Beauty, Brains, and Brows: Tamara Samara Salon

Jan 17, 2019

Tamara Samara De Paiva, eyebrow specialist and esthetician at Salons by JC Sandy Springs, was voted Best Brows in Atlanta by Atlanta Magazine for 2018 – and received the news as she celebrated her one year anniversary as a salon suite owner.

“I honestly couldn’t believe it, I picked up my plaque and still can’t believe it!” Tamara shares.

A Brazilian-native who immigrated to the United States at six years old, beauty has always been a part of Tamara’s lifestyle. “In our culture, beauty is a big part of a Brazilian woman’s identity, I’m proud that we are constantly challenging the meaning of beauty.”

Even after a small beauty mishap as a child, “I decided to play ‘salon’ and gave my sister a nice bowl cut and shaved one of her eyebrows clean off,”  Tamara knew the beauty world was where she was meant to be. “After my mother’s screams had eased down, I knew this was the career path for me.”



At just 17 years old, Tamara began an apprenticeship with a local esthetician. While working through her apprenticeship, she fell in love with the beauty of aesthetics through her mentor, Suley Smith. “I worked alongside her for six years as she continued to help me perfect my craft. I must have made her head spin with my constant questions!”

What intrigued Tamara most about becoming an eyebrow specialist was the ability to combine two of her passions. “Eyebrows allows me to marry science and art. Every face is different and it requires an artistic vision to be able to bring balance to the face.”


After working in open salons, Tamara knew her creative juices were being limited and desired to grow her evolving brand. “I loved practicing in spaces owned by others, but I had a lot of ideas that I could only put into practice if the space was mine.”

Not long after this realization, Tamara started her own business at Salons by JC in Sandy Springs, GA and wasted no time designing her salon suite to fit her brand. “I was able to make every inch reflect my personal style.”

Starting a salon suite take a lot of start-up work, “When I found myself trying to make that jump to ownership, I admit I didn’t know where to start. But Tamara credits salon owners Trevor and Gerthy Agard with helping her make sure her new salon suite got started on the right foot. “Trevor and Gerthy have really taken the time to make sure all my concerns are met, while still allowing me to run my business how I choose.”

Within one year, Tamara has established a dedicated clientele list, added new services to her salon, and was selected for Atlanta Magazine’s “Best Of” for Best Brows in Atlanta.

Tamara’s social media serves as a great source to showcase her talent and allow her clients to get to know her on a personal leave. “My clients and I refer to social media as ‘the new yellow pages.’ Anything you need is just a hashtag away!”

By sharing snippets of her personal life mixed in with her professional work, Tamara is able to build relationships with her clients and offer personalized services to fit each clients’ needs. “Social media has been a key factor in the success of my business,” she says.

After an enormously successful 2018, what’s next for Tamara Samara Salon? Furthering her Esthetics education by finishing her chemistry degree at Kennesaw State University. “Science has always been a huge passion of mine and I hope to use my degree in the line of work I am in now. Maybe my own product line in the future?!” an excited Tamara shares.

No matter what the future holds for Tamara, she’s proud to be a suite owner at Salons by JC, her “career home.”  “I’ve now practiced for seven years and hopefully many more years to come.”


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