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Salons by JC Superstar – LaLa Alexander

When LaLa Alexander decided to attend the Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics five years ago, her goal was to learn all about makeup and be well-rounded in skin care, as well. Five years later, she still wants to extend her makeup services, but specializes in waxing and lash extensions, in part because she discovered that those services are the ones that instantly make women feel better about themselves or help them look younger. And, a lot of men get waxing, too.

“I noticed that when women get waxing for the first time, they feel better about themselves right away—most say their husbands love it,” says LaLa, owner of La’MINT Beauty Wax Studio,  LLC, in Salons by JC, Newman, GA. “Women can be very self-conscious about body hair, but men can be, too. In fact, I have a number of couples who come to me regularly for waxing.”

Women are more prepared to suffer a little for beauty and LaLa says it’s true: men are often “terrified” to get waxed and “big babies” about the pain. She eases things considerably by using only hard wax, which grabs both coarse and fine hairs at once, working quickly and putting pressure on the skin immediately after removing hair.

For the large chest areas, or the “Manzilian,” she allows short breaks between sections and says it gets easier when clients come back every four weeks for maintenance, which keeps the hairs thinner and easier to remove. Don’t take a three-month winter break from waxing, she advises: “If you do, the hair will be thicker and coarser again, and the pain level will be just like the first time.”

Another significant percent of her clients get eye lash extensions, which are 100% Mink and extremely lightweight. Says LaLa, “So many women have short or sparse eye lashes and the extensions immediately take years off their look. It’s a meticulous service for which I use a medical-grade adhesive.”

Both waxing and eye lash extension services require a high level of professionalism and cleanliness, which is one of the reasons that when LaLa decided to strike out on her own, she choose Salons by JC. “I loved how clean and professional it was, and the fact there is a concierge to escort clients to my suite,” she says. Her clients love the private suite concept as well, and her social pages are full praise about how comfortable she makes them feel, walking them through the sometimes awkward waxing process.

In fact, LaLa’s clients are so happy with her customer care that over half her current business came from referrals. To encourage them, she frequently reiterates ongoing specials on her social media pages, for instance: refer three friends and receive a free waxing service. New clients can get a discount on their first service, too: check out La’MINT Beauty on Facebook for the latest offers.

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