Salons by JC Offers Turnkey Salon Suites for Beauty Professionals

Mar 6, 2015

The newest Salons by JC location is opening up in Danbury, Connecticut. Recently, the owner, Derek Corredia, was interviewed by a local news organization to discuss what Salons by JC can offer to beauty professionals and budding entrepreneurs. Read the full article here and hear what Corredia says the advantage of salon suites are for any beauty professional.



Turnkey suites offer opportunities for beauty professionals


DANBURY — Tracey Abair says she can’t wait to move into the new Salons by JC, expected to open next month in the Danbury Square Mall.

Abair, the owner of the My Fair Lady hair salon in New Milford for more than a decade, said she’s looking forward to the freedom renting an individual suite in the new facility will offer her and her clients.

“It’s just a nice work environment that will be more convenient for many of my clients who work in Danbury,” Abair said.

Derek Correia, the owner of the local Salons by JC franchise, said the unique concept includes more than 6,000 square feet and 37 individual suites that can be leased by beauty and wellness professionals.

Instead of having the headaches of running their own salon, and the overhead that goes with them, professionals can lease a private space in the facility, which is located near the mall on Backus Avenue, one of the city’s hottest retail markets.

“It’s an opportunity for stylists and salon professionals to own their businesses without the trouble and complexity of opening a full-service salon,” Correia said. “Many of them have built a loyal customer base that would enable them to do their own thing, but they may not have the capital or business expertise to open a full-sized salon, and in many cases they don’t want to deal with the drama and headaches of hiring and managing staff, or the complexities of payroll, accounting and long-term leasing.”

Because the facility will have a variety of professionals, including hair stylists, hair removal experts, nail care, skin care and esthetician services, Abair said it offers a one-stop spa experience for her clients. It also offers professionals like herself the chance to work off each other’s client base, she said.

“Because there will be so many people working there, people can likely walk right in and get what services they need without getting an appointment,” she said. “They could get their nails done while they’re waiting for their hair to dry.”

Correia said he heard about the franchise from a friend in 2013 and believes it will be a hit in Fairfield County. A second salon is in the works in the recently redeveloped Waypointe shopping district in Norwalk that Correia hopes to open sometime in the spring.

“We’re excited to help others realize the dream of owning their own business,” Correia said. “Salon professionals are some of the hardest-working people I know.”

For more information about the salons and available leases, email [email protected]

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