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Women: The New Driving Force in Franchising

In recent years, the franchising industry has seen a dramatic increase in the number of women-owned and led franchises.  In the past, the franchise world has been a largely male-dominated arena, but now more and more women are jumping at the chance to find success in the world of franchising.  More women are making up a huge percentage of the workforce and striving for the ideal work-life balance. Entrepreneurship is taking center stage as more women are venturing into small business ownership.  


The Rise of the Female Franchisee

In 2018, 30% of franchises were owned by women, according to “Women on Business”.  The huge increase can at least partially be attributed to the fact that the franchise business model is composed of the perfect guides and processes to follow for anyone ready to become their own boss, allowing them to circumvent many of the roadblocks that first-time entrepreneurs may face. Additionally, investing in a franchise offers the benefits of a supportive corporate team that can help prepare women, or anyone,  to run their business more effectively.  Salons by JC 2019 Franchisee of the Year, Cyndi Scher states, “Franchising is a wonderful way to enter the world of owning your own business because you are able to follow a proven method of success and turn to your corporate office for all the questions that arise in growing your business.”

Cyndi and Peter Scher

Cyndi and husband Peter, own three franchise locations in the Florida area- Salons by JC Hollywood, Salons by JC Palm Beach Gardens, Salons by JC Kendale Lakes–  and are getting ready to open location number four – Salons by JC Kendall Palm in the Spring of 2020.  Coming from a restaurant franchise background, Cyndi was excited to explore the world of the salon suite industry.

“I love the opportunity to work with so many women cosmetologists, it is truly empowering to empower all of our tenants.  Many have said they want to follow my example and that is such an honor to hear”

As Cyndi invests in her salon community, each suite owner invests in their small business with the support of their local salon team.

The Importance of Balance

A huge factor that has many women leaving the typical 40+ hour workweek is work-life balance.  Just like our suite owners, who are able to create flexible schedules, make their own hours, and spend more time with family, the same can be said for a franchisee.  I definitely have a better work-life balance than any type of employee situation would offer me. I may often work crazy hours, but that’s my choice and I’m doing it for our business,” states Cyndi Scher.

That hard work has paid off as Cyndi opened her third location at capacity and was full 3 months prior to its opening date. “If I choose to work less than the average employee, that is also my choice.”

“There is no better feeling than being in control of your time, and I do believe that time is my most valuable asset”.

Being in control of your work situation is a blessing. Female franchisees value being able to raise a family, be a successful businesswoman, and an active member of the community and know it can all be realistically accomplished through franchising. 

What about those women who are rejoining the workforce after a long hiatus?  Many women are finding that franchising is the perfect move to get reacquainted with working again, but this time on their own terms.  Mindy Ratcliff and husband John, own 2 locations in the Austin, Texas area – Salons by JC Austin Lakeline and Salons by JC Round Rock.  They recently acquired 2 more in the Houston, Texas area – Salons by JC Houston Baybrook Mall and Salons by JC Pearland Parkway. “After a long hiatus of raising kids, I love getting to be the driving force behind helping other women “be their own boss” and afford them the opportunity to raise their families while being successful owners like us,” stated Mindy.

Mindy and John Ratcliff and family

Mindy leads by example and is a great example for her suite owners of someone who is living proof that with perseverance success can be achieved for a working mom.

Building Your Network

Franchisee, April Simek, owner of Salons by JC Minnetonka, Salons by JC Southdale, and Salons by JC Uptown in the Minnesota area, agrees that one of the biggest benefits of being a franchisee is having direct control.  I appreciate having direct control of how I spend my time, further developing my leadership skills and directly seeing the results of my hard work. Above all, I find great satisfaction in owning my own business and empowering other women to launch their own businesses”.

April and her team of Concierges, were able to excel in their leadership and business skills by actively attending seminars and classes to enhance their working knowledge and share it with their salon suite owners. “Develop your network with other business owners to share best practices and use as a sounding board for solving issues. This network will become invaluable in the years to come,” stated Simek.

Miriah Clasen, Concierge of the Year 2019 and April Simek

 “You need to be willing to work hard, particularly in the first year or two of getting your business established. You also cannot underestimate the value of hiring high-quality staff. Your team will be walking billboards for your brand-they must represent the values of your business daily to provide the very best customer experience and build loyalty over time with clients.”

Strong community business ties enable your business to grow from word of mouth. Having a committed staff speaks for itself as they follow your lead to care for your business the way you do.

On Your Own But Never Alone

A key factor behind the success of these locations, and other franchise owners,  is their connection with the corporate office. “The Salons by JC franchise model has allowed me to run multiple units successfully due to their hands-on support in all situations.  It is very unique to be supported directly by those who started the company and encouraged at all times”, states Mindy Ratcliff. With this type of dedication from the corporate team, franchisees in our system have direct contact with each of the key factors that make up a successful business – operations, marketing, customer experience, finance, and leasing.   That type of support creates significant motivation for each franchisee that is inevitably shared by their suite owners.

“The motivation to succeed, overcome obstacles, and be an innovative piece of the success of Salons by JC”

“I love being a female in the business world”, states Cyndi Scher, “it’s empowering, financially rewarding, and it sets a wonderful example for our children.”  “We love following a proven method. Starting from scratch and opening my own concept would have been too much of a hurdle and I just didn’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel.”  As Cyndi pointed out, one of the biggest benefits of working with a franchise is that someone has already done the hard work for you, establishing the product or service, often on a wide level with a large audience. The company brand is also a key advantage. Customers and suite owners know what to expect from a well known and highly respected brand, such as Salons by JC.

April Simek adds, “this business model presents the opportunity to help others beyond myself. It’s rewarding to see so many other women and men grow and thrive in their work. And because SBJC is a smaller franchisor, relatively speaking, there is more opportunity for mentoring and coaching franchisees. The leadership team has been very supportive throughout this entire journey”.  April also boasts about the opportunity that was given to her as a franchisee, “I was given the ability to raise two small children while opening three stores in three years. This is one of the greatest accomplishments of my life!”

The Work is Its Own Reward

“Owning your own franchise is very rewarding, a lot more work than I ever expected, but worth the effort states Mindy.  “It is an incredible feeling to be the owner, boss and driving force on how well your franchise succeeds”.

April adds this piece of advice, “It’s important to first set your personal and business priorities, then do your due diligence. I recommend that you take the time to do an inventory of your passions, interests, skills, and strengths. Ideally, you will match them very closely with your franchise opportunity to ensure you are enjoying what you do daily while setting yourself up for success. It’s important to ensure there is alignment in all of these areas as this is a long-term investment.”

Interested in owning your own Salons by JC Franchise?

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Salons by JC was created as a salon suite concept, different from the traditional salon concept.  The idea was to provide the opportunity for beauty and wellness professionals to become independent salon owners within a space that was devoted to their success. By getting rid of overhead costs that are deterring to those who want to pursue dreams of owning a business, Salons by JC developed a successful layout so that all who leased a suite could reach excellence in their preferred area of expertise.  Ranked the #1 salon suite in the industry for two years in a row, Salons by JC is dedicated to the growth of each franchisee and salon suite professional.  

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Written by

Marlene Romo Flores

Marketing Manager – Salons by JC

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