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Salons by JC Franchise Owner Feature – Cary, North Carolina

Jackie Cox and her husband, Eugene, recently opened the new Salons by JC location in Cary, North Carolina. They received some great press coverage in a story published by The News & Observer, the local newspaper in the Raleigh/Durham area. Check out the full article here and learn more about the great opportunity offered by ownership of your own Salons by JC location.


Backstory: Salons by JC outfitted for other owners

Eugene Cox says Salons by JC is one of the largest salon spaces in North Carolina.

The 9,000-square-foot space at The Centrum at Crossroads shopping center houses 48 suites outfitted for beauty and wellness professionals.

Owners Eugene and Jackie Cox opened Salons by JC in Cary in December after securing four adjacent stores for their project. They knocked down the walls to create a larger space big enough to accommodate the 48 suites, Eugene Cox said.

Each suite is furnished and equipped for hair and nail stylists and wellness professionals.

“We provide chairs and sinks and anything a stylist might need, but the stylists decorate them,” Eugene Cox said. “They take the things we give them and add to them.”

The suites are rented for an all-inclusive monthly fee according to the size of the space.

A property manager is on site during regular hours to greet and direct clients to the appropriate suite and to handle facility issues.

“We help them with their business without getting into their business,” he said.

Cox, who had a 32-year career with IBM, said he and his wife spent a great deal of time looking for a business they could work at together. Salons by JC sounded like a good opportunity, he said.

“We spoke to the owners and went to San Antonio to meet them,” he said. “The franchise fit with things we like to do. We want to help people who want to run their small business and have trouble finding their own space. We can solve that problem.

“And J.C. is my wife’s initials. That didn’t hurt.”

Cox said he focuses on finding and building locations while she focuses on the day-to-day operations.

The couple, longtime Triangle residents, have plans for four more locations in the area.

“It’s an opportunity for stylists to own their business without the troubles of a full-service salon,” Jackie Cox said. “A lot of these folks are ready to do their own thing, but may not have the capital or experience to open a huge salon, and in many cases they don’t want to deal with the drama and headaches of hiring and managing staff, or the complexities of payroll, accounting and long-term leasing.”

Jackie Cox said she likes Salons by JC’s business model because it allows the stylists to have their own salon name within the Salon by JC brand, operate their business and set their own hours, services and pricing.

Salons by JC takes care of the maintenance so the stylists can solely focus on their clients and their creativity, they said.

“We have a large, elegant facility,” Eugene Cox said. “The reaction we have gotten from a lot of clients when they walk in is, ‘Wow.’ And that’s what we’re going for.”

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