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Salons by JC Superstar – Lily Tirado Reyes

All she needed was scissors and a chair and a great location

Creating the perfect enjoyable environment for her clientele to come in for a haircut and walk out looking and feeling their very best, was Lily Tirado Reyes’ key motivator in joining the Salons by JC – Dominion Ridge family a year ago.  “Giving people the kind of quality haircut and service they expect is incredible, especially when your name is on the salon,” stated an enthusiastic Reyes, who specializes in men’s and boy’s haircuts at her salon, “Rock The Cut”.

“I am able to express my personality in my suite decor, work at my own pace, and keep my own profit.  This venture has made me work smarter and not harder”, says Lily.  When in her suite she is in her happy place, “I enjoy coming to work because it doesn’t feel like work”.  Her “Man Cave”, as she calls it, is her home away from home.  “It’s a very laid back environment, which is what I love most about my salon suite”, said Reyes.

Lily’s bright personality and dedication to her clients keep a constant smile on her face.  “You have to put in the work in the beginning, but it is so worth it once you settle in.”  With suite ownership comes lots of responsibilities and the Salons by JC family is there to help every step of the way.  A bonus to her being her own boss is that her clients become like family to her.  “I boost confidence and change attitudes with each haircut, each visit we become more acquainted and we become a community”, stated Reyes.


After working for over eleven years at different salons, the thought of salon suite ownership had crossed her mind many times.  Her friend and fellow colleague, Krystal, talked to her about salon suites at Salons by JC.  Being timed on clients, not having any privacy, and constant interruptions made her take the first steps toward researching salon suite ownership.  “After talking to Krystal, I stopped by the Dominion Ridge location and toured the facility. Our concierge could see how nervous I was and took her time to provide me with all the information I needed to begin the process of becoming my own boss.”

A key selling point for Lily was the location.  Having the majority of her clients from the Dominion area was a huge factor in her decision. Her solid clientele base has enabled her to enjoy flexibility of schedule and given her room to flourish in her professional career.  


“For many years I missed out on so many family events because I was working, that doesn’t happen anymore.”  A luxury of being your own boss is having the flexibility of creating your own schedule, making your own hours, and having the ability to enjoy peace of mind. Most of her free time is spent outdoors, enjoying things that “break the daily routine”.  “I love to hike, bike, travel, and doing obstacle courses with my husband. I enjoy trying new things, as long as they don’t involve heights. YIKES!”, Reyes said with an expressive face.



“The best part about salon suite ownership is, its preparing me to move on to bigger things.  My goal is to one day own a Barbershop.” Lily is attaining all the tools she needs as a small business owner. Learning about retail sales, working with vendors, daily operations, marketing, and customer service are just a few of the things that Lily has obtained in her one year at Salons by JC.  “Gaining the skills and knowledge are the steps I am taking to reach my goal, and I’m halfway there, thanks to Salons by JC”,

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