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Natalie Beri: A Salon Business Natural

Becoming a Natural in the Salon Business

Going from an upscale salon owner to a Salons by JC suite renter, Natalie Beri had ample salon business experience to draw on when it came to running a salon business.

When Natalie Beri sold her salon and transitioned to working in another, she realized that she missed running her own salon business. Originally, a divorce and a desire for more evening time with her children caused her to sell the business, but within a year her entrepreneurial spirit was reignited. Then, she saw a Facebook ad for Salons by JC.

“It was still under construction, but when I saw the location and knew I could get a window suite, I realized something great had just fallen in my lap,” she says.

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Waypointe development welcomes Salons by JC

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Salons by JC opened its second Connecticut location in the Waypointe development in Norwalk at 515 West Ave. and celebrated the occasion with a grand opening on Monday.

Salons by JC salon offers a concept that makes it possible for salon professionals to run their own business within a new, multi-suite retail location. Its first location in the state opened in March of 2015 in the Danbury Square Shopping Center.

Franchise owner Derek Correia, who has a background in marketing, real estate, construction and launching new products, came across the Salons by JC franchise in 2013 through an old college friend, and saw potential in the tri-state area.

“It’s an opportunity for stylists and salon professionals to own their businesses without the trouble and complexity of opening a full-service salon,” Correia said in a release. “Many of them have built a loyal customer base that would enable them to do their own thing, but they may not have the capital or business expertise to open a full-service, multi-chair salon. In many cases they don’t want to deal with the drama and headaches of hiring and managing staff, or the complexities of payroll, accounting, and long-term leasing.

“The Salons by JC business model allows the stylists to have their own salon that’s right-sized for one or two professionals,” he added. “They operate their business, set their own hours and pricing, and customize and design the space the way they want it, while leaving the headaches out of it. Growth is explosive right now because the freedom, profit, and empowerment are so compelling to the artists in this industry, and the consumer experience is more personal, and more appreciated.”

The franchise owner takes care of facility maintenance, utilities, and other overhead, while also providing a customer concierge so the stylists can solely focus on their clients and their craft.

Each suite is private, facilitating a more personalized experience, while enabling clients to have a full ‘spa day’ visiting the various professionals throughout, Correia said. Salons by JC Norwalk features 6,000 square-feet, with 32 suites. Each suite includes mirrors, shampoo bowls, styling chairs, cabinets, hood dryers and roll carts. Services include hair care, hair removal, hair weaving/braiding/extensions, skin care, nail care, esthetician services and cosmetics, as well as massage.

Jack Griffey and Cecil Miller founded Salons by JC in 1998. There are over 45 locations in the United States with dozens under development throughout the United States.

Norwalk franchise owners Derek and Kelly Correia are developing a total of 10 Salons by JC throughout New York and Connecticut.


Business & Marketing Franchise News

New-to-market salon concept coming to Rookwood Exchange


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A new-to-market concept that allows beauty workers to rent individual salon spaces will begin construction at the Rookwood Exchange this year and is expected to open next spring.

Greg and Sharon Myers are opening a Salons by JC in 7,000 square feet at the Rookwood Exchange in Norwood. Construction is set to begin Dec. 1.

Salons by JC provides individual suites that hairstylists, nail technicians, aestheticians and massage therapists can rent out to run their own businesses rather than working for commission at a large salon. Other local businesses, like Salon Lofts, provide a similar concept, but Salons by JC has a twist.

“What’s differentiated for Salons by JC is the concierge we provide . If you look at our competitors in Cincinnati, there’s no employee on site, so when an issue comes up, there’s no one for them to talk to,” Greg Myers told me. “Our employee allows contractors to handle walk-ins. If someone was to walk in to a competitor, there’s no one to receive them or guide them to one of the 20 independent contractors.”
Commission rates at salons can range from 35 percent to 60 percent, according to Forbes. At Salons by JC, contractors pay rent and keep all of the fees they charge. Myers provides the hair washing sinks, power, water, concierge, storage area and cleaning services to the salon. Anymore, people care more about the person cutting their hair than the name on the salon, so it provides an opportunity for stylists to strike out on their own, he said.

“When they find someone they’re happy with, they’re loyal to that person, not the salon,” Myers said. “My wife, she’ll follow her hair stylist from salon to salon.”
Myers was previously general manager at an aerospace and defense business, but that got tough during the Great Recession, so he was looking for something that was more uplifting, he said, and didn’t want to be in charge of many employees. That’s when he came across the Salons by JC concept.
Myers hopes to be open for business by April 1, 2016. Construction will begin Dec. 1.
Salons by JC is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. The Cincinnati location will be the first in Ohio.


Modern Salon Solo Artist – Karina Pozo

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To make the most of her connections with clients, make-up artist Karina Pozo brings suite partners, local charities, estheticians and client’s friends into the mix.

Building a business doing make-up demands ingenuity, flexibility, a broad repertoire of skills and most of all, the ability to instantly connect with a wide variety of clients. None are a problem for make-up artist and skin care pro Karina Pozo, whose natural warmth and intuitive sense of what women want keep her busy at Studio K18, her suite within Salons by JC in Charlotte, North Carolina.

An Ecuadorian native, Pozo says she learned early on that doing hair was not for her: “I always loved makeup the most and began by doing it at home,” she says. “After I got my cosmetology license, I discovered that for great make-up you need great skin, so I continued to take classes in skin care.”

For 10 years, Pozo worked in her native country as a freelance make-up artist. When she moved to the U.S. 13 years ago, she continued to take advanced classes and learned how to build personal relationships at Merle Norman Cosmetics (she still works there 2 days a week). A year ago, she decided she needed a private space to work with her many bridal and special-event clients, and chose Salons by JC, in part because as soon as she walked in the location, she felt at home.

“I was acknowledged immediately, so I knew that my clients would be, too,” she says of the suite’s front desk set-up. “They offered immediate support with my business, such as joint advertising and a web presence.”

Pozo began building her own brand with a variety of networking tactics, but also threw in a little luck. “I got the name K18 from my name and the fact that all good things happen to me on the 18th of the month,” she says. “I met my husband on the 18th, got married on the 18th and won a cruise for two on the 18th.”

Winning Ways

Because Pozo wanted to focus on make-up alone, one of the first connections she made was with other suite renters who were hairstylists. She thoroughly familiarized herself with their work, so now she can cross-refer her bridal and prom clients to those who do classic or edgy work, depending on her client’s personal style. Naturally, the stylists refer her in return. She also created monthly special events in conjunction with an esthetician.

Explains Pozo, “To offer my clients something special and build my relationship with them, I explore what they want most and create a day for express facials, anti-aging facials, waxing or a seasonal event, such as prepping the skin for fall with exfoliation. I invite and book those I know will be interested, and after their skin care treatment, I do a makeover, changing their foundation by season or introducing new color trends. When you run a small business, you have to take advantage of every cross-referral and partnership opportunity.”

Other ways she works her connections:

  1. Pozo treats clients who want makeovers or makeup lessons the same way she treats friends who visit her home. They are offered refreshments and engaged in a personalized consultation that determines all their needs. She doesn’t “sell,” she says, “I share my beauty secrets with clients, and products that I believe in. I let them know how great they look and how happy I am that a particular product works for them. It’s all about telling the truth.”
  2. Those who mention having daughters, friends with birthdays or bachelorette events are told they can gift someone with a makeover party for four at the studio. The cost is $55 per person, and Pozo says nearly all eventually book a party.
  3. For a highly personalized referral program, Pozo spends downtime contacting clients with special reminders or offers. If a client makes a referral or responds to a text message to pre-book her autumn makeover, she is rewarded with what Pozo knows she wants most, like free RevitaLash primer that she can pick up at her next appointment. (Pozo also runs refer-a-friend specials on her Facebook page.)
  4. To boost business and local community connections, at least once a month, Pozo sponsors charity fundraisers with a donation of products and services. This has brought her many new clients, she says.

Pozo now sees four to five studio clients a day, Wednesday through Friday, and for efficiency, clusters bookings during either mornings or afternoons. She saves Saturdays for special events like weddings. While her clients range in age from teens to women in their sixties, she finds working with women who have just turned 40 is most rewarding.

“I just love when I can help a woman who is concerned with aging re-discover her own beauty and feel good about herself.”



Must Attend: Bridal Expos! I recently went to one in Latin America—women love when I come back and share what’s new.

Extra online education: Scott Barnes’ website. He does makeup for J. Lo, Christina Aguilera and other celebrities. I pay monthly to take his online tutorials.

Other Advanced Education:  I took a week-long class at Award Studio in California in media makeup. Both seasonal colors and technology continually change.

Weekly Rent: $288

Best-Money Saver: I use high-quality products and shop CosmoProf stores for all my supplies like waxes, towels and dispensary products.

Favorite Tool: Temptu airbrush system and Japonesque cosmetic brushes

Most Common Client Question: How can I get a natural look? Everyone wants to know what foundation will cover flaws but won’t be noticeable.