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Salons by JC Grand Opening in Pembroke Pines Florida

Read the full story at the Pembroke Pines Chamber of Commerce. 

Salons by JC, a national salon suite franchise opened their first South Florida location in March 2015 at the Flamingo Pines Shopping Center in Pembroke Pines.

Salons by JC leases luxurious and fully customizable salon suites to beauty and wellness practitioners.  With highly personalized service and an exquisite contemporary design, Salons by JC enables beauty and wellness professionals to become their own “Chief Creative Officer” without the expense or hassle of opening up a salon.

The owner is David Long, a former corporate business executive, who along with his family is now devoted to opening multiple sites in the area.  “It’s an excellent opportunity for stylists to start their own businesses.” Mr. Long said.    “We care about the success of all our tenants, and that’s why we provide a full time salon concierge, allowing each stylist to focus on their clients, their craft and creating a vision.”

The salon, located next to Publix in the Flamingo Pines Shopping Center, totals 7400 square-feet, with 41 fully fitted suites. The average suite size is 110 square feet. Services offered include hair styling, hair coloring, hair weaving, massage, nail care, cosmetics and more.

Salons by JC is a member of the Miramar – Pembroke Pines Chamber of Commerce and will have a ribbon-cutting event on April 29, from 4:00 – 7:00 PM. There will be food, drinks and a raffle drawing.

Business & Marketing

Salon Suite Owner Success: Marketing through Social Media

 Long-term success as a salon suite owner takes a combination of skills and abilities. Undoubtedly, the most important traits are your technical and customer service skills. Your ability to understand what your client wants and translate that into reality is what drives your overall sales. Nearly as important is how you market to your existing and potential new clients. Fortunately that has been made easier and cheaper through sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. At Salons by JC recommend focusing one social media site however if you have the time adding a second social media site may prove to be beneficial.

Facebook still dominates in mainstream social media and has really made great strides on their business pages. Unlike Pinterest and Instagram…..with Facebook you can advertise for new clients and place ads.

Its that simple….go to and create the type of page you need to get off and running with your business


Creating an Event on Facebook

To create your own event, first you need to add the Events App to your Facebook Page. Here’s a cheat sheet:

  1. Click the Edit Page button at the top of your Facebook page.
    2. Choose Update Info in the drop down menu.
    3. Click the Apps link on the left sidebar to see all the apps you have available on 
your Facebook page.
    4. Find the Events App and click the Edit Settings link. A pop-up box appears.
    5. Click the (Add) link next to the (Tab: Available) text and then click the Okay 
    6. The pop-up box disappears and you now have the Event app showing where all of your apps appear on your Timeline.
    7. Now you can click on the app and create your event.

How to promote your event: These strategies can help maximize lead generation and sales.

  • Share the event on your Timeline with a call to action and a compelling image.
    • Create a registration page (or sales page if it’s a paid event) outside of Facebook. Then you can direct your Facebook fans who are interested in your event to a site where you can talk more about it, add more photos and branding elements, and most important, capture leads from your registrations and RSVPs.
    • Involve your other presenters by tagging them — and asking them to talk about it. Try giving them some posts with images, information and links.
    • Promote until the very end. Keep your fans updated on new speakers, registration information, discounts and maybe teasers of what’s to come through frequent Facebook updates right up until the event itself or the last call for registrations.
    • Turn some updates into Promoted Posts to snag more views. You can create a short promotional video or some fun images, teasing fans about the event. Videos and images always get more clicks than text posts.
    • Advertise the event. Turn your event into a Page Post Ad by clicking “export event” and creating an ad for your target audience.
    • Get attendees talking. Respond to RSVPs, “likes” and questions by welcoming guests, answering questions, and asking what they are looking forward to or want to hear more about. Create some word-of-mouth excitement. (Everyone who joins an event can “suggest” the event to others, admin or not.)
    • Leverage your Timeline cover photo. You can’t include a call to action on a company page image, but you can create an eye-catching, branded Timeline photo.

One of the best ways to stay in touch with your clients is on Pinterest……but how do you do that and what works best…..

STEP 1: Find out what people are pinning from your site. 

The quickest (and easiest) way to figure out which pins from your site are being repinned is to go to Pinterest and type in the following URL: Here you’ll be able to see…

-the types of posts and/or pictures that are being pinned from your site.
-the number of repins, likes, and comments by people.
-how people ‘name’ your pins (which can give you an idea of how to categorize your images).

STEP 2: Understand some Pinterest key fundamentals

-Categorize your boards appropriately – call a spade a spade!  It’s hard for people to find you if you use ‘creative spelling’ or ‘confusing categories’. -Pin your own stuff.  You won’t be punished for pinning your own posts and pictures, so have at it. (Note: Pinterest started growing quickly mid-2011, so a good idea is to go through some of your past posts and pin content and/or pictures that might be pin worthy prior to this time!)

-Pin others stuff too.  Pinterest is a community and it’s important to support (comment + pin) others images if you want the favor to be returned.

-Make the descriptions on your pins short and catchy.

-Pin from a blog post.

The most popular categories are home, arts and crafts, style/fashion, and food.  -Sunday’s are when people are blowing up Pinterest! (Note: the activity peaks at 9pm)

STEP 3: Take ACTION…by making the necessary changes noted above that will drive traffic to your site

If your focus hasn’t been on producing great looking graphics or images with your posts, then start NOW! And if you haven’t been including images with your posts, this is a MUST!!!

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking service that allows you to take and share pictures and videos through a smartphone app. It supplies and allows you to share your content to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and Flickr.

Using Instagram

Instagram is available for the iPhone, Android and Windows phones (not all features are available for Windows). There are 5 menu items at the bottom of the Instagram screen:

  1. Home– Scroll down and you will see all the activity of the people you follow.
  2. Explore(the star) – Search all of Instagram for users or hashtags. (except for users with private profiles or photos sent through Instagram Direct)
  3. Blue box– Use this camera to take a picture to share in Instagram.
  4. Heart– Lets you know when someone follows you, likes or comments on one of your photos, or when a FB friend joins Instagram.
  5. White camera on right– Your profile page. The round circle in the upper right corner brings you to a page of not only settings, but to Instagram help, the Instagram blog and more.

Taking and sharing photos is easy. You have two choices for photos to use. Use the Instagram camera to take a photo. Or, if you would rather use a picture already in your phone, touch the square to the left of the big blue camera shutter and it will pull up your photo stream. Make a selection and the photo will appear in Instagram and you can treat it just as you would one that you just took.

On the next page you can apply one of many filters to your photo or leave it as is. Then add a caption (I’ll discuss using hashtags and tagging people below), decide if you want to also share to other social networks and click share. Your photo will be added to the stream of all your Instagram followers.

Sharing Videos on Instagram is very similar to sharing pictures. If you don’t see a picture of a video camera to the right of the big blue circle in the camera page, then you have to update your app. Once you have it, touch the video icon, and a big red circle will appear. Press and your video will begin taking. Stop pressing when your are finished. Your maximum video length is 15 seconds. If you like what you have, press next and continue as you did with a photo. If not, press the X and put it in the trash. You can upload videos from your camera by pressing the square to the right of the big red button.

For more on how to use Instagram go to:


 Social Media Cover 2


Social media when used to connect or market to your clients is like all other types of marketing. It’s about staying connected, its about the timing and the message

When it comes to messaging there are some simple rules…

  • Keep the message short and simple
  • Make sure you let them know what it in it for them…
  • Its better to show value than to discount and look cheap
  • Use expiration dates if possible

How do you stay connected….remember these simple steps!

  • Entertain once a month and keep it off topic from your business
  • Inspire every few weeks with something inspirational for your followers
  • Start a conversation about asking a question to help engage your followers
  • Post photos and information about your services and do it at least a couple of times a month




At Salons by JC we can help you create your social media account and give you ideas on how to manage your postings and special events!

Franchise News

Salon Suite Rental Comes to Bolingbrook – Chicago Tribune

Owners Tom and Kim Salaba are proud to open the newest Salons by JC franchise location in Bolingbrook, Illinois – just 40 minutes outside of Chicago. The newest salon suite rental location has private space for up to 35 stylists, with 30 percent of rooms already being pre-leased by various hair stylists, nail technicians, and estheticians. Both Tom and Kim Salaba were recently interviewed by the Chicago Tribune on their experience with Salons by JC, as well as how they hope to provide a different salon suite rental concept for many beauty professionals.

Check out the article here and learn more about the great opportunity offered by ownership of your own Salons by JC location.


Salons by JC in Bolingbrook Promenade Sets Opening Date of April 6th

Salons by JC in the Bolingbrook Promenade Mall is set to open on April 6, 2015. The new luxury salon suites will allow Hair Stylists, Nail Technicians, Barbers, Estheticians, Make-Up Artists and other beauty and wellness professionals to set up their individual business inside the salon and provide their services to clients. They will operate their own business from one of thirty-five private suites available. Owners Tom and Kim Salaba have been working on this project for the last eighteen months and are excited to open.

Kim said “we have had an overwhelming response from the beauty and wellness community.” The interest from stylists has allowed Salons by JC, Bolingbrook to lease about thirty percent of the available suites during pre-open leasing. Kim also noted that “we believe that the concept of individual suites is filling a significant need in the Bolingbrook, Joliet, Romeoville, Woodridge and Downers Grove communities.”

The salon suites are fully furnished for hair stylists and are customizable to individual tastes. Access is allowed 24/7 via a secure, electronic system and Salons by JC offers a concierge on staff to make sure everything runs smoothly. Free WiFi, on-site laundry, marketing assistance and all utilities are included in the weekly rent.

“It’s an opportunity for stylists to own and operate their own business inside the Salons by JC operation without the troubles and risk of setting up a traditional salon” Tom said. “Many of the beauty professionals are ready to do their own thing and realize 100% of the business profit while working in a facility with a great vibe.” Tom also said “we have met a lot of great people that are ready for the next step in their career by operating their own business.”

Salons by JC, Bolingbrook will be the first of many opening throughout the Chicago area. For more information you can visit Salons by JC – Bolingbrook or call Tom at 773.504.2217.









Franchise News

Salons by JC Offers Turnkey Salon Suites for Beauty Professionals

The newest Salons by JC location is opening up in Danbury, Connecticut. Recently, the owner, Derek Corredia, was interviewed by a local news organization to discuss what Salons by JC can offer to beauty professionals and budding entrepreneurs. Read the full article here and hear what Corredia says the advantage of salon suites are for any beauty professional.



Turnkey suites offer opportunities for beauty professionals


DANBURY — Tracey Abair says she can’t wait to move into the new Salons by JC, expected to open next month in the Danbury Square Mall.

Abair, the owner of the My Fair Lady hair salon in New Milford for more than a decade, said she’s looking forward to the freedom renting an individual suite in the new facility will offer her and her clients.

“It’s just a nice work environment that will be more convenient for many of my clients who work in Danbury,” Abair said.

Derek Correia, the owner of the local Salons by JC franchise, said the unique concept includes more than 6,000 square feet and 37 individual suites that can be leased by beauty and wellness professionals.

Instead of having the headaches of running their own salon, and the overhead that goes with them, professionals can lease a private space in the facility, which is located near the mall on Backus Avenue, one of the city’s hottest retail markets.

“It’s an opportunity for stylists and salon professionals to own their businesses without the trouble and complexity of opening a full-service salon,” Correia said. “Many of them have built a loyal customer base that would enable them to do their own thing, but they may not have the capital or business expertise to open a full-sized salon, and in many cases they don’t want to deal with the drama and headaches of hiring and managing staff, or the complexities of payroll, accounting and long-term leasing.”

Because the facility will have a variety of professionals, including hair stylists, hair removal experts, nail care, skin care and esthetician services, Abair said it offers a one-stop spa experience for her clients. It also offers professionals like herself the chance to work off each other’s client base, she said.

“Because there will be so many people working there, people can likely walk right in and get what services they need without getting an appointment,” she said. “They could get their nails done while they’re waiting for their hair to dry.”

Correia said he heard about the franchise from a friend in 2013 and believes it will be a hit in Fairfield County. A second salon is in the works in the recently redeveloped Waypointe shopping district in Norwalk that Correia hopes to open sometime in the spring.

“We’re excited to help others realize the dream of owning their own business,” Correia said. “Salon professionals are some of the hardest-working people I know.”

For more information about the salons and available leases, email [email protected]

Franchise News

Salons by JC Franchise Owner Feature – Cary, North Carolina

Jackie Cox and her husband, Eugene, recently opened the new Salons by JC location in Cary, North Carolina. They received some great press coverage in a story published by The News & Observer, the local newspaper in the Raleigh/Durham area. Check out the full article here and learn more about the great opportunity offered by ownership of your own Salons by JC location.


Backstory: Salons by JC outfitted for other owners

Eugene Cox says Salons by JC is one of the largest salon spaces in North Carolina.

The 9,000-square-foot space at The Centrum at Crossroads shopping center houses 48 suites outfitted for beauty and wellness professionals.

Owners Eugene and Jackie Cox opened Salons by JC in Cary in December after securing four adjacent stores for their project. They knocked down the walls to create a larger space big enough to accommodate the 48 suites, Eugene Cox said.

Each suite is furnished and equipped for hair and nail stylists and wellness professionals.

“We provide chairs and sinks and anything a stylist might need, but the stylists decorate them,” Eugene Cox said. “They take the things we give them and add to them.”

The suites are rented for an all-inclusive monthly fee according to the size of the space.

A property manager is on site during regular hours to greet and direct clients to the appropriate suite and to handle facility issues.

“We help them with their business without getting into their business,” he said.

Cox, who had a 32-year career with IBM, said he and his wife spent a great deal of time looking for a business they could work at together. Salons by JC sounded like a good opportunity, he said.

“We spoke to the owners and went to San Antonio to meet them,” he said. “The franchise fit with things we like to do. We want to help people who want to run their small business and have trouble finding their own space. We can solve that problem.

“And J.C. is my wife’s initials. That didn’t hurt.”

Cox said he focuses on finding and building locations while she focuses on the day-to-day operations.

The couple, longtime Triangle residents, have plans for four more locations in the area.

“It’s an opportunity for stylists to own their business without the troubles of a full-service salon,” Jackie Cox said. “A lot of these folks are ready to do their own thing, but may not have the capital or experience to open a huge salon, and in many cases they don’t want to deal with the drama and headaches of hiring and managing staff, or the complexities of payroll, accounting and long-term leasing.”

Jackie Cox said she likes Salons by JC’s business model because it allows the stylists to have their own salon name within the Salon by JC brand, operate their business and set their own hours, services and pricing.

Salons by JC takes care of the maintenance so the stylists can solely focus on their clients and their creativity, they said.

“We have a large, elegant facility,” Eugene Cox said. “The reaction we have gotten from a lot of clients when they walk in is, ‘Wow.’ And that’s what we’re going for.”

Business & Marketing

Creating a Personal Brand for my Salon Suite business!

One of the great benefits of owning your own business within the Salon Suite Concept is the ability to set your own hours, prices and services. This freedom gives you the ability to create a higher income level than working in a traditional salon. Salon suite leasing concepts such as Salons by JC offers you the opportunity to create an atmosphere that is unique to you and your clients. As an independent operator it is your responsibility to market and promote your business. To help promote your business for the long run you need to understand the 3 key elements of success:

  • How to define your personal brand
  • How to understand and use all the marketing tools available
  • How to create advertising options to find new guests

So how do you create a personal brand and market your services? Let’s see…..

Creating your personal brand

Branding will totally take your beauty career to the next level. A brand is your distinct graphic image, business name, logo and or image that helps define and differentiate you from the other businesses in your market. How do you create those images and logos? Well first let’s start by defining your brand….

  • Understand your strengths and specialty

Discover and capture what you love doing best… and focus on your strengths. Operating from what you love doing best will bring you more joy, increase your income and develop your brand

  • Understand your market

Who is your core customer? You have the ability to work with kids and older people but if your bread and butter is women from 20-50 then keep your brand focus there

  • Know your values

Making decisions in business is easier and potentially safer if you have an understanding of your values and mission. Keep those values front and center in all you do

  • Understand your product

Are you a colorist or do you focus on bridal parties and updos. Regardless of your product make sure and focus your brand in that direction for consistency and messaging in your marketing materials

  • Create your image

Finally…begin to craft your message and your professional image by focusing on personal attributes and characteristics that stand out from the crowd. Eventually you will need to create a photo and color palette that  represents you and can be translated into your room, business cards, website, print materials and most importantly your social media accounts.

An excellent place to start the learning process is by meeting with the owner or manger of your business location. Salon suite concepts such as Salons by JC offer advice and to tools through their signature concierge services. Lets looks at several ways to give your business a lift….

  • Business name and logo creation

The best place to start is to consider your business name and logo. As you know now….your personal brand needs a visual identity and you can achieve that with a business name that fits that. A great place to learn about logo creation is on Pinterest. You will get great ideas and tips to build from scratch an cheap. A resource we recommend as well is

  • Business Cards

Once you have a business name, logo, and contact information you can easily create business cards to promote your brand. One of your best resources here for inexpensive business cards is

  • Social Media

You will have several options to consider when using social media to promote your business. I recommend that you consider at least one of the following:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

               Make sure that your accounts are linked to the salon suite website and                     

               your directory.

Promote your salon suite business on social meida

  • Online booking systems

This is a great tool and often free!  Systems such as StyleSeat can promote and manage your business. Even if you elect to not use the custom features the free site can act as a website on your directory and ensure that everyone can find you.

  • Room Customization

Another overlooked area can be your actual place of business. Make sure and take time to plan your room look in a way that makes sense with your business name, logo, and social media pages. Your colors and style should be consistent.

Customize your salon suite room
Custom Room At Salons by JC

Marketing to keep and get new business

There are a lot of great ways to retain your current clients and if needed acquire new clients for your business. They range from the inexpensive (text messages) to the very expensive (postcards).

Text messaging and email messaging are great ways to stay in contact with your current guests. You can also purchase phone numbers and emails to attract new guests but remember that those response rates can be very low. Certainly the statistics show that this method can be productive and there are several companies that can help. One you may consider is or  They have predesigned templates where you can add your own images and logos.

Did you know that…..


A more expensive and complicated way to reach out to new guests is through direct mail. Direct mail can come in several forms:

  • Post cards where you provide the addresses
  • Coupon mailers such as Valpak and Moneymailer where they mail to areas you designate

Both methods take time to plan and generally give response rates that are less than 3%. The best way to boost the response is with aggressive offers and too purchase lists of consumers who are in your target demographic. One great place to start is the US Post Office at

Using Photo-shoots to your advantage

Another significant way to market your business is through photo-shoots and placement of your work in magazines, blogs, and newspapers. Here is how you start:

  • Find a professional photographer who works with models/people
  • Find models or use your clients and obtain model releases
  • Build your portfolio
  • Connect with beauty magazines and style books and submit your work
  • Research your market for local style bloggers and beauty editors to highlight your work and business

Plan and Track

Finally…we strongly encourage you set a budget and plan your advertising for at least 6 months out. During an advertising event it’s a good idea to track the response rate and how much income was produced. Your concierge has forms you can use to track the results.

Drew Johnston, MA

Drew is the VP of Operations at Salons by JC an international salon suite concept that provides life-changing self-employment opportunities to beauty and wellness professionals. Drew can be reached at [email protected]

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