Social Superstar Concierge - Sharon Prososki - Salons by JC Waite Park

Social Superstar Concierge: Sharon Prososki

The moment you walk into Salons by JC Waite Park, you are guaranteed to be greeted and assisted by the exceptional concierge, Sharon Prososki. With 30 years of stylist experience under her belt, Sharon provides an unparalleled understanding of the beauty industry. Salons by JC has been fortunate to have her as a member of the Salons by JC family for the past four years.

A Social Sensation

“I was reluctantly retiring due to neck and back issues,” Sharon says. “One of my girlfriends Patti, another stylist, told me about Salons by JC Waite Park opening and said we should go check it out to see if they needed a receptionist. We went to check it out, and as luck would have it, they did need a receptionist. I applied for the job and was hired!”

Sharon Prososki – Salons by JC Waite Park

Not only has Sharon taken on the job of Waite Park’s concierge, she also goes above and beyond in her job of handling the Salon by JC Waite Park’s social media pages, including Facebook and Instagram. She has taken on and excelled in social media for her salon suite owners by posting daily, highlighting their beautiful and high skill work. Sharon wasn’t always tech savvy though, but with the help of her family and coworkers, she has become a pro.

“I decided to take on the daunting task of social media when Andrew asked me to start posting on Facebook,” she explains. “While on a family vacation, I had my sons set me up on Facebook and teach me as much as they could. I also had Sarah, one of the gals at the salon, help me a lot in the beginning. Through trial and error, I got better at posting as time went on. In the last year Marlene Romo Flores, from the corporate marketing team, started working with me. From there, things got much easier. She has lots of social media experience and great ideas that were very helpful to me! I’m thankful to everyone that taught me along the way.”

Jack of All Trades

After being self-employed for 28 years, transitioning from a stylist to a concierge was very different for Sharon. Working set hours and working directly under a company was almost foreign to her, but she’s loved every minute of this new chapter in her life and has learned so much!

Sharon Proski with a Salon Suite Owner


“Andrew, Bert, and Nancy are such great owners and treat me like family, so it’s been a  wonderful working experience with Salons by JC. I have become a jack of all trades!” she exclaims. “Not only do I work with carpenters, plumbers, electricians, internet techs, electronic door techs, property managers and the owners, but I’ve learned to do a little bit of plumbing and computer troubleshooting on my own! I am relied upon to help the stylists with day to day issues, as well as helping new stylists set up their business accounts and get their suites ready.”

The most rewarding aspect of her role as a concierge in our Salons by JC family is being able to use her 28 years of self-employed experience to help other stylists make the step from employee to business owner.

Salons by JC is proud to have concierges like Sharon!

Sharon expresses, “My goal from here is to help fill our remaining suites and provide a wonderful working atmosphere that will help our stylists will thrive for the long-term and help them keep their businesses running smoothly!”

We want to thank you for all of your hard work Sharon! Salons by JC truly appreciates everything you bring to the table!



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