Southlake welcomes newest Salons by JC Texas location

Nov 19, 2020

Adapt. This is what our franchise had to do due to the challenges that they faced with our present circumstances.  Owners had to make sure they were in accordance with new guidelines as ordered by their state’s Cosmetology boards.  John and Susan Roberts are the owners of Salons by JC Southlake in the Dallas area.  They opened their location in July of this year at fifty percent capacity.  Their leasing keeps gaining momentum as they use COVID-19 to their advantage.

Salons by JC Southlake

The advantage 

“We used COVID-19 to our advantage when leasing,” stated John Roberts. Targeting salon professionals that were ready to be on their own and who were unsure if their traditional salon would reopen was a key factor in their leasing momentum.  “We started advertising for ‘private, clean spaces’ for stylists and their clients.  This worked out great for us.”   

Susan and John Roberts, owners of Salons by JC Southlake

Beauty professionals were searching for a clean and contained space where they would feel safe while working.  “The majority of our suite owners came from large salons where shampoo bowls and other areas were being shared.  This caused concern for cross-contamination.”

The importance of the concierge

John and his wife, Susan share the concierge duties at their Southlake location.  Being at the location every day gives them the opportunity to share the front desk duties and also complete various tasks.  “We love our salon space and it shows when we are giving tours,” stated John.  “We make sure to reply to all calls, texts, and emails as soon as possible”.  

Southlake break area and training room


Sharing the role of concierge has allowed John and Susan to discover the needs of their suite owners. “We have found that most suite owners just want someone that they can talk to or express a concern to without filling out a form or sending an email making them wait for a reply that may take days or sometimes weeks,” stated John.  “They love being able to walk to the front desk or send us a text and know that their issue will be resolved right away.”   Taking such great care of their location is encouraging their suite owners to motivate their friends to move over to the Southlake location.  “We have everything that the suite owner wants from ample parking, free laundry, a large break room/training room, and a “Sonic” ice machine.  No one else has that.”

The ideal space for a beauty professional

“Although the pandemic is scary this business model is a great solution,” stated John.  Salons by JC prides itself on creating the perfect space for its salon suite owners to thrive.  “It provided the perfect space for our guests to get their services done without fear that people are going to be close by contaminating their space.”

Common area

As suite owners, you have full control over your space.  You control your environment and have the time to keep it clean and sanitary providing a healthy area for your clientele.  This allows your guest to be comfortable as they receive their service.

“We walked everyone through our process of making sure that the salon is cleaned daily, face masks are required, and all COVID requirements were being met and would be enforced at our location.”

Words of advice for new franchisees

We asked John and Susan to share some nuggets of wisdom to new Salons by JC franchisees that are working on opening their locations in 2021.  Some key points he touched on were; be patient, utilize the Salons by JC franchise network, ask more questions, and talk to the corporate office.  “Know that this is not an overnight process and that it takes time.  Slow and steady is the key,” stated John.

Salons by JC is the premier salon suite franchise in the U.S with over 120 locations in 26 states and Canada.  For more information about the Salons by JC franchise, contact us here.

Blog written by:

Marlene Romo Flores – Salons by JC Franchise Marketing Manager

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