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Community Involvement Specialist Spotlight

Project P.R.O.M – Making the Dream Prom a Reality

A salon suite affords beauty professionals their own freedom to run their business how they want – but some take their salon ownership a step further, using their talent to improve the community around them.

For Christin Peterson, owner of All Tresses by Chris at Salons by JC Pearland Town Center just south of Houston, this meant helping young girls who may not have the luxury of enjoying one of the biggest night’s of a teenager’s life – prom.

Christin Peterson – Salons by JC Pearland Town Center

After working as a probation and parole office for over 10 years in Galveston and Harris Counties, Christin was ready to leave “corporate America” and vowed to work for herself in the beauty industry she grew up in.

“I was inspired by my mother who was a hairstylist and instructor for 20+ years. I recall shampooing hair in the salon assisting my mom at age 14,” she shares.

In 2015, Christin started her professional beauty career at a traditional style salon, where she worked for two years before transitioning to Salons by JC Pearland Town Center, seeking a better, private environment for her clients. “My clients love their hair experience 100% better in my personal room versus the open salon I was in for two years!” she excitedly states.

Christin’s Fabulous Braid Work

The freedom of having her own salon suite allowed Christin to expand her beauty experience beyond the salon. In 2017, she was inspired to create Project P.R.O.M (Phenomenal Representation of Me).

“It was developed from an idea to give an underprivileged plus-sized girl a total prom experience that would boost her self-esteem,” she exclaims. “I meet so many women and young girls in my line of business who I inspire without even realizing until I’m told by them.”

One of Christin’s Project P.R.O.M Recipients

The idea of Project P.R.O.M first came to Christin as she was contemplating her love for plus-size fashion and her acceptance of being a plus-sized woman. “I believe EVERY woman should have the same self-confidence.”

She chose to focus on young women in high school to give them an extra boost as they graduate. “The feeling is overwhelming watching each young lady transform and exude the confidence that they have longed for!”

Christin enlists the help of her friends, family, and her clients to provide teenage girls with the full experience of a memorable prom with no cost to their families. “We all enjoy working with these young ladies and gain reward in giving their family financial relief from prom expenses and giving the girls an experience of a lifetime that they’ll never forget.” The project is now in its third year and grows consistently.

Project P.R.O.M Recipient

“My first year was just one girl, the second year was two girls, and this year we had three girls,” Christin says. “I have been able to fully dress these girls head to toe with brand new everything – I take the girls shopping and allow them to pick their own dress, shoes, and accessories.”

Along with her thriving non-profit, Christin also manages to grow her business at Salons by JC, adding “My business has grown and stabilized since moving to Salons by JC. My clients feel safe and enjoy the professional and clean space provided by our concierge.”

Helping Young Girls Feel Fabulous at Prom

Looking ahead, Christin hopes to continue to make the prom nights of many more teenage girls special by expanding her team, saying “This has truly been a blessing for me and the team. My team has grown since 2017 which is why I’m able to add additional girls each year.”


If you’d like to learn more about Christin’s Project P.R.O.M or help provide prom makeovers for next season, you can reach Christin Peterson directly through her Instagram profile or by phone at 832-754-1378.




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