2018 Salon Suite Owner Goals

Jan 11, 2018

With the start of a new year, this is the time many of us write out our goals.  The goals we set for ourselves will set the pace for us throughout the year.  Goals are a great way to measure your progress and also give yourself #treatyoself days for reaching those short and long-term goals.

For many small business owners, goals are what keep us motivated.  More sales, more clientele, more activity on social media – all of these are viable goals that can be reached.  If you haven’t planned out your list, here are some goals that you can set for yourself as a salon suite owner:

Increase your social media presence

A great goal to set for your salon suite business is to increase your social media presence.  If you have a Facebook or Instagram account for your business, create a realistic posting schedule for yourself.  Create a schedule you know you will adhere to.  You can start out by posting twice a week and increase as you see fit.  Since you have the ability to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts, one post on Instagram can be shared on your Facebook account.  Facebook prides itself in being a leader in assisting the small business owner to be successful.


Get more clientele

Having a great clientele base is a key to success.  One way you can gain more clients is by asking your current customers for referrals.  Word of mouth is still the best method of making people aware of your business.  Your clientele is your walking work of art.  They are your business card.  Psst! They also love to post stuff on their social media so that’s FREE marketing! 


Establish your brand

If you do not have a logo or business name, set one up for yourself.  If you do have one, then work on your color scheme and the branding of your logo.  You can invest in some promotional items that you can share with you clients – business cards, flyers, pens, and pins are always fun to have to give out.  Plus, who doesn’t love FREE swag!!  A perfect example of successful salon suite branding is Gina Fraser, owner of Posh Brows Microblading located at Salons by JC Point Loma.

Set your business plan for the year

It is scary owning your own business.  Having a great business plan can help you stay organized throughout the year and keep you within budget.  Tracking your expenses and planning ahead will help you create a thriving salon suite business. There are many free resources available to small business owners. Check out your local small business development centers in your area to get more information.

These are just a few ideas to get your started to assist in getting your list of goals created for 2018.  So how many more did you think of to make your business excel this year?  Checking your progress every three months is great.  Pat yourself on the back when you reach your goals and don’t forget to reward yourself for your hard work.

About Salons by JC

In 1998, founders Jack Griffey and Cecil Miller opened the doors of the first Salons by JC in Dallas, Texas. Their big idea was to help beauty and wellness professionals break free from the traditional salon model. The company began franchising in 2011, and has since grown to over 87 locations in 24 states as well as Canada. The company’s innovative business model now gives over 2,500 salon and spa professionals the ability to be their own boss. The company was recently named #1 Salon Suite on Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Fortune 500” list. For more information, visit Salonsbyjc.com.

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