Business Management Tips for Suite Owners

1. Accounting Is The One Area You May NEED Help

Keeping track of expenses, knowing what you can write off, preparing taxes and, most importantly, keeping the most of what you earn, are all vital accounting needs that suite owners have. If you’re fortunate, you have a significant other, mom or friend that can help advise and prepare your record keeping and annual tax filing.

Pro Tip: Ask your clients if they themselves, or a spouse or other contact,do accounting and offer to trade services. This keeps costs low and can take the stress out of your accounting.

Still need an accountant? Ask your Salons By JC concierge for more trusted referrals.


Anything you purchase to run your business is essentially a tax write-off. This includes product, tools, business cards, continuing education and a portion of your phone bill. The best way to keep track of these items? A receipt tracking app.

Pro Tip: Receipts by Wave is a free receipt management app that allows you to take pictures of your receipts and save the receipt information—and the app will prompt you to confirm the information to ensure that it is correct. Best of all? This app is extremely simple and saves all data to the cloud, keeping storage free on your phone.

3. Social Media Isn’t The Only Way To SPREAD THE WORD
Keep those business cards handy and be prepared to ask, “Who do you know?” When someone says, “Oh, you work as a stylist (or wellness professional)?” Follow-up with, “Yes, do you know anyone looking for a new hair professional?” Be bold! You’re good at what you do, don’t be afraid to share it with others.

Pro Tip: Business cards with your photo on it provide a warm introduction to new clients and reminder of your friendly, smiling face. Let’s be honest, people want to go to someone they think is friendly and they’ll enjoy conversing with during their services.

4. Set Your (Client’s) Calendar for the YEAR
There’s nothing better than looking at the week ahead and seeing that it’s already booked. This allows you to relax and focus on your work and clients. Consider asking all of your regulars to book for the year, locking in their favorite day and time at set 6 or 8 week intervals.

Pro Tip: Use the Salons By JC app to pre-book your calendar and allow it to send appointment text reminders to your clients to prevent missed appointments and unnecessary rescheduling.

5. Make it all happen WITHOUT YOU
Late night texts from clients, schedule changes and inventory tracking all require little pieces of your day. In order to keep your mind clear and creative while running a small business, make sure you automate everything possible. Client scheduling, reminder texts, inventory management and automatic rent withdrawal are important ways you can automate tasks and free up your mind (and hands!) for the important work you do. And all of these things are available on the Salons By JC app, provided free of charge with your suite rental.

Pro Tip: Changing your salon scheduling software when you change salon locations will be intuitive for clients. If the new software causes any changes in your workflow or how they interact with you, it will seem natural as you’ve just made a new change in your environment.

6. Set Yourself APART
One of the greatest privileges of suite ownership is that you get to do whatever is best for your clients. This may mean keeping beverages – or a Kuerig – on hand to provide their favorite drink; or changing up the music based on your client’s preferences. Take advantage of your personal space to make every aspect of your services all about treating your clients and providing a top rate experience.

Pro Tip: Get to know the other suite owners in your salon, and take your clients on a tour to show them other services that are offered in the same building. This will help them feel like they’re getting a full-service salon experience when they visit you.

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