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Salons by JC Superstar – Eve Jones

Eva Thurman Jones – Cutting Image Leadership Team Member & Lady Barber Platform Artist. In a field that barely had any women in it years ago when I started, actually 30 years ago. I’m a survivor 🙂 When I graduated from Cain’s Barber College I never thought that I would be in the field this long. It was unheard of to have a woman cutting a man’s head. After great success and hundreds of loyal clients I decided to return to school to get my teaching license. It was a plan of mine with a good friend to open a Barber College but because the friend wasn’t dedicated to the plan the school has yet to be. After managing and owning several Barbershops of my own I decided that to have the freedom to travel and teach in the field of barbering I needed to close my shop.

With the Barber industry being so popular now as far as hair competitions, products and equipment it’s very easy for serious barbers in the industry now to have their own product lines and tools. I have always had a strong love for my straight razor which is why many years ago my clients named me the “Str8RazorQueen”. When I’m not traveling and educating I’m in the process of developing my product line and my own brand of straight razor. Being blessed to have clients that have been with me for over 20+ years and still building new clients is very humbling. One of the greatest decisions of my life was to leave the setup of a regular barbershop and move back out on my own to Salons by JC Bolingbrook. In the private, stress free, beautiful environment they allow you to create for your clients, gives me all the time I need to manage and own my own business again with a strong peace of mind to pursue my dreams. I definitely haven’t given up building a barber college!

The incredible styles created by barbers now gives us the opportunity to economically have great success. Styles such as texturizers, sponge treatments, hair coloring, creative designs, portrait designs, hair enhancement and facial services lets us now charge for services 30 years ago really didn’t exist. Staying educated and understanding that to be of importance to my field along with staying at the top of the list I must continue doing things that those around me don’t offer or do.


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