3 Tips to Maximize Your Retail Sales (Without Being Pushy!)


As your clients grow in trust with you, it’s only natural for them to ask for your recommendation to eliminate frizz, protect their color, or help their style last all day long. And you can be ready with a few shelves full of the perfect product for every need. Yes, this means an up-front investment to purchase that inventory, but commissions on retail can add up to thousands per year, and may mean the difference between your salon just doing well and thriving.

Tips for Maximizing Retail:

1. Narrow The Options

Do your research and choose 1-3 brands that you really trust and love. Research their system, know all of the benefits and then work with them to help display and promote their products in the best possible light. Then, make sure you get to know your local rep; he’ll help provide recommendations and service perfectly suited to your needs.

2. Keep Your Shelves Stocked

Soon, you’ll get a feel for what products sell fastest and you’ll develop an extra sense about what to reorder when. Until then? Keep your shelves stocked. Women, especially, are so considerate and they may actually be reluctant to buy your last one…they may tell you they don’t want to clear you out! And, don’t be surprised if they want to grab an extra for travel, work or the gym. Be considerate, but never limit what a client may perceive she needs!

3. Learn A Few Tricks of the Trade

Selling product doesn’t have to be hard, it can be a natural part of your time with each client. Tell them the shampoo you’re using and ask them to take note if they feel a difference. Give them a little styling product to work into their hair, teach them the technique and let them see how easy it is. And end your time together by asking if there’s anything they’re getting low on. This is the ultimate “non-pushy” way to remind them of your neatly stocked products just waiting to go home with them!

Overall? You love your clients and want them to look and feel their best. So, stock retail that you feel good about and can genuinely recommend during every appointment.

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