Salons by JC Concierge Pioneer: Millee Allen - 20 Years of Success

Salons by JC Concierge: Millee Allen – 20 Years of Service

Since the start of Salons by JC over twenty years ago, the elite concierge has been a stand out factor. These individuals are more than just a smiling face at every  location. Our full-service concierges are dedicated to making sure everything that can be done to provide a wonderful experience for all, is done, and more.

As with every innovative program, there had to be an individual to take the first leap into something new and be the pioneer for those who came after. Today, we are happy to share with you our very first Salons by JC concierge, Millee Allen.

Salons by JC Dallas Concierge Desk

Meet Millee

There are a few individuals that can claim to have been with Salons by JC since the beginning. One of those amazing people is Millee Allen. She got her start at Salons by JC twenty years ago at the first location founders Jack Griffey and Cecil Miller ever opened, located in North Dallas.

“Before Salons by JC, I managed a very large open concept salon and I had been there for twelve years,” Millee shared. “One day a group of my very closest friends from the salon said they had heard about this new salon suite concept, so they wanted to go see what it was all about.”

After the visit to Salons by JC, they were immediately drawn to it and ready to make their move.  Now came the deciding factor, would Millee relocate with them?  “All the very best people headed to Salons by JC,” Millee said. “After learning more about the salon suite concept for myself, I realized I had to make a decision.”  Within a week, Millee had made the move to Salons by JC.

Salons by JC Dallas Concierge, Millee Allen and Salons by JC Founder, Cecil Miler

The Concierge 

The Salons by JC Concierge is unlike anything else in the salon suite industry. They provide salon suite owners with assistance on many different levels, so they can focus on growing their small business, while the concierge oversees all salon logistics. 

“The concierge is someone who does more than the traditional salon manager model,” Millee explains.  “Our goal is to make every single person feel appreciated when they walk through the doors.”

In addition to making sure the daily salon location logistics run properly, Millee also took ownership of creating an online presence. “I created a Facebook page and started posting fun things like birthdays, spa days, and cool things the salon suite owners were doing.”  One of her big projects was to get people to share content and also teaching the importance of utilizing Google to drive business to salon suite owners. She continues to share the importance of having a social presence in order to grow a successful small salon business.

Twenty years of the Salons by JC Concierge 

Twenty years have come and gone, but Millee says the new and exciting things she gets to be a part of every day keep the Concierge position evolving.

“It’s fun and something I thoroughly enjoy. For those of us that have been here for a long time, we’ve gotten to know every single person that has been a part of this,” said Millee. 

For Millee, twenty years of Salons by JC is a special occasion. It’s a testament to the dedication of the founders all the way down to the clients that walk through the doors every day.

“I truly feel like we become a family,” she shares. “If anyone is feeling sick the first thing we do is ask ‘Okay, what can we do to make them feel better?’ or if someone is in need of assistance ‘What can we do to help them through this?’ I think a lot of this stems from Jack and Cecil. They’re really caring guys.”

As for her role and feelings about developing the role of the Concierge, Millee says, “It’s a sense of pride. It’s being able to have created something that is lasting and continues to grow.”

With all the new ideas coming to Salons by JC, from the Orlando Hair Show workshop to working alongside amazing programs like Hello Gorgeous!, and of course, working with the Corporate Team on new marketing initiatives,  the role of the concierge continues to flourish and remain a staple in the day to day operations of Salons by JC.

Millee Allen

It is because of people like Millee that the Salons by JC continues to succeed. We thank Millee for all the time and wonderful things she has done at Salons by JC, and can’t wait for all the fun things we’ll see from her in the future!



Blog written by:
Miranda Gonzales
Account Coordinator
Sammis & Ochoa 


About Salons by JC: In 1997, Jack Griffey and Cecil Miller began their journey to transform the beauty industry one salon suite at a time. Like most young entrepreneurs, they started out with a big idea but had to learn how to start and run a business from scratch. After much perseverance and hard work, one year later, they opened Salons by JC in Dallas, TX in 1998, welcoming beauty and wellness specialists who were ready to break free from the traditional salon model. The company has since moved its headquarters from Dallas to San Antonio, where it continues to grow through franchising. Today, Salons by JC has over 87 locations in 24 states and Canada.  For more information, visit or

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