ways, from helping you increase your client list by acquiring walk-ins, to assisting you with marketing strategies, social media presence, and business operations questions, you will always have someone by your side.

What Will This Cost Me?

Starting your own business is a big deal.  Preparation is the key to your salon suite success. Here are what your startup and weekly/monthly costs will entail.

Start-Up Costs:

  • Security Deposit
  • State board and business licensing
  • Extra furniture and personal decor items
  • Design and/or printing for business cards, menus and websites (include hosting)
  • Back bar and retail
  • Tools of the trade
  • Renters/ liability insurance
  • Rent
  • Phone
  • Bookkeeping system FREE with SBJC app
  • Appointment/schedule system FREE with SBJC app
  • Internet service FREE WiFi
  • Credit card set-up and fees FREE with SBJC app

 Weekly/Monthly Expenses:

  • Rent
  • Laundry
  • Supplies
  • Credit card fees
  • Accountant fees
  • Phone bill
  • Money set aside for taxes

Check out our Profit Calculator – adjust your earning information and see the difference for yourself.  Our profit calculator was created to help you to see how much more you can earn as an independent salon suite owner.  Salons by JC was designed to for beauty professionals to reach their dream of salon ownership without the overhead cost.  One weekly price for rent gives you all the freedom, flexibility, and convenience you need  to not only start and grow your business, but set your own schedule and have the time you need to spend  time with family and friends.  Not to mention earn more money and feel a sense of accomplishment.  Controlling your work volume and schedule gives you peace of mind.

For more information about Salons by JC and to acquire more information, please visit our website here and connect with the location nearest you.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Marlene Romo Flores, Salons by JC Franchise Marketing Manager






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Salon Suite Opportunities: Incentivizing Client Purchase Frequency

Before you get your clients comfortable with spending more, you first have to get them comfortable with spending more often. The more your clients open their wallets and “show you the money” the better off you and your business will be. Sure, the amount of money they spend during each transaction is important too, but increasing their purchase frequency should be one of your main business goals. When you do that you’ll end up creating even more opportunities to sell – and sell more often – to your repeat clients. There are a number of ways to get your clients to buy from you more often. Let’s focus on three of the most effective and efficient ways you can accomplish that goal.

Stay in constant contact with you clientele
This includes: when you’lll reach out to them, how you’ll reach out to them, and what you’ll offer them when you reach out to them.
For example, if you are a hair stylist after completing a new highlight service for your client you might choose a specific time in between that service to offer a gloss treatment to freshen up the clients color. You might also offer them 20 – 40% off the service (being sure to stress that the offer is time sensitive to create a sense of urgency on the client’s part). Your goal is to get a yes, book the service which will lead you to the next step.

Provide additional value to their purchase
In that same example you can sweeten the deal with an additional value, such as a complimentary after gloss sealer or pre-conditioning treatment. The key is to communicate these two services separately which raises the client value perception of receiving more than what they are paying for. Which leads to our next strategy.

Create a consistent buying pattern from your client 
You may want to consider incentivizing frequent purchases through the implementation of a loyalty program. Loyalty programs can keep your current clients engaged and coming back to you on a consistent basis. If done well, loyalty programs can also get your clients to come back even more frequently than they already do. Consider a simple punch card method and utilizing the promotions and specials features on your booking app to help you keep track of purchase frequency data to improve upon what works and what doesn’t.

“Buy 5 and get the 6th one is free”

This reward system is a key trigger!  Fun fact, neuroscientists find that incentives are predictable because people usually pursue their self-interests and will change their behavior to accommodate those interests. In short, incentives like the buy 5 get one free equals predictable behavior to reach the reward.

The goal is to determine the most effective way to get your individual clients to nudge their own spending boundaries a little more with your strategic efforts. This should be done subtly and with such finesse, they don’t even notice. As long as the value you provide outweighs their increased spending from their perspective, they’ll be more than happy to pay a little more, a little more often.  Keeping all the profits and generating more cash flow income are some of the salon suite owner opportunities you receive at Salons by JC.  Contact one of locations to find out more on how you can become a salon suite owner.

Check out the Incentivizing Purchase Frequency Webinar, presented by Mona Echard, Salon Business Coach. For more information and to receive the recorded webinar, email [email protected]

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