Tapered Mens Haircut Using CLIPPER OVER COMB

Tapered Mens Haircut Using CLIPPER OVER COMB



Tips for a Great Tapered Mens Haircut

  • Make a note the hair texture; this will determine how you taper the hair.
  • Start off with the hair mostly dry.
  • When you put the comb into the hair, make sure to bevel it out slightly.

Tapered Mens Haircut

  • Work diagonally back so that the weight line falls lower towards the nape of the neck.
  • Don’t shift to a horizontal cut as you get to the nape of the neck; instead you want to build in a v-shape.
  • Use the trimmer to clean up all the edges.
  • Wet down the hair and comb it back to find out where the natural part is.

Tools of the Trade

  • Ys Park 209 comb
  • Wahl Senior Clipper
  • T-Trimmer
  • Acro Yuragi 00 texturizing scissors