From Hardships to Success: Meet Raleigh’s Top Barber

Feb 21, 2019

Brian Henderson, a master barber and licensed instructor, has been a salon suite owner at Salons by JC Raleigh for just over a year. Born in Long Island, NY but raised in Raleigh, NC, Brian has established himself as one of Raleigh’s top barbers with an extensive clientele list.

He boasts over 20 years of barbering experience, but his path to becoming an in-demand barber is a unique journey of hardships that brought him to the successful spot he’s in today.


The School of Hard Knocks

By the age of 13, Brian was homeless. A short time later, he was involved in gang activity that sent him to prison at the age of 15.  “I ended up in prison for 15 years straight, and it was during this time that I learned to do hair,” Brian shares.

During this time, Brian earned both a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and was a part of an inaugural program that allowed prisoners to earn their Barber Certification through more than 1,500 hours of classroom instruction and a yearlong apprenticeship.

“Barbering was all I had when I was incarcerated,” he discloses. “I put all my future into my ability to cut hair. I practiced as hard as I could and school paved the foundation to my future.”

After completing all courses and apprenticeships, Brian moved on and earned his Instructor’s License in 2013.  “Since I’ve been home, I have stayed employed within the hair care industry while teaching as a licensed instructor.”

Building His Business

Shortly after earning his Instructor’s License, Brian was hired by one of the largest private barber college’s on the East Coast, where he taught various barbering classes for several years.

Unfortunately, the school he worked for closed down, and Brian was forced back into the workforce without any type of clientele roster.

New to the expansive world of social media, Brian knew he had to earn business – and fast. “My entire clientele was built from social media. Social media has made my business what it is – a viable, thriving business”.

As Brian expanded his portfolio and skills, he was abruptly let go of the traditional barbershop he worked at.  “I needed a place to work ASAP – it was the week of Thanksgiving and those six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years are our busiest of the year,” he states.

Welcome to Salons by JC Raleigh

This prompt action took Brian to Salons by JC Raleigh, where he’s called his salon suite his own since 2017 and has amplified his barbering business.

“The owners have created a cozy environment and are active in the growth of their suite owners. I have witnessed this firsthand and have never worked in a better environment than Salons by JC“.

Brian is glad to have a shop to call his own, where he’s able to grow his business without limits. He shares, “The staff is key in assisting us with daily necessities while the other suite owners are always helpful and friendly with each other.”

Giving Back to His Community

Brian’s success and barbering skills has allowed him to travel to various cosmetology schools to teach classes on barbering.  

Unlike most, Brian is very open about sharing his story and uses his experiences to speak at public events directed to at-risk youth in his community.

“I’m hoping to inspire them to change – I was them, so maybe I can initiate a spark in them.”  It’s clear that Brian has not let any obstacle hold him back from success and inspiring others.  

We are proud to have the opportunity to share Brian’s impressive story – we look forward to his continued success as a talented barber at Salons by JC Raleigh.

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