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Salons by JC Celebrates 100th Location at 3rd Annual Franchise Owners Conference

The 3rd annual Salons by JC Franchise Owners Conference took place on November 10th through 12th in downtown San Antonio, Texas.  Over 75 of our franchise owners and vendors attended the 3-day conference that took place at the beautiful and historic Omni La Mansion del Rio hotel, overlooking the historic San Antonio Riverwalk, and within walking distance of the unforgettable Alamo.  When asked why the annual conference is so important, Salons by JC VP of Operations, Drew Johnston, had said, “Our conference is always a great opportunity for our franchisees to come together and learn from one another and celebrate the many successes of the year.”

Salons by JC founders, Jack Griffey and Cecil Miller
Salons by JC founders, Jack Griffey and Cecil Miller

A night on the rooftop

The conference kicked off with an exclusive mixer at The Fairmount Hotel Rooftop Bar. Boasted as “The Jewel of San Antonio”, our guests were treated to a relaxing evening with one of the most sought after views of downtown San Antonio.  Guests indulged in artisan cocktails and premiere hors d’oeuvres overlooking the Hemisfair Park entrance and Tower of the Americas.  Franchisees from across our system were able to catch up with one another while enjoying some cocktails. New members to the Salons by JC team also had the opportunity to meet many of the franchise owners in person for the first time.

Salons by JC Sunday night owners mixer.
Salons by JC Sunday night owners mixer.

New to the agenda this year was The President’s Circle Dinner hosted by founders, Jack Griffey, Cecil Miller, and President Steve Griffey.  The VIP dinner honored past franchisee of the year winners and the newest addition to that elite club. The dinner took place at NONNA Osteria located inside of The Fairmount Hotel.

Conference kickoff

Day one of the conference was jam-packed with presentations from CIC, Kaemark, the Marketing Team, and our President and VP.  Kaemark graciously brought one of their newest salon chairs and several of our franchisees had a fun time trying it out for themselves.

The highlight of the day was the presentation of awards for Concierge of the Year, highest occupancy honors, presentation of the 100th franchise location, and Suite of the Year- our newest award.  Concierge of the Year honors was awarded to Miriah Clasen, concierge at our Uptown, MN location owned by April Simek. Miriah has been with the Salons by JC community for 3 years.  She has worked at all 3 locations owned by Simek – Minnetonka, SouthdaleEdina, and most recently Uptown. Miriah is passionate about her job and the success of each location and each individual salon suite owner.  Miriah was unable to attend our conference due to a new addition to her family, her son Owen.

Miriah Clasen
Miriah Clasen

Suite of the Year- The House of Blondes by Christina Payton

The House of Blondes by Christina Payton, located in Naples, FL on 5th was the big winner of our new category, Suite of the Year.  Christina started out with one suite and one chair and has expanded her business to 3 suites and currently employs 6 stylists. Christina not only has a beautiful suite she also created a thriving business that includes a 2-year apprenticeship program specifically designed for mastering working with blonde hair.

Salons by JC Naples owner, Lisa Bayard and The House of Blondes owner, Christina Payton
Salons by JC Naples owner, Lisa Bayard and The House of Blondes owner, Christina Payton

Christina has window suites overlooking 5th Avenue in downtown Naples.  When you walk into Christina’s suite you are dazzled by the white and gold color scheme that is accented by decorative mirrors, chandeliers, and brilliant jeweled accents. The suite is beautifully branded with the House of Blondes signature logo across all windows.  Don’t forget to pick up some merchandise when you visit! Caps, bags, and shirts are the perfect complement to your experience.

100 locations and counting

Salons by JC opened its first location in 1998 in Dallas, Texas.  Jack Griffey and Cecil Miller, the “J and C” are the founders behind the success of the salon suite concept.  The company celebrated its 21st year in the industry and also the opening of its 100th location. That honor was bestowed up the Greenville, SC location owned by Wayne Kosbe and Rick Schwartz.  Wayne and Rick have been working hand in hand with the corporate operations and marketing teams gaining momentum for their opening.  “A huge part of each location’s success is based upon having a solid organizational structure and that is what Wayne and Rick have created.  They really took the time and paid attention to our advice and suggestions.  It shows as they are opening with 11 signed leases”, stated Director of Marketing, Nick Dunlap.

Cecil Miller, Salons by JC Greenville owners- Wayne Kosbe, Rick Schwartz, and Jack Griffey

Occupancy Awards

A huge part of our conference is the honoring of our stand out locations with the highest occupancy.  Those honors went to the following locations: San Jose, CA, Hollywood, FL, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, Coon Rapids, MN, Maple Grove, MN, Austin Lakeline, TX, and Cary, NC.   Awards were based upon large and small occupancy, based on the size of the location.  Several franchisees went home with more than one award.  Occupancy is a huge part of the success of our locations. It is not only based on leasing it is also based upon retention and having an adequate waiting list if the time comes for one of the suite owners to leave the location.  These owners have shown exemplary occupancy tactics and are appreciated by their suite owners.

Jack Griffey, Highest Occupancy Award Winners: Martin Gothberg, Brent Koughan, Mindy Ratcliff, John Ratcliff, Cyndi Scher, Peter Scher, and Cecil Miller

Guest Speaker – Bertrand Fontaine

Day two of the conference began with our esteemed guest speaker Bertrand Fontaine, President of SalonCentric. Bertrand addressed our audience about the importance of customer service in the salon industry from the owner to the beauty and wellness professionals. His presence electrified the audience and he had a line of franchisees waiting to greet him at the end of his presentation.  Bertrand focused on the importance of your salon community and how your online presence must be consistent in order for a salon to thrive.

Steve Griffey, Bertrand Fontaine, Jack Griffey, Cecil Miller, and Drew Johnston

“Our partnership with SalonCentric has afforded our franchisees opportunities for educational growth for our salon suite owners.  We are honored to be able to have Bertrand join us at our conference and give his insight on the salon industry”, stated Steve Griffey, President of Salons by JC.

Steve Griffey and Bertrand Fontaine

And the Franchisee of the Year award goes to…

The highlight of the conference came at the end of the day with the crowning of the 2019 Franchisee of the Year went to Cyndi and Peter Scher who own 3 locations in Florida – Hollywood, Palm Beach Gardens, Kendale Lakes, and the soon to open Kendall PalmsCyndi and Peter are franchise veterans starting their careers in the food franchise industry. 

Cecil Miller, Franchisee of the Year winners- Peter & Cyndi Scher, and Jack Griffey

They have taken what they have learned from past experiences and developed a successful mix for their locations in the salon suite industry.  The husband and wife team delegated duties to one another in order to have their business run at peak performance.  Peter manages all operations while Cyndi controls all marketing efforts.  “We took into consideration our areas of expertise as we opened store number 3.  This worked perfectly for us and as we prepare to open store number 4 we are running like a well-oiled machine”, stated Cyndi Scher.

As the conference came to an end, we were left on a high note with the expansion of the marketing team and all the innovations that will be taking place for the company to keep us as the #1 salon suite in the industry.  Looking forward to the year 2020, we capitalize on our strengths and develop our weaknesses into successes.  The last few months proved challenging for the home office but each individual accomplished more than ever with their dedication to each franchisee and suite owner.  That speaks volumes as the team looks to reach a goal of 200 locations within the next 5 years.


About Salons by JC

Salons by JC is an international company located in 26 states and in Canada.   For more information about franchising opportunities please visit https://salonsbyjc.com/franchise-opportunities/

Franchise News

Empowering You- Salons by JC takes the Orlando Hair Show

We all wish to constantly improve our work, our lives, and ourselves. At Salons by JC, we thrive as a salon suite community that supports and promotes self-empowerment and improvement. This mentality is one that Salons by JC was built upon – giving hard workers and dreamers the ability to run their own businesses. We empower and provide the tools beauty professionals need to become their own bosses. This mission is one that drove the Salons by JC team to the Premiere Orlando Hair Show for a weekend packed of empowering YOU.

On June 2, Salons by JC hosted its first ever national educational workshop at the OC Convention Center in sunny Orlando, Florida. In partnership with our good friends from Salon Centric, Salons by JC was thrilled to invite keynote speakers to communicate and share their stories with both the location and salon suite owners in attendance.

The three keynote speakers in attendance are industry movers and shakers in their own rights. The keynote speakers included: Daniel Mason Jones– Social Media Influencer and Owner and Creative Director of Muse Salon and Spa in Atlanta, Ryan Hanson- Digital Marketing Manager at Salon Centric, and Kim Becker– Founder and CEO of Hello Gorgeous! of Hope, Inc., a non-profit that provides makeovers of a lifetime to women battling cancer all over the nation.

The event kicked off with a note from Salons by JC President, Steve Griffey. “I’m grateful to the people in attendance and their commitment to improving their craft – business skills, social media, and leveraging technology,” Griffey said. “We plan on launching robust educational training across all markets.”

Salons by JC President, Steve Griffey addresses the attendees

This was huge to share with salon suite owners. Salons by JC wants to continue to provide salon suite owners with the tools they need to be successful, while providing them with the knowledge needed to operate from the ground up. This includes empowering, training, and equipping salon suite owners with resources to help them manage salon finances, basic business principles, and plan for the future.

“The first major step toward this new training begins here – at Premiere Orlando,” Griffey said in his final statements. “We are thankful to Salon Centric for giving us this opportunity today. Today is not only about improving you, but improving your business.”

“WTF?”- Why the Fear?

Daniel Mason Jones of Muse Salon and Spa was the first keynote speaker to address salon suite owners in attendance. He began by asking, “WTF?- Why The Fear? Fear holds us back from the things we want to do and the goals we want to accomplish.”

Jones opened by sharing his background and his early desires to be an embalmer at a funeral home. Despite his initial goals, Jones explained that life has a funny way of placing you exactly where you’re meant to be. “You are each here today, because this is exactly where you’re supposed to be,” Jones said to the audience. “I’m here today because this is where I am supposed to be.”

Daniel Mason Jones tells his tale of success

What shifted Jones’ path toward the hair industry was a chance encounter. One day on the job, a client of his shared that she was in the midst of battling stage 4 breast cancer. After chatting with her for a while, she asked him if he was interested in cutting her long hair. He agreed and quickly realized that this was not going to be an ordinary haircut. This was going to be an experience that would change the course of his life, forever.

“That day, I gave more than just a haircut,” Jones recalled. “It was a confirmation of her illness.” As he cut and styled her hair that day, Jones realized the power he had to deliver happiness in the grim face of an often harsh reality. He had the power to make a positive impact in someone’s life who deserved it most. “My client tied everything into place for the rest of my career that day.” Hair became Jones’ calling, his life’s purpose – living for the growth and success of others.

Jones discussed the importance of time – and the essence that what we decide to do with the time we have been given while on Earth is imperative. He directed the audience towards a video of a contestant from X-Factor UK who was continuously told by colleagues that he would never make it – he was not good enough. At the end of the video, the contestant delivered a spectacular performance that blew everyone away.

“Don’t keep your talents hidden, no matter what people tell you,” Jones shared. “The talents you have are meant to shared with the world, and the world deserves to see them.”  Jones’ words of wisdom left everyone in attendance inspired and revitalized to keep pursuing and realizing their dreams.

President Steve Griffey and Daniel Mason Jones

Let’s Get Social

After a quick break, the group reconvened for the social media portion of the workshop where both Daniel Mason Jones and Ryan Hanson from Salon Centric demonstrated the importance of online branding.

Daniel Mason Jones and Ryan Hanson talk social

“Social media is all about tactics and strategies,” Hanson shared. “At Salon Centric, we have over 100 brands, and we showcase them through brand ambassadors and UGC – user generated content. Instagram stories are a great way to showcase testimonials, products, and sharing incrementally about what you do in your suite space. ”

President Steve Griffey, Daniel Mason Jones, Ryan Hanson, and Drew Johnston

One of Hanson’s main points was that stylists often focus too much on the before and after images. While they are valuable in their own right, people are also interested in the process.  Sharing the story behind the business, employees, and clients are also of great importance. It is the human aspect of social media to which users respond the best. Allow the audience into your work space and make them feel immersed in your world.

Impacting Your Community Through Your Skills

The last keynote speaker of the day was Hello Gorgeous! of Hope Founder and CEO, Kim Becker. Her sister and Hello Gorgeous Coordinator/Trainer, Trisha Greenlee, and Hello Gorgeous Trainer, Julene Franz, were present in the audience for her presentation.  2018 beckoned the start of a wonderful relationship between Salons by JC and Hello Gorgeous! Hello Gorgeous! gifts women battling cancer a day to forget their hardships, doctors, and medications, and just feel beautiful for a day. Their goal to is to return some of the femininity that the battle with cancer too often strips away.

“We were so blessed when Steve reached out to us at the end of last year,” Kim shared. “We are excited about rolling out this program across the Salons by JC markets. The Salons by JC corporate team is truly passionate about the empowering you mission and bringing this program to women who really need it.”

Hello Gorgeous! Founder and CEO, Kim Becker enlightens the crowd about community involvement

Together, Salons by JC and Hello Gorgeous have put together two very successful and emotional Hello Gorgeous Makeover Days at two corporate locations in San Antonio and New Braunfels, for two very deserving women. The impact is best put in Kim’s own words: “This past April we had a makeover day in New Braunfels and the Gorgeous Lady recipient came back to give hugs to the salon suite owners a few weeks later.” Those kinds of relationship are what Hello Gorgeous! is all about. 

Salons by JC Team and The Hello Gorgeous Team

Even the smallest amount of time given to a charitable cause will have a significant impact in how you and your business are viewed. Kim’s mission is a reminder of how our actions, as individual businesses and as business owners, play a big role in our community’s success. Spreading positivity and goodwill into the world is a great thing and if your business can be a part of that, then seize every opportunity you get.

Future So Bright

It was a whirlwind weekend in the Sunshine State. The first ever Salons by JC Empowering YOU Workshop went off without a hitch and attendees walked away feeling even more empowered and motivated to take on the world.

“I really learned a lot today. This is all new to me, but I want to learn so that I can share what I know with my Salon Suite Owners and help them grow their business,” said Rita Carter, Owner of Salons by JC Mobile after the event. “When Daniel Mason Jones spoke about fears, it really hit the nail on the head and made you think, what is your fear?”

Salons by JC aims to continue to provide information to salon suite owners that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn from the most trusted industry professionals. This is the first step in a long process of becoming the nation’s premiere salon suite concept – not only in the realm of retail space, but of entrepreneurial education and development.

Workshop attendees with the 20 year anniversary banner

We thank all the inaugural Empower You Workshop speakers, attendees, and Salon Centric for partnering with us on this endeavor. We cannot wait to continue our mission of delivering quality to the Salons by JC community and empowering more individuals to come.

About Salons by JC: In 1997, Jack Griffey and Cecil Miller began their journey to transform the beauty industry one salon suite at a time. Like most young entrepreneurs, they started out with a big idea but had to learn how to start and run a business from scratch. After much perseverance and hard work, one year later, they opened Salons by JC in Dallas, TX in 1998, welcoming beauty and wellness specialists who were ready to break free from the traditional salon model. The company has since moved its headquarters from Dallas to San Antonio, where it continues to grow through franchising. Today, Salons by JC has over 87 locations in 24 states and Canada.  For more information, visit salonsbyjc.com or salonsbyjc.com/franchise


Blog written by:
Miranda Gonzales
Account Coordinator
Sammis & Ochoa 


Business & Marketing

Salons by JC – Top 5 Reasons for Becoming Self-Employed

Owners of employee salons have long argued that making more money isn’t one of the biggest pay-offs of going solo. Not so. The problem with the side-by-side income comparisons most often used in the industry is that they underestimate self-employed stylists’ incomes and overestimate taxes because they don’t account for business deductions like rent and education. To explore the full, true benefits of self-employment, Salons by JC polled hundreds of its own suite renters, whose professional experience ranges from one year to over 16 years. Thus, Salons by JC has pinpointed the top five biggest real-world financial and personal benefits of becoming a self-employed stylist. 

ONE:  The Ability to Make More Money. The majority of salon pros who chose self-employment did so in hopes of making more money. And, the clear majority did. In the Salons by JC 2016 Tenant Survey, 75% of Salons by JC suite renters said their incomes increased by as much as 20%, and another 24.3% said their incomes increased by 21% to 30%.

In Corpus Christi, Texas, Tim “Bo” Mac, says he wasn’t looking to be self-employed but when his salon owner presented him with a 150-mile radius non-compete, it left him no option. “I’ve been in a Salons by JC suite for about 9 months now, and my income has increased by about 40%,” says Mac. “In my old salon, I was paid a salary with no benefits. Now, own a home and have new car, instead of living paycheck to paycheck. I am in control of what I make. I wasn’t a person who thought he could be self-employed, but the deal breaker was how minimal start-up costs were; a Salons by JC suite comes with quality furniture, electricity, plumbing and everything I needed.”

Sarah Heath, whose Salons by JC suite is in Austin, Texas, says she was always entrepreneurial and went right from cosmetology school to a rental salon to a Salons by JC suite. “Last year, I made just over $100,000, says Heath. “My rent is about $12,000 a year, and I’m disciplined about running a business. I also sold $12,000 in retail last year. I know I’d feel bad giving my clients 100% and getting only 50% back in income. But I really chose independence for the opportunity and flexibility.” 

TWO:  Freedom Over Your Own Schedule. Heath isn’t alone in wanting control over her schedule. In the Salons by JC survey, nearly 30% of respondents said they moved to a suite for “freedom over my hours.” Mac uses that freedom to educate for Pravana and have “husband and father days,” while Heath, whose retailing success resulted in the opportunity to teach bimonthly classes for Aquage says, “That wouldn’t have happened if I weren’t at Salons by JC.”

Many other stylists say they want flexible hours to be able to take classes, work on platform, accommodate early-morning or late-evening clients and enjoy a work/life balance.  At Salons by JC in Bolingbrook, Illinois, tenant Monna Bianca says she became self-employed so she could leave work to pick up her children from school, share a dinner and then return to work for a while. 

THREE:  Total Independence. It isn’t just scheduling flexibility the self-employed crave. Several surveys reveal that independent-minded salon professionals want to set their own policies and procedures, design their own spaces, decide to discount or not on their own and choose the products they want to carry.

Esthetician Katheen Fereday, whose The Light Touch by Kathleen is located in Salons by JC in Charlotte, North Carolina, says “If I had known how much better being self-employed was, I’d have done it a long time ago.” After 30-plus years in the beauty industry and 13 years in a local salon, she recalls that employees were required to carry clear purses to deter product theft. “Now, I can charge what I want, and if I decide to do a client’s brows gratis, I don’t have to worry about someone telling the desk how I did brows that weren’t paid for.” 

FOUR:  Convenience for Stylists and Their Clients. As an esthetician, Fereday says she always worked in a private room, but that both she and her clients favor the bright, clean, private suite and concierge service at Salons by JC. “My clients love the atmosphere,” she says. “You always lose a few clients when you move, but I’ve gained more though marketing, word-of-mouth and referrals from the stylist renters. I can come in early or stay late, which is as convenient for my clients as it is for me. If I want, I can book an extra 15 minutes to accommodate clients who run late, so neither of us is rushed. I love that I’m not under pressure anymore; even my husband noticed I’m in a better mood than when I was an employee.”

FIVE:  The Ability to Keep More of What You Really Earn. Ultimately, self-employment means keeping more of what you earn. When employees deliver services, and sell retail, they often bring in much more than they keep, and it’s not just due to commission payments. It’s rarely mentioned during hiring but some salons deduct “product fees” from stylists’ incomes, which can bring 50% commission down to about 43%. Then, there’s retail. Self-employed stylists can mark-up products as much as they want and keep all the profits, instead of getting 10 or 15 percent–if they meet quotas.

Fereday estimates that after moving into her Salons by JC suite 2½ years ago, she makes about 35% more than she did as a commission-paid employee and reinvests it into new equipment, so she can offer all the new services, like LED light therapy.  She also says she now has the extra money visit her grandchildren in Kentucky, travel to the mountains and “enjoy life more.”

Mac set up a retirement plan—one of the best ways to keep more money and earn even more from it. Bianca, who raised her balayage prices by $25 for current clients and by $40 for new ones, says she can now pay for the higher-quality products she prefers and take the classes she chooses. “I invest in unique classes first; I’m still working on saving more,” she says. “But I can pay my bills just fine and never work on weekends. When stylists hear that, they’re amazed.”

Whatever your reason for joining millions of other self-employed professionals, the fact you can make and keep more money is a reality. The key is to recognize that working for yourself isn’t all about the flex-time. Put in the hours, add to your income with retail, manage your salon suite like a professional business, and a higher income will follow.

Franchise News

Mixed-Use Property Sells for $5M; New Salon Planned

View the full article at the Triad Business Journal. 

Glen Rock, N.J.-based The Bedrin Org. this week purchased St. George Square in Winston-Salem for $5.11 million and plans to build the Triad’s second Salons by JC there.

The mixed-use property, built in 2008 and located off Hanes Mall Boulevard, includes two buildings that total nearly 41,000 square feet, as well as two pad sites, where The Bedrin Org. expects additional development.

The site was sold by 620 St. George Square Ct. LLC, an entity managed by Stabilis Fund I LP, a New York-based private equity fund. Bedrin said an affiliate of Channel Real Estate Funds provided half of the equity, with the Bedrin family putting in the balance. CBRE represented the seller in the transaction.

The Bedrin Org. owns a half-dozen properties throughout Greensboro and High Point. St. George Square marks its first Winston-Salem acquisition, according to Garret Bedrin, head of acquisitions and leasing. At closing, the property was 70 percent leased.
Salons by JC, a multitenant beauty salon concept, will be built in about 6,700 square feet of shell space on the second floor of one of the buildings, with construction to begin in September and opening expected in early January. That brings occupancy to 87 percent.
Bedrin said the salon is expected to cost about $800,000. A contractor has not yet been selected.
It is the second Triad location for Garret and Mike Bedrin, the franchisees. They opened a Greensboro location in Caldwell Court shopping center, also owned by The Bedrin Org., earlier this year. That salon is configured into 19 mini-suites that are leased to independent beauty operators. It is now 100 percent leased.

The new salon will have 33 mini-suites, Bedrin said.
Other tenants include Regus, a provider of temporary furnished office suites, in more than 10,000 square feet; Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in 3,400 square feet; Hakka Chow, an Asian fusion restaurant, in about 5,000 square feet; and Strands Salon & Spa in about 2,000 square feet.
The one-story building also on the property is leased by Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Nothing Bundt Cakes, State Farm Insurance and The Basil Leaf restaurant.
The site has three vacant units — with 1,360, 1,370 and 2,879 square feet — and Charlie Fulk at Meridian Realty in Winston-Salem will handle that leasing. Meridian will manage the property.

“We are aggressively looking to fill up the remaining spaces, including more food, a small private fitness studio like Pure Barre or Orange Theory, or a social-based experience provider like a ‘Paint and Sip,’ wine tasting, ice cream parlor,” Bedrin said.
He hopes to develop the two remaining land pieces for service-oriented retail or medical, perhaps an urgent care or similar facility.
“We think St. George can be a one-stop development to allow someone to rent an office, visit the salon, work out, eat lunch and have a glass of wine with their friends all in a safe, well-located and beautiful environment,” Bedrin said.

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