Making The Move Without Losing A Client

Here is the number one comment you’ll hear from a suite owner who’s made the move from a commission salon:

“I wish I would have done it sooner!”

Truly, walk down the hall, and talk to each suite owner, and you’ll hear the same feedback over and over. What have they all found? The ability to set your own schedule, run your business your way, and sell the product you believe in is priceless.

But, it’s a big move! So how can you make the transition seamless? And, most importantly, not lose a single client in the process? Here’s how:

1. Start Tracking

As you start to plan for your move, start keeping track of your clientele. On your break, or at the end of your day, make a list in your phone of each of your clients and any other info you will want to take with you (color notes, upcoming services they will need, their usual scheduling patterns). There will be multiple ways to use this list when you go out on your own!

2. Print Some Cards

You can casually offer each client a card and let them know that you’re building up your social media following. The card may contain your name, Facebook profile, and mobile phone number. Cards can be made easily and cost effectively on VistaPrint or other online printers.

If your current contract limits providing your personal information to clients, don’t worry! You still have your list (from point #1) and social media. Start finding your clients online and request their friendship. this will be an easy way to contact them in the future.

3. Announce Your New Business!

Your clients will be so excited and proud of you. When you’ve completed your work at your salon, now it’s time to make the big announcement. You may reach out to them on Facebook, or send a letter in the mail. Let them know how excited you are, how you can’t wait for them to see your new location and that they should expect to only receive a higher level of service in your new salon.

You can also talk with your concierge about scheduling an open house for all of your family and friends to come celebrate your new business. This is an exciting time! And the clients that you serve, and people around you, are going to be excited to support and celebrate with you!

Helpful Extra:

And, start saving. Tuck away some tips or make a few less trips to the coffee shop (just for a short time!) Even a little extra cash on hand will go a long way in helping you get the tools you’ll need and decor you’ll love. (You might even start asking for salon supplies or Home Goods gift cards for your birthday or other gift giving occasions!)


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