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Salons by JC Superstar – Hannah Claxton

Salons by JC Superstar – Hannah Claxton has always known that she wanted to be involved in making people feel and look better.  Hannah opened her own esthetician business at the Salons by JC located in the Riverdale Village Shopping Center in Coon Rapids. When you talk to Hannah it becomes real clear that her business is her passion….one that started right after high school when she trained to be an esthetician.  In addition to her rigorous academic training she has tutored under authentic European professionals who specialize in thorough skin treatments in a relaxing enironment. Skin care is her passion with the overall goal of meeting the skin needs of every client she works with. She quickly progressed learning her craft at a high-end salon before moving to Minneapolis from the Denver area. Since her arrival here nearly two years ago she has created a fanatic following of dedicated clients and continues to learn new and better ways to serve her guests.

As her career blossomed she decided that the ability to schedule her clients, more than anything, drove her to become her own boss. When she took the step to move her business inside a Salons by JC she was somewhat nervous about whether or not her clients would move. That really hasn’t been an issue and what she learned was that referrals from the other independent stylists at Salons by JC helped her with the transition.

Another key for her was the ability and freedom to choose what product she wanted to sell.  Her favorite is Dermologica because its Paraben-Free and is a product line that is  free of common irritants (including lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances) that could cause breakouts. Using and recommending the number one skin line in the world is a comfort to her and to her clients. You can easily book directly with Hannah or just call her at 303.358.1365.

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