The Minnesota Twins hit a social media grand slam

Oct 5, 2017

To close out our Salons by JC Social Media Blog series we decided to showcase two of our stellar Concierge’s who have taken their social media game to the next level.  Miriah Classen, Concierge at Salons by JC Southdale Square – Edina and Brittany Rohs, Concierge at Salons by JC – Minnetonka have created one of the most dynamic duos in social media strategy and execution in the Minnesota area.  Going above and beyond expectation has improved their lead flow, amount of leases and most importantly, they have evolved the position of the Concierge.

More than meets the eye

“The Salons by JC Concierge represents a well-versed role that invigorates business development and management. We are dedicated to customer service that extends beyond initiating business relationships by daily cultivating an environment of self-improvement and motivation. I continuously
work on enhanced performance objectives and goals that integrate customized business development for beauty, health and wellness professionals”, stated Brittany Rohs. “Not only do we help them take the first step to small business ownership, but also partner with each professional to assist with their goals
to success.”  The Concierge is the first impression at each franchised location.  Letting each salon suite owner know that they have the full support of not only the owner, but the Concierge as well, is a very uplifting and rewarding.  Knowing that you will have someone in your corner to launch your successful salon business is a key element for leasing at salon suite.  Miriah Clasen added, “I applied for the
concierge position at Salons by JC Southdale because I wanted more out of my job than just a paycheck.  At my previous job, I wanted to be more involved with the business aspect of the Salon Industry and that opportunity was not available to me. Salons by JC gave me that opportunity plus much more.  I am able to wear many hats within my position, which is what intrigued me the most and I’ve helped build
things from the ground up”.

Pictured in photo, L-R: Brittany Rohs and Miriah Classen

The optimization of social media

Many of you may be thinking, “did they come in with a strong social media background?”, that was not the case.  “When I took control of our social media platforms, I noticed how difficult business advertising on social media really was. Being a millennial and thinking that I knew everything there was to know about social media, I found myself clueless”, stated Miriah.  Like many who dabble with social media, this became frustrating because our actions are not getting the reactions that we initially had in mind.  Brittany added, “At first, my eyes were bigger than my plate, I didn’t let that stop my personal appetite to take on social media with a bang! The most noticeable benefit I found when integrating marketing into salons by JC, is just how much imagery I had at my fingertips. As clients routinely coming out of the salon beaming, I started catching clients and requested taking some pictures. Before I knew it I was laden down with options of what to post, then the question was “how can I do it all, post it all, and get it all out there”.   Cue owner, April Simek, to the social media mix.   April is part of the Twin West Chamber of Commerce and the Edina Chamber of Commerce.  This gave April the opportunity to connect with many resources that were out there to assist her two Concierges with social media, and they took full advantage!  “SKOL Marketing, a chamber member, offers free workshops for social media and so we decided it was time to reach out for help and see what we could do better.  We try to go to one class a month and take notes, brainstorm as a team and try new strategies that we have learned”, stated Miriah.  Brittany sought out industry leads to follow to learn more and grow her wealth of knowledge, such as Behind the Chair, Salon Centric, American Salon, and more.   “The best part of social media is the unlimited options of how to post, share and market your business for free – it just takes a little extra time and dedication”.

Miriah Classen, Concierge at Salons by JC Southdale Square

And the winner for favorite social media platform is…Instagram

Miriah and Brittany love the hashtags! Miriah said,  “My favorite social media platform would have to be Instagram. Instagram is all about the ###’s. When you include hashtags on your posts, Instagram creates a link and you can view all the photos that have been shared using that same hashtag, which really helps expand our targeted audience. In addition to hashtags, Instagram also has a discover tab that is dedicated to helping people find photos and connecting with users that are relevant to them. As I create a post on Instagram, I can easily share that same post with our Facebook platform as well, so it saves me a lot of time! As Brittany, the Minnetonka’s concierge would say “Instagram is all about the filters!”  Brittany added, “What’s not to love hashtags? It’s the ultimate link to identifying individual salons, and tags each of my post as such. I have a top ten hashtags list, tag our location and even add details about our salon professionals. My top three hashtags are pretty to the point, example : #salonsbyjc #salonsbyjcminnetonka and my favorite #thesuitelife!  All in all, promotion expands our influence, tenants talent is dynamic and exciting and share ability is a breeze. Plus, what’s not to love about filters, (she really does love her filters), screenshots and share options! When I’m breezing through Facebook, I will often select the option of “save post,” backtrack later in my day and repost information from our specialists or bloggers who have information I want to share for inspiration”.

Brittany Rohs, Concierge at Salons by JC Minnetonka

Social Media Success Tips

Now that you are all pumped up and ready to dive into the social media world and kick off your marketing plan here are some tips from Miriah and Brittany:

  • Utilize all the free references that are out there before spending any money on social media
  • Read Pinterest Blogs
  • Ask around about FREE social media marketing classes
  • Learn how to self-improve your business before you start paying someone to do it for you
  • Create  your goal and plan – make small goals then expand
  • Optimize your time
  • Take picture, lots of pictures!
  • Share, Share, Share!!
  • Start small – one ad a week and progress as you get more comfortable

Look out 2018

What do the ladies have in store for 2018? When I asked, Miriah responded, “It’s top secret!”  Salons by JC prides itself in having the Concierge be a vital piece to the success of each location.  We appreciate all that Mirah and Brittany have done for their Minnesota locations and look forward to more great success stories from their locations.

Salons by JC – Social Media Blog Series 
Blog written by: Marlene Flores in collaboration with Miriah Classen and Brittany Rohs
About Brittany Rohs: Brittany is currently a Concierge at Salons by JC Minnetonka, Minnesota where she invests her time collaborating with passionate salon professionals. Brittany studied Fine Art in Arizona, and moved to the Pacific North west after her first child was born, where she worked as a medical administrative concierge and caregiver in privatized healthcare.  She has also happily pursued work as a passionate baker and cook over the years. After recently relocating from the North West, Brittany now calls Minneapolis home with her two kids Izzie and Gideon. As a family, they spend their free time gardening, escaping to grand outdoor adventures, baking delicious treats or creating artistic masterpieces with paint and ink.
About Miriah Classen: Miriah intended to go into the medical field when she started her College career.  She moved to Minneapolis two years ago from Duluth, Minnesota and was hired as a full-time receptionist at a high-end salon in South Minneapolis. Having two aunts who were Master Stylists in very high-end salons for many years, made her familiar with the business. During her time there, she learned a lot about herself, the beauty business, and the professionals that worked there. She became very passionate about this industry and wanted more responsibility and to learn more about the salon industry from a management position. She made the move to Salns by JC Southdale Square and will be celebrating her one year anniversary this November. “I’m busy enjoying life! I believe that success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life. It’s about what you inspire others to do. Maybe that’s why I love my job here at Salons by JC so much, because every day when a tour walks in, we inspire others to take a chance and follow their dream!”

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