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Nov 20, 2018

There’s nothing more valuable in someone’s beauty arsenal as a rock-star hair stylist, and at Salons by JC High Point, Derrick LaMott is exactly that. As a certified Redken colorist and master stylist,  Derrick has earned his title of being one of High Point’s top salon suite owners.

Derrick LaMott – Owner of MIЯROR at Salons by JC High Point

About Derrick

If you ask MIЯROR’s Derrick LaMott what sets him apart in the industry, it’s his love and talent for color.

“I love color!” Derrick exclaims. “As a certified Redken specialist, I am a natural colorist. I love giving my clients a sunkissed, baby light hair, or blended dimensional effect kind of look!”

After 10 years of honing in on his craft, Derrick and his husband made their move from the midwest after Derrick’s husband received a job offer in North Carolina. That was the beginning of Derrick’s journey to Salons by JC. Since then, Derrick’s journey towards becoming one of North Carolina’s finest salon owners has been nothing short of amazing.

A gorgeous work of hair color done by Derrick LaMott

“I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do after our move.” Darrick shares. “After working at SalonCentric, I knew I wanted to reinvent myself, my brand, and do my own thing. I didn’t want to be in a traditional salon setting.”

The opportunity as a suite salon owner at Salons by JC fell into Derrick’s lap. In February 2018, his salon suite, MIЯROR, was born. He specializes in a variety of hair services that will have you walking out feeling beautiful.


Collaboration can achieve wonderful things

Although Derrick had no idea what to expect walking into this new chapter as a suite owner, he has done an excellent job of successfully establishing his brand and reputation at Salons by JC High Point. He credits his personal successes as a suite owner to his peers at High Point for contributing to his brand.

From slick straight to bouncy, Derrick LaMott styles all types of hair

“I truly lucked out meeting all the wonderful people that I have since I opening my suite. I met a fellow Salons by JC colleague who was such a huge help in building my clientele that helped my salon boom! Word of mouth has also had such a huge impact on my business.”

Derrick has been fortunate to have supportive people cheering and rooting for him throughout his journey, and has even reached 6,000 hits on his Facebook video promoting MIЯROR.

The client chair at MIЯROR Salon

Salons by JC has also offered so much in terms of building my clientele and it’s been amazing. I really could not have done it without Shane, our concierge and front desk manager. With her help, she has made opening up my salon so much easier. She is just wonderful.”


Beauty comes from inside the hair salon

The moment you walk into MIЯROR, expect lots of fun, absolute professionalism, and beautiful decor.

“I’m actually in the middle of redoing the whole decor of my salon. So, to my clients, be ready for a new look soon!”

Derrick LaMott’s redesigned MIЯROR salon suite with chandeliers and plenty of mirrors


Derrick absolutely loves that at Salons by JC, he is able to make his suite his own. “It’s all mine! I love the intimacy factor for not only myself but for my clients. The whole suite concept is a movement that professionals and stylists I feel really look for now. This eliminates any negative drama and entails a private and positive environment. In addition intimacy, it’s also still very much a community here at High Point and I value that so much!”

We are so proud of your successes thus far at Salons by JC Derrick! You rock!



ABOUT Salons by JC

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