Kendall Palm: Salon Suite Success During COVID-19

Dec 3, 2020

For Peter and Cyndi Scher opening their Salons by JC Kendall Palms location was going to be like clockwork for these seasoned salon suite veterans.  The 2019 Franchisees of the Year did not think that they would be going head to head with a new competitor to their market, COVID-19.

Pivotal Marketing Moves 

The Scher’s quickly went to work to make changes to an already successful marketing campaign.  “We changed our marketing from no weeks free to 4 weeks free, then 8 weeks free”, stated Cyndi Scher.  “Everyone who started with us on our opening day received 8 weeks free”.  They didn’t stop there.  Cyndi and Peter increased their marketing spend on Google and also began advertising in Spanish to reach their target market.  Their Kendale Lakes and Kendall Palm locations are located in the Miami-Dade area which is predominantly Latino markets. 

Salons by JC Kendall Palm

Suite Assurance

They made sure suite owners and their guests would feel comfortable and safe while coming to the location.  “The suite concept is a blessing during this time of social distancing. The suite owners can be in their suite one on one with their clients, wearing their masks, while having complete control of who they see.”  The Scher’s also put up signs in English and Spanish letting everyone know that masks were required at their location.  They also removed all seating to prevent anyone from lingering in the hallways.  “We also have a thorough cleaning service come to our location several times a week,” stated Peter Scher. 

The Concierge

Maribel, the Kendall Palm Concierge, has been a tremendous asset to the leasing success of this location during this pandemic.  “Our suite owners immediately feel at ease knowing Maribel is just as concerned about COVID-19 safety as they are,” stated Cyndi.  “She was available to help with furniture and product deliveries and leading each and every guest to their suite for services.” Maribel has been working with the Scher’s for over two years.  “Her overall knowledge of how the suites are managed, how she genuinely cares for each suite owner’s success, and her professionalism are felt by all of our potential suite owners when they inquire about leasing.”

Concierge, Maribel, and suite owner

Making Successful Adjustments

Peter and Cyndi rolled with the punches of this pandemic and have come out on top.  Cyndi has always practiced using FaceTime or WhatsApp Video to connect with her suite owners so it was not a far stretch for her to begin touring via these video apps.  “We toured using FaceTime and WhatsApp and also took all the necessary precautions and wear masks to make any potential suite owner feel comfortable when they arrived to tour in person,” stated Cyndi.  “We also always sent our tours to our Instagram page to view the suites we had featured.”  The Scher’s also stated that they were very patient and took the time to answer all questions presented to them.  

One of the many creative suites at the Kendall Palm location


Some Words of Advice

Cyndi and Peter cannot stress enough the important role their concierge played in communicating and being responsive during the early stage of the pandemic.  “Your concierge will make or break you.  If you have a fabulous concierge, then it will be that much easier to have prospects join your suites, retain suite owners, and referrals.  Pay them well, look for property management experience, and show your appreciation for them often!.”  Cyndi also added, “be ready to offer more free weeks than you have planned- you never know.”

Peter and Cyndi Scher

Salons by JC is the premier salon suite franchise in the U.S with over 120 locations in 26 states and Canada.  For more information about the Salons by JC franchise, contact us here.

Blog is written by:

Marlene Romo Flores – Salons by JC Franchise Marketing Manager




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