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You can earn more while you run your own business.

Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself how you can keep more of your earnings and be rewarded for your hard work. Leasing with Salons by JC not only gives you the control and flexibility of running your own business but it can pay off big time! Our salon lease structure virtually eliminates the percent commission you pay in a traditional salon environment. This results in you keeping more of the hard earned money you make over the course of a week, a year and even longer!

Adjust your earning information below and see the difference for yourself.  

Start With What You Make Now

Weekly Sales

0{{ income | currency }}$4,000

Your Commission

0{{ serviceCommission }}%75%

Weekly Product Sales

0{{ productSales | currency }}$500

Weekly Product Commission

0{{ productCommission }}%20%

Now Compare To A Salons by JC Suite

Weekly Rent*

{{ leaseAmount | currency }}

Estimated Weekly Expenses*

0{{ expenses | currency }}$250

Your Results:





{{ nwi() | currency }}


{{ twg() - twe() | zero | currency }}


{{ nwi() * 52 | currency }}


{{ incomeFirstYear() | zero | currency }}

I'm Ready To Change My Life

Are you ready to change your life?

Take control of your career and earn more while you do it. Take the next step and find out more today.

* Lease agreements vary by size of space and Salons by JC market. Weekly miscellaneous expenses can include credit card processing and phone fees which may vary based on your plan.