Mar 24, 2016

Want to open your own salon with a business partner? Salons by JC provides an easy suite solution. For two years now, Lindsey Schlechta and Elizabeth Doede have been proving how beautifully it can work with their Revolution by Elony in Salons by JC Charlotte, NC

Both came from the same Paul Mitchell culture and knew they wanted to work for themselves. But what are the logistics of co-owning, as opposed to suite sharing, and what should you look for in a business partner? Basically, it works similarly to a traditional salon—with a written contract but without the huge overhead or employee headaches. “We use Square credit card readers and keep our own income, but split the expenses 50/50,” explains Elizabeth.

Initially, the duo shared a loan for a large product order, which allowed them to become a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon and enjoy free education, something they couldn’t have done solo. They pay their share of the rent separately, but meet every Monday to talk business and divide expenses that are paid via a business account. They also have one Facebook and Instagram page for the business, as well as their own social media accounts.

Thanks to pre-planning, they agree on all promotions, so there is no confusion over one partner offering a discount and the other one not. Both offer the same client referral reward: a complimentary cut for every three referrals. “We’re both passionate about our jobs, so if one does not agree with something, we don’t do it,” says Lindsey. “If a client calls the salon but doesn’t request one of us by name, we alternate who sees her.”

As for what to look for in a salon-suite business partner, be sure you both communicate clearly, have similar goals and work ethics, and strong books, they advise. Decide if you want to work the same schedule or have some alone evenings—another suite advantage.

Similar personalities are crucial (one person should not be dominant), but similar skills are not. While both excel in cut and color, Lindsey is also a makeup artist with an administrative background, and Elizabeth does hair extensions and smoothing services. Elizabeth’s artistic style leans edgy with vibrant colors, and she enjoys the latest trends. Lindsey loves starting with a photo or a client’s vision and taking it to a higher level.

Whichever partner clients see, they are guaranteed those little extras that matter (neck massage anyone?) and that they will never be bored with their looks. Another advantage for all is that if one owner has an emergency or cannot reschedule clients, the other can fill in. “We have each other’s backs,” they echo.

And, by starting slowly and affordably, the duo can work out any issues before taking the leap to an employee salon, which is their potential 5-year goal. For now, they’re loving making clients look their absolute personal best as part of the Salons by JC suite revolution, and their own Revolution by Elony.Follow Them on Facebook





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