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Leasing a Salon Suite

At Salons by JC – Raleigh, we empower you to use your suite as your canvas. Our suites are the perfect turnkey solution for beauty and wellness professionals wishing to customize their workspace as much as their brand. We can professionally paint the walls with the color(s) you wish. You may bring new pieces of furniture, add a lamp and all the extra things to make it yours. It is your business, and it should be your design decision for a comfortable space. None of the rooms look the same at Salons by JC…therefore giving you total freedom to customize your space. 

Suites come in a variety of prices, sizes, and layouts to fit your needs.  We also offer rooms designed to handle more than one operator.

About Salons by JC Raleigh

Your customers will love coming to visit the North Ridge Shopping Center. Opened since 2015, this largest salon suite in North Carolina (52 suites) is in the best location of North Raleigh.  Our shopping center is a “getting things done” busy destination along with other store brands such as Starbucks, Harris Teeter, Debbie’s Hallmark store, US post office and many great restaurants. There is even a Salon Centric here (within  a 55 second walk).  Well-lit and plenty of parking space, safe environment, full of amenities and easy access is where you will be working. We offer a professional environment in a very clean space.

Our Suites

We let you run your own business your way: your terms, your hours, your prices.  Besides being your own boss, some of the benefits of owning your salon suite at Salons by JC are:

  • Fully Customizable Suites – Professionally painted with the colors you want, add furniture of your style, make it yours 
  • A ceiling in every room (because privacy matters) and very well lit – Each room is ventilated with its own duct.
  • Great water pressure (the pressure that you really need) with hot water in 3 seconds.
  • Concierge Service (read more on that below)
  • Furnished Suites: We provide: a lower cabinet, sink or shampoo bowl per your request, overhead storage cabinet, industry approved styling and shampoo chair, a large mirror (find out how you can bring your own), and a convenient rolling cart.
  • Available 24/7 with secure access
  • Free Wi-Fi 
  • Salons by JC  App – Free to use
  • Free Credit Card Set-up Assistance
  • Washer and Dryer Onsite
  • Private break room with Coffee machines and microwave
  • Special offer on Liability Insurance
  • Clean environment throughout the day (read about the Concierge service)

Our Concierge Service

This is where we differentiate ourselves from all salon suites concept. We hire a concierge that is present in our location 54 hours a week. Our devoted concierge  keeps the salon clean throughout the day. We constantly monitor the bathrooms. Our goal is for you and your customers to enjoy a ‘fresh’ salon experience all day long (even by the end of the day). We monitor solicitors coming in the salon (you know, those who try to sell you insurance…), we manage walk-in customers so that your services can be pitched professionally regardless of where your suite is within our building.  We are also known to help you in many ways throughout your busy day. We are onsite cleaning, monitoring and helping you 6 days a week. Let’s not forget that the owner of the business also peaks in and helps.  No surprise Salons by JC is known as the “Mercedes Benz” when it comes to quality and luxury salon suites.

How Much Can You Make

Current Expenses

$ 1,200
$0 $4000
0% 75%
$ 100
$0 $500
0% 20%

Expenses at Salons by JC

$ 50
$0 $250

Then Calculate Your Lifetime Income

Leasing Requirements

Salons by JC makes it simple for you to begin the journey as a salon suite owner. One question we always get asked is, “what do I need to start?” Aside from being a beauty professional, below is a breakdown to help you make that educated decision.

logo finacial

Financial Resources

Once you have decided to lease a suite it is best that you have the following to make sure you start off on the right track:

  • At least 2 months rent
  • Basic necessities for your business – towels, tools, etc
  • Small budget to decorate your suite – you can start small and add more later
  • Paint budget
  • Salon Suite Permit which is required by the NC Cosmetic Board
logo experience


We look for talented beauty professionals that are looking to begin their own business, grow their clientele and increase their profits.

  • 2-3 years in the business
  • Book of clientele
  • Business Pages on social media
logo commitment


Each beauty professional is as unique as their suite. To run a successful business we suggest the following:

  • Excitement
  • Energy
  • Keeping a professional business environment
  • Keeping a positive attitude towards the challenges of running a business
  • Keeping all financial responsibility as a main priority
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