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Salons by JC Superstar – Stefanie LeBlanc

Stefanie LeBlanc is raising eyebrows—and enhancing lips and lash lines—at her new Salons by JC suite, Tattoo Aesthetics, located in The Shops at LaPalmera in Corpus Christi, TX. A former tax preparer, she applies her well-honed attention to detail to women who have over-tweezed brows, those who want the look of a fuller lip without injectables (the lip’s borders fade as we age) and even those who want eyeliner that won’t ever run or smudge.

“I fell in love with cosmetic tattooing after getting my own permanent makeup done and doing tons of research,” says LeBlanc, who continues to train in new methods and take advanced classes at every opportunity. “A Salons by JC suite is perfect for someone with a career like mine because I can leave and work with top trainers anytime I want, and because my business isn’t suited to traditional salons—facility licensing falls under the Heath Department and cosmetic tattooing requires a separate room.”

LeBlanc calls herself a cosmetic tattoo artist, rather than a permanent makeup artist, because she wants clients to clearly understand they are getting a tattoo. She is as scrupulous about her consultations, medical forms and single-use needles as she is her application of microblading—the manual application of the finest hair strokes. All the details and latest technologies are spelled out on her website  where clients can easily download pre-procedure and after-care instructions, and privately upload consent and medical-history forms.

Clients’ biggest concern is looking unnatural, and LeBlanc has ways to recreate a very natural-looking brow that additionally produces the look of an eye lift. She can also balance uneven brows: “People say brows are sisters not twins, but I prefer twin sisters.”

Other reasons clients visit LeBlanc include allergies or dry eye, which can make keeping eyeliner in place nearly impossible. Even some men want subtle “guyliner,” and guys who have a scar that removed brow hair are particularly good candidates for microblading and blending. She also does a lot of correction work because the inks from 8 years ago shift off tone, whereas the newer pigments she uses don’t—they simply require a touch-up.

“My goal is to give clients what they see as esthetically pleasing, whether it’s natural or dramatic, although a fuller brow like you were born with is more popular now,” says LeBlanc. “I love it when clients look in the mirror and are thrilled with their new look. To me, beauty is never having to apply makeup if you don’t want to.”



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