Salons by JC Superstar – Jessica Norvell

May 16, 2016

Jessica Norvell has always loved being creative but that doesn’t mean she produces tons of wild hair colors and ultra-edgy cuts. In fact, just the opposite. “I want to empower women to see their God-given beauty and reach their full potential while looking natural,” she says of her work at JMN Hair, her salon suite at Salons by JC Denton, TX. “My passion for hair comes from wanting to help women discover the real beauty in who they are, inside and out.”

There’s a double bonus here: with Norvell’s approach, her clients can save money by going longer between appointments, and she can see more clients. She starts by exploring each person’s lifestyle and daily routine. After all, a woman who is a runner wants hair long enough for a ponytail, not a swingy bob, and clients who are time-crunched in the morning need a look they can realistically maintain at home. Then she analyzes face shape, hair texture and skin tone before she suggests just the right look that will bring out the best in the woman in her chair.

“To enhance natural beauty, I stay within a few shades of a client’s natural color; for gray blending, I use a demi color and balayage highlights, which I create using “V” or “W” shapes for natural color melding and less obvious roots,” she says. To make certain everyone leaves looking great, she always includes a blow dry in the price of a cut or color. “It always annoyed me when a salon charged extra for a blow dry,” she notes. “This way, clients aren’t paying more to leave looking their best, and I can be certain I’m happy with the cut and color.”

Norvell’s attitude that both she and her clients should be happy also lead her to choose an upfront Salons by JC suite with a window. It lets her see hair color perfectly, and because it’s located within Rayzor Ranch Marketplace, her clients enjoy all the nearby restaurants and shops. “Many traditional salons in my area require stylists to sign a non-compete agreement, and I felt I was worth more than to make minimum wage and not be able to connect with my clients in every way,” says Norvell. “Now, my clients can call me directly, enjoy my clean and modern salon suite, and get a style that makes them look naturally beautiful and feel confident about themselves!”

To check out Norvell’s work, follow her on Instagram @ jmn_hair or visit her Facebook page for JMN Hair

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