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Salons by JC Superstar – Shaylan Pittard

I am a small business owner and I say that with humility and pride. Ten years ago I was working in an uninspiring corporate job and could only dream of owning my own business. I still have vivid memories of my day’s cosmetology school. Working a full time job, being a full time mom and going to school part time, my goal of obtaining my cosmetology license seemed far way. But I never took the opportunity for granted, I soaked up the knowledge and experience like a sponge.

Today, I apply everything I’ve learned on my journey and it helps me to be a better entrepreneur. Along the way, I inspired my mom and she acquired the cosmetology license too.

In September of 2013, we became business partners and opened The Weave Luxe Bar follow them on Facebook. There’s nothing more gratifying than operating a family owned business. In June 2014, I launched “the Lavish Hair Collection”, our own high-end 100% human hair line. It’s currently sold in the salon and will be available on-line very shortly. Book an appointment.

The most valuable and powerful advice that I can give is to put God first and never give up on your dreams. Please support small businesses, we are your neighbor and friend.


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