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Salons by JC Superstar – Jennifer Mergie

What do you do when you’ve maxed out at a high-end salon, need your own environment to grow and don’t want the headache of big-salon ownership? Get a Salons by JC suite! That’s what Jennifer Mergie (who goes by “Mergie”) did this May for those very reasons, and after a month at her “Mergie Creative Styling” in Salons by JC , San Ramon, CA, she’s head over heels about her new situation.

The 2012 cosmetology school graduate was at the top of her class, so it’s no surprise she was destined for independence. She specializes in hair color, continually takes advanced education classes (balayage, corrective color, highlighting techniques) and is preparing to take a day-long examination to become a Redken certified colorist.

“My main focus is the integrity and health of hair,” says Mergie. “I won’t take short cuts.”

She also spends a lot of time educating her clients, who are primarily business women, in proper maintenance and home care. “I always tell them to dial down on the flat iron heat and always use a thermal protector when using heat-styling tools,” she says

“I take my time to customize a look for each individual and take into account everything from skin tone and eye color to lifestyle, frequency of visits and the need to style quickly at home,” continues Mergie. “Many of my clients want to cover their ‘wisdom highlights’ (gray hair) and don’t want to see obvious roots in a few weeks. For them, I feather in highlights and lowlights for soft, natural-looking dimension.”

Mergie takes just as much care personalizing a cut as she does creating the perfect hair color, and says that right now, longer bobs, A-line cuts and layers are popular.

“My oldest client with long hair is in her 70s, and she loves keeping it healthy and layered,” says Mergie.

Whatever a client needs, Mergie’s goal is to make her (or him) feels special and look fantastic. To that end, she says, the environment at Salons by JC is perfect for her and her guests.

“My suite has a modern, high-end feeling that says we all care about the business and the clients,” she notes. “The operation is very clean and friendly. I can personalize my suite, from the products I use to the music I play. This lets me focus on individuals in my chair, which I love. In the end, it’s all about them. I want all my clients to leave with the best hair they can have, feeling happy and knowing they are important.”

To check out Mergie’s work, follow her on Instagram @mergie.creativestyling or visit her Facebook page.

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