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Salons by JC Superstar – Theresa David

A third generation hairstylist, Theresa David hung out in her grandmother’s salon, attended her father’s cosmetology school and worked in her brother’s salon for five years before striking out on her own. But she’s got a lot more than hairdressing-in-her-blood going for her. The brainy beauty pro also holds an associate degree in industrial engineering, a BA in business and a MA in elementary education. Still, she eventually succumbed to the siren call of a salon because it just “feels and smells like home.” Now, Theresa has been working as a stylist for over 20 years.

Three years ago, she was working in salon she liked that closed, and discovered there were few places to rent locally. She ended up unhappy at a rental station until Salons by JC opened, and she was one of the first to sign up for her Theresa David suite at Salons by JC, Raleigh, NC. In fact, she and a friend rented three suites, so they could open them up and use the middle one as a waiting area for both of their businesses.

“We both offer quality services on the high-end, and a waiting area created more of a traditional salon atmosphere for our clients,” explains David of the choice. “It was a great option to have in a suite situation. Every client should be treated like a superstar; that’s something my brother taught me. My friend and I know one another’s clients well; they’re all famous to us.”

Well-versed in every aspect of hair and its care, Theresa can go from creating pink and purple hair to razor-cutting thinning hair to blending gray in a day. “I concentrate on the needs the client in my chair and apply my creativity and know-how to create the best look for his or her lifestyle, personality, face shape and more,” says Theresa. “In addition to cut and color, for which I often suggest a bond-strengthening Olaplex service, I specialize in Goldwell Smoothing treatments, which use no keratin or formaldehyde and last three to four months. I also specialize in updos and perms.”

Once a “lost art,” perms are experiencing a comeback, and have even been featured in top women’s magazines recently. Notes Theresa, “Today’s perms are for movement, wave, body and texture. I’m very careful to keep the hair healthy and won’t perm heavily highlighted hair.”

Theresa has had her work published in numerous newsstand hairstyle magazines, and her portfolio is kept upfront at her Salons by JC location, so that walk-in clients can see her work. She hasn’t had time to put her photos on Instagram, she laughs; her current clients refer her to others so often that she’s just been too busy. Of course, she always gifts clients who make referrals with a reward chosen just for them, such as a serum that helps maintain their hair color or a free conditioning treatment.

“They’re all my super stars,” she says. “They are the reason I continually train the in the latest techniques and stay up-to-date on the newest hair fashions.”



Specialist Spotlight

Salons by JC Superstar – Alenka Owner Salon Calypso

Salons by JC is proud to welcome Alenka, owner of Salon Calypso as a Salons by JC Superstar.

Alenka is the first salon owner to move into the new Salons by JC Toronto. The Toronto location is the first in Canada and is proud to have more salon owners moving in.

Alenka told us “I love it and so do my clients! It’s a wonderful facility and great location. I tell my fellow colleagues that they should take a look at Salons by JC. You will be impressed.”

Calyspo Salon represent the quintessential hair design needs for those who demand the very best. Service is exclusive, nurturing and personalized.

We asked Alenka these questions:

1.) What type of services do you offer?

I provide all hair services: cutting coloring, highlighting, I do extensions also do agave smoothing system, up do, and perms.

2.) How long have you been in business?

I have owned my own salon for over 4 years now, as well I have been in the industry for 19 years.

3.) Why did you decide to work with Salons by JC?

I like the idea of having my own business with the less overhead, great concept, interactions with other professionals that I can collaborate with.

4.) What do your clients think of Salons by JC?

All the client’s that have come by think it was such a great idea. They all like it because they will be able to get all services at one spot instead of getting it done at so many other places. Lots of parking spaces, great location. Most of my clients are from Sherway Garden and they like to shop there so now is just across the street from the salon. My clients and I love it here!

Alenka welcomes all her current clients to Salons by JC at 170 North Queen Unit K. Call 416-901-4405;

If you have any questions about Salons by JC please contact us at



Alenka Salon Calypso

Specialist Spotlight

Salons by JC Superstar – Jennifer Mergie

What do you do when you’ve maxed out at a high-end salon, need your own environment to grow and don’t want the headache of big-salon ownership? Get a Salons by JC suite! That’s what Jennifer Mergie (who goes by “Mergie”) did this May for those very reasons, and after a month at her “Mergie Creative Styling” in Salons by JC , San Ramon, CA, she’s head over heels about her new situation.

The 2012 cosmetology school graduate was at the top of her class, so it’s no surprise she was destined for independence. She specializes in hair color, continually takes advanced education classes (balayage, corrective color, highlighting techniques) and is preparing to take a day-long examination to become a Redken certified colorist.

“My main focus is the integrity and health of hair,” says Mergie. “I won’t take short cuts.”

She also spends a lot of time educating her clients, who are primarily business women, in proper maintenance and home care. “I always tell them to dial down on the flat iron heat and always use a thermal protector when using heat-styling tools,” she says

“I take my time to customize a look for each individual and take into account everything from skin tone and eye color to lifestyle, frequency of visits and the need to style quickly at home,” continues Mergie. “Many of my clients want to cover their ‘wisdom highlights’ (gray hair) and don’t want to see obvious roots in a few weeks. For them, I feather in highlights and lowlights for soft, natural-looking dimension.”

Mergie takes just as much care personalizing a cut as she does creating the perfect hair color, and says that right now, longer bobs, A-line cuts and layers are popular.

“My oldest client with long hair is in her 70s, and she loves keeping it healthy and layered,” says Mergie.

Whatever a client needs, Mergie’s goal is to make her (or him) feels special and look fantastic. To that end, she says, the environment at Salons by JC is perfect for her and her guests.

“My suite has a modern, high-end feeling that says we all care about the business and the clients,” she notes. “The operation is very clean and friendly. I can personalize my suite, from the products I use to the music I play. This lets me focus on individuals in my chair, which I love. In the end, it’s all about them. I want all my clients to leave with the best hair they can have, feeling happy and knowing they are important.”

To check out Mergie’s work, follow her on Instagram @mergie.creativestyling or visit her Facebook page.

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New Salons by JC Survey Showcases the Benefits of Suite Rental and Reveals Crucial Factors for Success

The pros and cons of suite rental have been debated for decades. Now, two facts have become evident. One: stylist self-employment is the way of the future. Two: renting a suite beats renting a chair in a standard salon because there is no “standard” way of doing things in most salons, and fully equipped, individual suites involve a clear-cut arrangement that eliminates legal confusions.

But, if you rent it, will greater income come and will existing clients follow? According to a 2016 survey of Salons by JC tenants, the answers are a resounding yes. The survey also reveals key indicators of success, which come down to experience, number of days worked and client convenience.

 Why Rent a Suite

The most common reasons for going solo in general are to make more money and free up time. Sure enough, of over 375 of the survey respondents (not all answered all questions), 33.9% said they moved to a suite to increase their incomes, and 29.6% said they did so for the freedom of hours that suites allow. However, the number one reason respondents gave for choosing a Salons by JC suite in particular was location. The survey showed that 36.5% of tenants chose Salons by JC because the location was convenient, which is as important to pros as it is to their clients.

When Clients Follow…and Follow

The more experienced the salon professional, the more likely it is that his or her clients will follow from location to location. Of survey respondents, 64.1% had 11 years of experience or more, while 19.3% had 6 to 10 years of experience. This is in keeping with other surveys that show fewer than 20% of renters have 5 years of experience or less. Experience correlates directly to the surprisingly high percentage of clients who will follow a pro to a suite. According to the survey, 65.8% of respondents said 80% or more of their clients followed them to a Salons by JC suite, and notably, 46% had 90% or more follow.

The Upshot: veteran stylists can expect that over 80% of their clients will follow them to a suite.

The Convenience Factor

Location is indisputably tied to one of the major concerns over going solo because no matter how much clients love their stylists, they will only travel so far. The majority of survey respondents (66.4%) live within 10 miles from their suites, and 37.3% live within 5 miles. Combine this with the percentage of clients who followed them, and it’s an indicator that Salons by JC renters were able to move within reasonable proximity to their previous salons. So, it was convenient for clients to follow them. And, the majority (69%) work 4 to 5 days a week, while another 16.7% work 6 to 7 days a week, adding to client convenience.

Most suite renters say they enjoy their new ability to contact clients directly—it solidifies relationships. How do they communicate most, besides in person? Salons by JC tenants primarily use text messaging (50.1%,), while another 30.2% use the phone, and 17.2% use online booking.

The Take Away: if it’s convenient for clients, they’ll follow an experienced pro, most likely because there’s a relationship of trust.

Survey Says: Suite Rental Increases Incomes

The bottom line that everyone wants to know is whether or not renting a suit puts more money in stylists’ pockets. Naturally, number of days worked and clients who followed play a significant role here, and with those numbers as high as they are, it’s no surprise that over 75% of Salons by JC suite renters said their incomes increased by as much as 20%. A significant 24.3% said their incomes increased by 21 to 30%.

While the bulk of respondents came from commission salons (41.2%), the fact that 28.1% came from “booth rental” and another 13.9% came from other salon suites goes to show that choosing the right rental situation can affect both income and success. Set prices right based on 80% of your clients following you, compare it to costs and you’ll have a good idea of what suite rental can do for you. For Salons by JC suite renters, the advantage is clear.


Suite RentalSuite RentalSuite Rental