Professional Interior Design Ideas For Your Suite

Recently, we asked a professional interior designer to give some practical advice for making your suite functional and beautiful…with a style that is totally yours.

Here’s The Top 4 Design Ideas From Our Pro:

1. Get Storage Off The Ground

Floating shelves are the perfect way to free up floor space and keep your suite feeling open and free. Also consider hanging shelves or cabinets with doors to store away extra supplies, product or necessities that don’t add to your decor.

A Few Ideas:

2. Choose A Center Piece

Pick one piece of furniture, wall hanging or drapes that will provide the color palette for your whole room. Let this be the focal point and design around it to create continuity and drama. Do your best to limit colors to what’s in that piece and you will have instant unity in all of your decor!

A Few Ideas:

3. Curtains Don’t Need a Window

Hanging drapes in your suite can add drama, depth and color. Consider hanging a curtain rod behind your accent chair, draping curtains around your styling station, or using a curtain wire (link below) to gather them in a corner. Your clients will love the high-end but cozy feel of this added element.

A Few Ideas:

4. Oversize Prints or Wall Vinyls Add Texture

Lastly, while you can’t wallpaper your suite, you can try these cool new wallpaper vinyls that cover your whole wall to add instant texture or take you to a far away place. Wall vinyls come in beautiful nature scenes, trendy brick or wood panel patterns, and even textured monochromatic schemes.

A Few Ideas:

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